Saturday, September 25, 2010

monkey on the wall...

what did i do today?....

well...i had fun today because i tried out wall climbing.

it was fun, the only downside was arms are now hurting and all my 10 fingers feel all wiggly. i couldn't even hold up a pen to sign my dining bill, it kept falling (i meant the pen haha) and when i did manage to get a grip on it, my handwriting was all different and awkward, it's like i'm just learning how to write. just imagine writing on your non-dominant hand (unless you're ambidextrous than that doesn't apply) hahaha.

why did i enjoy it?

climbing is quite a second nature to me. i could practically climb up on anything with a sturdy foothold (except for coconut trees, it's impossible for me to climb up on one of those..and yes, i've tried it haha).

but one thing about climbing compared to then and now is that...back then when i was a looooot younger, i had no problem lifting myself up, stretching my legs to reach the corners or any crevices or protruding foothold was a synch but feels like my body was made of lead and stretching my legs far out feels like pulling a ligament...hmmppphhh, the beauty of aging haha.

not to be a superstitious lad, but i think being born in the year of the monkey has its pros..and climbing is one of it...and jumping and being mischievous, sly, cunning, smart, playful, etc etc hahaha (yeah okay, i sidetracked a bit and i know, self praise is no praise...i get it hahaha).

will i be doing it again anytime soon?

hell yeah! haha (once the sensation starts coming back to my arms and hands haha)

so that's what i did today on the afternoon. and right now, i'm holed up in my room (as usual) doing nothing (as usual) and might probably put on my reading glasses and pick up a book (duh, to read..what else?) hahaha :D.

i'll tell you what i did last saturday in my next entry hahahaha. ciao peeps :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ramblings...again :)

when i first decided to come over and work here in Putrajaya, most of the people i know told me that this is a dead city..dead as in there aren't anything much to be done here, not even karaoke bars or pubs. and my answer was something like 'that's my kinda place'. obviously i got the 'yeah right' response because in their perception of me, i am an outgoing person who likes to go out, socialize and have fun. well, they're partly correct hahaha

as much as i like company in my life, i'd rather spend my time alone doing things that i feel like doing. yeah i know, it's a bit selfish but that's just who i am. so when they told me that i would die of boredom over here, i figured that they don't quite know me well enough hahaha.

i love the fact that this is a quite place, and i love the fact that there's no temptation for me to go out and treat myself to drunken stupor and personally love the fact that since this is a 'dead' place, i dont feel guilty of missing out on the happening things which are going on elsewhere hahaha.

take today for instance, after finishing work i could just stay in my hotel room until it's time for bed but instead, i decided to go out and spend some quality time with my youngest sister who is in cyberjaya only because i had a feeling she might be bored doing whatever she was doing. we had dinner, went to the arcade, did some minor shopping and sent her off in a taxi..and then it hit me, doing all this made me feel OLD, not the elder brother kinda feeling but the old-uncle type brother kinda old hahaha. nevertheless, it does feel good doing charity to someone in need (hahaha, sorilah Joy hahaha).

i am now in the midst of looking for an apartment but damn, the rent here are quite expensive and to make things worse, i haven't gotten a car yet! so moving around is quite a hassle and finding a reasonably priced apartment is quite challenging. but i'm not worried, because somehow rather, i'm pretty confident that everything will work out just fine :).

Monday, September 13, 2010

First Day Embarrassment....

just had to share this story with you peeps....

"knock.. knock..". a tapping sound was made on someone else's sliding door at the balcony, not to hard but loud enough to awaken the sleeping resident in the room...

"eyy, bleyyy..yada yada yada!!", or something similar sounding was uttered...

"sorry, but i need help.." came the response to the startled mumbling. but instead of feeling sorry and face the intruder, the indian guy went straight to the phone and made a call, most probably to the duty manager.

expecting the door would be opened the moment he hung up the phone, he went to his friend's room next door leaving the intruder who was clad only in his boxers wondering why he wasn't being attended to yet. probably the indian guy, fearing for his dear life of a man clad only in his underwear standing outside his balcony clouded his judgment and the plea for help fell on deaf ears.

about 7 minutes later, the door was finally slid open by not one but 5 men, all staff of the hotel. and the first thing the intruder asked for was "can i have something to cover myself up, like maybe a robe?".... no response by anyone, and the intruder rephrased his request, "may i use your clean robe please" and only then did the duty manager come out of his stupor (or more like stupidity) and offered a robe.

before any questions were asked, an explanation from the unfortunate guy who had been locked out from his room for the past 1.5 hours came out with the answers of what they might be thinking, "i was locked out from my room when my balcony door's safety feature failed me...". okay, not exactly an explanation but clear enough to explain as to why someone would be standing outside another person's balcony in his underwear.

the guy whose slumber was disturbed then asked, "why didn't you just call for assistance, you know..just press zero?".

the intruder was about to roll his eyes and said "yeah, maybe i should use telepathy to call them up. I'M OUT OF MY ROOM YOU IDIOT!", but it seemed like the sentiment was shared by the staff as well and i wasn't gonna be an arse at 1.30am :).

just in case you haven't figured it out yet, I, the writer of this entry was the unfortunate boxer-clad intruder hahaha. it took me about 1.5 hours (after the fruitless calls for help) to make a decision of whether to climb on someone else's balcony to ask for help.

at least i took into considerations of the 2 possibilities:
1) climb over and expect a no ruckus involvement from the staff
2) the opposite of number 1

one of the staff even said, "wow, you can even climb over to the other other side?", of which i replied "i may be big but still agile" hahaha.

this is an embarrassment on my part simply because, i haven't even started my first day of working at this very hotel and i've already made a scene, to make it worse, the rank and file staff saw me in my boxers hahaha. this will definitely be shared in the morning briefing with the rest of HODs! on the other hand, i now have something to complain such as:
1) the weakness of the safety feature (i just hope i wasn't the first person to report it)
2) the absence of security guards on the hotel's perimeters.

okay, if you wanna laugh it off go ahead, because it is laughable and i'm finding it humorous as well hahahaha.

ciao peeps...owh man, this is really really embarrassing! maybe i should buy the guy dinner hahaha.