Thursday, June 12, 2008

'Please find my sister..'

Blogging is not only a mean to jot down our thoughts into words, but it's also a medium of communication with the other bloggers. well, just in case you haven't realised yet, blogging has shaped both the advertising and marketing world due to it's limitless exposure in the world wide web.

what would you do if one day, one of your loved ones or family members suddenly dissapeared and relying on the authorities would be time consuming, who would you turn for the extra help? so, in light of this...i would like to take this chance to beseech every bloggers out there to help a fellow blogger in search of his missing sister, put yourself in his shoes and imagine what it would be like if it were really to happen to you...

... make a difference and change lives by doing your part in spreading the word..

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