Friday, October 31, 2008


ps: i'll be at 'Jade' tonight if anyone missess me hehehe

movies summarized...

as what i've posted in my previous entry, yesterday was my movie marathon day and that was exactly what i did..watched 3 movies in a row hahaha (talk about living the life hehe). anyhow, instead of going for the late night movie, i started earlier so that my quota of 3 movies were fulfilled..and besides, i was darn sleepy by the time the 3rd movie ended :).

the movie marathon started at 5pm with 'Bangkok Dangerous' as the appetizer haha, but honestly, i was the least interested to watch this movie because i kinda knew how it would be like. unfortunately, there are limited shows at 5pm and the only movies available at that hour was 'High School Musical: 3' and that somewhat dissapointing movie which i went for hahaha.

if 'Bangkok Dangerous' was the appetizer, the main course would be 'The House Bunny' and good thing it was satiating hehehe. i'm not really sure why i liked the movie, maybe there's something about Anna Faris haha.

i didn't go for any side dish after that since i was beginning to get a bit stuffed so i skipped straight to dessert with 'Disaster Movie'..and was a disaster alright! i mean, the humors were lame, the actors looked like idiots and Kim Kardashian (i think it was her) was just a pretty face to compensate for the ugliness of the rest of the crew (good thing she died early haha)

Bangkok Dangerous
my personal opinion on the movie? well, i expected a 'more action and less talk' kinda movie..but with Nicholas Cage in it (don't get me wrong, i love the dude), there's no way a supposed action movie can be a truly action movie..know what i mean hehehe.

the action stunts were, how may i put it...mediocre and nothing thrilling about it. everything about the movie is a drab. to summarize the movie: it's about an assasswin hired by a businessman to get rid of his rivalries, the downside was...he fell in love with a deaf lady and got attached with his messenger boy which led him to his death trying to save him (yeah, that's a spoiler..the hero died haha). i could've had a better time watching the High School musical hahaha.

my recommendation: a must watch movie if you feel like sleeping in the cinema...

my rating: 2* out 5*

The House Bunny
well, this movie got me smiling throughout its period haha. there's just something about Anna Faris playing a blonde dumb which always gets me going haha. humors were pretty good and everyone was a sport, at least the jokes are quite original and aren't repetitive as in the other similar genres :).

What is the movie about? well, it's about a playboy bunny who got tricked by a jealous housemate into leaving Hugh Hefner's playboy mansion, being homeless and out of job, she decided to become a 'housemother' to a sorority house and changes all the occupants from being losers to populars (yeah, it's a bit cliche but at least it has it's own twist :P) with her vast experience as a bunny..basically, it's about a movie of an innnocent girl finding herself in an unexpected way :).

my recommendation: a good chick flick of the month and not to be watched alone. bring your friends (or boyfriends, i bet they would be entertained by some of the flicks in it hehe) for a feel good full of laughter moments :).

my rating: 3 1/2* out of 5*

Disaster Movie
A TOTAL DISASTER!!! that's all i can say. no originality, humorless jokes, stiff actors..all and all, JUST PLAIN STUPID!! muy estupido haha...i think that sentiment says much about the movie :P.

my recommendation: great movie!!....for retards :)

my rating: 5* out of 5*....but only if you're a retard hahaha

hmm..that's enough for this morning's ramblings,...stay tuned, for more actions and adventures hahaha.

Ciao peeps :)...

ps: what to do? what to do?...hehe

Thursday, October 30, 2008

movie marathon hehehe...

last night was good, been quite awhile since i had a good laugh with a bunch of matured people (noo...i'm not saying you people are old, though basically i was the youngest one in the group hahaha). there's just something about hanging out (although it was work related hehe) with these kinda people who knows how to let loose yet still sensible enough on keeping their maturity and sanity intact people rawk :P.

anyhow, after last night's much laughter and little mayhem, i've decided to do something on my own tonight. been missing out on good movies lately and i intend on doing some catching up, so tonight will be my movie marathon night :P.

so, what do i normally do when i'm in a mood for a movie marathon? well, in my case, i look at which cinema to go to before deciding on what movie to watch. Kota Kinabalu has several cinema to choose from, and choosing the right cinema can be quite a hassle. On normal movie days, i would decide on what movie to watch and only then decide on which cinema to go to, but on a marathon day, i would consider a cinema which has more interesting movies to watch and plan the time frames for each movies :).

now, a brief explanation on the cinemas available in Kota Kinabalu (based on my own opinion):

GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) KK: One of the oldest surviving cinema around, the cinema halls are quite spacious but the seatings are a bit too crowded...not to mention the myriad of lingering smells which makes the movie watching experience a bit disheartening :).

GSC 1Borneo: Recently opened in one of Asia's biggest hypermall, the 1Borneo, this cinema is so far the best compared to the others, but only because it is relatively new. but in terms of seating arrangements, i have to say it is by far the most comfortable as it offers spacious leg spread (well, spacious than the rest hehe), no funky smells (cos it's new) and no crowded seatings. but since it is somewhat way off the town area, less people tend to avoid this place..which is great for me but bad for their business hahaha. i prefer being in a cinema with less people because...less people means less distraction hehe.

Cathay KK: Even though i like GSC 1Borneo, my all time favourite cinema is still Cathay KK. i dunno why, it's not like i have a history at this cinema or anything like it. but its quaint interior somewhat feels cosy..or homey if i may say so hehe. but there's only one thing i kinda detest...i hate crowded seats, or seats which are too close to each other and there isn't sufficient space for a satisfactory leg spread hahaha.

Growball Cinemax: Located in (i think) KK's most happening mall, the Centrepoint (which i'm still trying to figure out why..), this cinema are packed most of the time. aside from it's tight and crowded seats, i don't really fancy the crowds. basically, my observations has shown that the majority of its patrons are teenagers which has no where else to go to be seen. and their wannabe dress ups can be quite an eye sore...but i think my major problem with the place is that it's always packed!! haha.

okie, so i've assessed the movies for each cinema from and i've decided to do my marathon at..jeng jeng jeng...(yeah lame haha)...GSC 1BORNEO!!! and here are the time frames for each movie :):

1) The House Bunny (approx. 1hr 38mins) - 7.00pm
2) Disaster Movie (approx 1hr 27mins) - 8.45pm
3) My Best Friend's Girl (approx. 1hr 42mins) - 11.50pm

now, as you can see, the intervals between the first and second movie are continuous, but the third is a bit of a problem because the second movie would approximately end at 10.05pm and the next show would only start at 11.50pm, so basically there's that nearly two hours gap to fill in...damn it, now the third movie is tentative...geez hehehe.

anyhow, i do intend to have fun at the cinema ciao peeps :)

ps: anyone feels like going to the movies tonight? hehehe

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ramblings of a tired and happy dude :)...

All these while i thought i was different, all these while i thought i was special and all these while i thought the stuff that are in my head only happens to me and no one else...the questions of life, the what and why and a whole lot more are the stuff which has been playing in my mind for as long as i can remember. well, suffice to say, i couldn't me more wrong.

apparently, we human share this commonality of trying to understand or grasp the meaning behind everything around us. the questions, simple it may seem are just few of the many difficult concept we have yet to comprehend. so, if it's that difficult, then why bother at all in getting the right answers?

well, everyone of us has this innate curiosity to know how everything works. knowing how things work gives us the insight to foretell the next course of action to take. but somethings are just not meant to be understood because it's there as part of our growth experiences and even if we try hard to get the best possible answer, who is to say that the answer is right or wrong? basically, it all comes down to us, knowing our true self and the ethics of doing the right things.

i've always been glad thinking i was different from my peers or anyone else, but as i mature, i realize that i was different because that's what i want to be and try hard as i might..i am no different than the rest of the population. so i looked back, searched within myself and asked 'what is it that i really want to do?'. the answer didn't take long to appear, all i want to do is to make a difference and hopefully bring a smile on everyone's faces..just that alone would actually bring meaning to my own not so pathetic life :)...the only set back is, i don't really know how to go about it and i want to do it on my own free time haha.

i'm not really sure if i had ever touched anyone's life throughout my own life's journey, but i can dare say that..i have been touched by nearly everyone i've gotten to know like my friends, family, strangers, those who used to be friends (haha)..yeah practically everyone i've come in contact with. they've taught me things to appreciate and the things to avoid, they've shown me the world from their own perspective and even though i am not part of their world, i can always use my power of imagination or reasoning to see things as they really are and apply it to my own perspective.

man..i'm rambling again, i just can't help it. sitting alone while having dinner at the nearby stalls right after the frisbee game gave me a chance to see the people around me; their smiles and laughters, the bonds and ties, their happiness and sadness, their clarity and confusion, emanates from within them like a silent beacon wanting to get noticed even if by strangers. but the most obvious thing that really stood out..was their appreciation for life itself. despite the challenges every human beings faces, it obviously shows that life is the only thing which keeps them going even when everything gets rough....and you know what..
SHIT HAPPENS! just learn from it hehehe

ps: now thinking of having beer while having durian hahaha. wonder how that would fare? :P

Sunday, October 26, 2008

useless fa(c)ts haha...

just got back from playing frisbee and feeling a bit dizzy probably due to the cold and being wet for playing in the rain. wouldn't be surprised if i do fall sick, but i'm not exactly complaining here because i was well aware that we might be playing in the rain and besides, i love the natural shower hehe.

anyhow, i practically froze my fats off from being exposed to the chill. i'm not kidding!! the rest of my body parts were kinda warm except for the tummy and love handles where the fats are concentrated, owh..and my butt cheeks as well (which was still cold after a very long hot steamy shower) which i presume none of you peeps would like to know hahaha.

now, what is fat? this was what i got from

fat: In mammals, fat, or adipose tissue, is deposited beneath the skin and around the internal organs, where it also protects and insulates against heat loss. Fat is a necessary, efficient source of energy. An ounce of fat contains more than twice as much stored energy as does an ounce of protein or carbohydrates and is digested more slowly, resulting in the sensation of satiety after eating. It also enhances the taste, aroma, and texture of food. Fats are made chiefly of triglycerides, each molecule of which contains three fatty acids. Dietary fat supplies humans with essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid and linolenic acid. Fat also regulates cholesterol metabolism and is a precursor of prostaglandins

the only reason i looked into the word solely because i wanted to know why does my fats felt cold hahaha. okay, based on the explanation above (the hell with the rest of the explanation hehe), i can safely conclude that my fats doesn't serve any purpose because i get easily cold (that's why i don't like staying at hotels because of the aircond and i prefer driving with the window winded down) and it doesn't provide me with the much needed energy. it's more like an accessory...which doesn't compliment my physique at all hahaha.

i know i should try harder in searching for the best explanation on this topic or probably go into more details into it, but you know, i could if i wanted to but i won't because i don't feel like it haha. hey, you have the brains, go get the info yourself hahaha..

goodnight and ciao peeps...Happy Diwali to those who celebrates it :).

ps: man, damn dizzy, i think i am falling sick...

Lost in transition...

it has been quite awhile since i last overwhelmed myself with senseless thoughts, and it feels kinda good and freaky at the same time.

i once mentioned that i used to have a long walk or drive alone just to clear my mind off things, the solitary journey seems to be therapeutic in a sense i get to contemplate basically about anything which has been bothering me and the best part is...i've been doing this since i was 17, without anyone actually knowing it except a couple of my cousins who has seen me wandering aimlessly at the side of the road in the middle of the night when the full moon was shining haha.

yet last night was a bit different, i was subconsciously doing other words, it just happened and the worst part was, i don't remember what i was thinking and i can't exactly recall what i was feeling...

don't get me wrong, everything is going just fine with me. i wasn't depressed or anything, and i wasn't even thinking about anything depressing (the past can't really make you do anything if it's already a blur, hey..i do have a life, a familiar and better life..). it's just that, after not doing it for quite sometime..the feeling seems a bit weird, but the moment i reached home i felt very content as if everything was left at the place i stopped when i realized my mind has been wandering :).

it was 9.30pm and was on my way from my cousin's place to get myself some DVD's in Penampang. Driving back on the shortcut, i was contemplating whether to join them for the camping trip in Kota Marudu for 2 nights and that was the last thing i kinda remembered because from one thought it jumped to another and the process went on and on hehe. the realization that i had passed my house was when i was just few metres away from actually reaching the Menggatal town haha.

i'm not really sure what happened, could probably be because i was just getting familiar again with what i used to do or probably it has something to do with the rain (what can i say...i love the rain, very much :P). anyhow, i stayed up late last night watching 3 movies in a row and i'm planning to do 4 movies tonight hehe.

ps: i gain strength from being alone, wisdom from observing the people around me and grounded by the people i call friends..:). nah, i won't be joining in the camping trip..might as well spend my weekend trying to finish watching all the DVD's hahaha

Thursday, October 23, 2008

just a midday sluggish rambling...

Being alive, especially for humans, require many things aside from the basic necessities such as food, clothes and shelter to survive. the intrinsic and extrinsic aspects which drives every humans in their way of thinking, behaviours and actions has to be in line with their surroundings or current situations in order for things to flow smoothly and efficiently.

after years of evolution, we humans are blessed with the cognitive ability to resolve anything presented to us and act on it on our own volition. but for us to take action on what has been decided, there's that process of 'decision making' to decide the best solution to every problem, and the most common approach everyone might opt for is the 'right thing to do' perspective.

Sometimes i wonder, well, mostly confused between the notions of 'doing the right thing' and 'the right thing to do'. for most, it may sound a way it is, but if we are to observe closely, we may be able to tell both of it connote different meanings.

The right thing to do:-
a simple approach based on the basic obvious solution, i.e societal norms, the written law or the understanding of what is right and what is wrong without taking into account the 'what if' or 'maybe' circumstances.

Doing the right thing:-
involves the intrinsic aspect of how we perceive the other possibilities or the what would and could have other words, the gut feeling which dictates what should be done.

let me give you a scenario here, what would you do if one day you found out that a big and kind hearted person who has been involved with so many good works throughout the years was actually an escaped convict wanted for murder? would you turn them in to the authorities or just leave it as it is since the person is more useful to the outside world than locked up in a cell?Obviously, the right thing to do here is to surrender him to the authorities. but if we were to do that, we would lose a person who has made a difference to the lives of many people.

okay, the above scenario has nothing to do with me hahaha. it's just that, i've been contemplating on the decision i made a couple of months ago and wondering if what i decided was right or the other way around because, the decision 'seemed' like the right solution but deep still feels like a big mistake and the weird thing is, i don't want it to be right haha. but how can it not be right when the decision was made during those rare moments of clarity :). anyhow, seems like things are working out like the way it should i guess my decision was right after all :).

Ciao peeps...

ps: okie, gonna stop the nonsensical rambling now. just darn sleepy.....and in need of a holiday, away from here...sheeeshhhh....

Friday, October 17, 2008

non-comical stuff...

really wasn't in the mood to aside from taking random pictures around, this was what i did :)..

yeah is kinda lame, but what can i say. i dont have a single funny bone in me :). besides, was just trying it out hehe..

ciao peeps :)

Top 20 - Tagged by Joan...

Here we go again.I've been tagged by Joan

Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
- in October...dont ask when?

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
- Subjective question, hard to answer

3. What would you give up in return to eat all you want in the world and not get fat?
- too late for that haha

4. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
- yeah..becoming a billionaire haha

5. Do you believe you can survive without money?
- Depending on where i am :P

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
-hmmm...cant think of any right now

7. What do you feel like doing right now?
-i need a long break...

8. If there's someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
- definitely...

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
-smart and physically cute haha

10. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
- hmm...being loved in return haha

11. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
- sleeping with someone else? hehehe

12. What is your ambition?
- like now? :p

13. Is anyone really perfect?
- nope..but there's a beauty in imperfection :)

14. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ?
- i would be a happily rich guy haha

15. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
- my idiocy :P

16. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
-the one and only...ME :P

17. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
- haha, happy?

18. If someone had found a path to immortality to be bestowed upon you in exchange for one of your abilities, would you take it, and what would you sacrifice for it?
- probably..which means i would have to sacrifice my mortality hahaha

19. What is the best thing that had happened in your life?
- that brief moment of happiness..

20. If could compete in the Olympics, what event would you participate in?
- archery or skeet shooting hahaha (i dont even play these games!!) haha

ps: 1 down, 2 more to go hahaha

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Just Stand Up....

okay, i'm a sucker when it comes to songs sung by various artistes haha. i'm not really sure why..could probably be because of the group synergy and the voice projections from each and everyone of them in their own unique and signature styles :). anyhow, i kinda like this song...not because of its catchy tune (interesting yes, but not the least catchy), but because of the motive behind the stand up against cancer.

cancer is a disease not to be joked can be deadly and anyone can get it without ever knowing... that is until it has progressed into something critical.

research has shown that cancer can be hereditary, and i am not ashamed to admit both sides of my family has a history of cancer and i wouldn't be surprised if one day (touch wood) i would be diagnosed as having one as well haha. but seriously...even before knowing what the disease really is (and even before i started smoking hehe), i've always imagined that if i were to live until old age there would be only three types of ailments which may take away my life..cancer, heart failure and kidney failure hahaha :). will talk about this someday because the entry this time is about a song for us to stand up against cancer hehe. so listen, enjoy and do take note :).

JUST STAND UP! - Artists Stand Up To Cancer - video powered by Metacafe

Beyonce: The heart is stronger than you think
It's like it can go through anything
And even when you think it can't it finds a way to still push on, though

Carrie: Sometimes you want to run away
Ain't got the patience for the pain
And if you don't believe it look into
Your heart the beat goes on

Rihanna: I'm tellin' you that
Things get better
Through whatever
If you fall, dust it off, don't let up

Sheryl: Don't you know you can go be your own miracle

Beyonce: You need to know

Sheryl: If the mind keeps thinking you've had enough
But the heart keeps telling you don't give up

Sheryl/Beyonce: Who are we to be
Questioning, wondering what is what
Don't give up

Fergie: It's like we all have better days
Problems getting all up in your face

Leona: Just because you go through it

Fergie: Don't mean it got to take control, no

Leona: You ain't gotta find no hiding place

Keyshia: Because the heart can beat the hate

Leona: Don't wanna let your mind keep playin' you

Keyshia: And sayin' you can't go on

Rihanna: I'm tellin' you that

Miley: Things get better
Through whatever

Rihanna: If you fall

Miley: Dust if off, don't let up

LeAnn: Don't you know you

Natasha: Can go

LeAnn: Be your own

Natasha: Miracle

Carrie: You need to know

Ensemble: CHORUS

Mary: You don't gotta be a prisoner in your mind

Ciara: If you fall, dust it off

Mary: You can live your life

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah

Mary: Let your heart be your guide

Rihanna/Carrie: Yeah yeah yeah

Mariah: And you will know that you're good if you trust in the good

Ashanti: Everything will be alright, yeah
Light up the dark, if you follow your heart

Mary: And it will get better

Mariah: Through whatever


Fergie: You got it in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
You got in now, find it within now
You got in you, find it within
Find it within you, find it within

ps: when our time has come, there isn't much we can do about it because life and death isn't in our hands :)

goodnite peeps...ciao :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


One thing about humans is that they have the capability to change, a change which encompassess everything from the way they look to their actions. And some changes can be mind blowing depending on the degree of alterations, and these alterations varies accordingly :).

As such the level of changes, the time it takes for one person to change vary according to the individuals themselves..but one thing for sure, no one can change in just one night, and that's a fact! But why do people change? what triggers them to make a difference in their life? there're a number of reasons to it, and it all comes down to..self preservation :).

As we go along living, we may have encountered several scenarios and experiences which may be an eye opener for us to make a change. and based on experience, a single minute change can make a big difference to ourselves and the people around us. but any change that we decide to take are not without consequences or sacrifices because change itself is an act of give and take, so to gain something..we must be ready to lose something in return.

so what does change actually entails. for starters, change enables us to be noticed and change brings about a difference in lifestyle. and there are only two types of changes, a change for the better or..a change for the worse. it's all up to the individual to choose which one is which..depending on the impact of their current situation. so unless they clear up their head real quick, a change for the worse is bound to happen and that is never a good thing.

but sometimes, as much as we want a change..most of us doesn't have a single clue on how to go about it. all that's left are just words which keeps repeating itself and baseless hopes that change would eventually happen. but changes just doesn't happen by itself, we need to work for it. so when someone tells you that they want to change but they're just sitting around doing nothing, it only shows that those are just words of false encouragement to themselves and in a way reflects what kind of person they are (yeah, basically an idiotic dreamer who says only what others wanna hear..and i think i maybe one of them hehe).

i've been doing some changes myself for the past many weeks, it was kinda difficult at first but as they steps are always the best way to kick off anything and that's exactly what i did. so now, i am living my life free from the earthly vices and mortal desires (well, except for the ciggies and the booze..which i have cut down tremendously hehe), including many other stuff and free to do whatever i want (within the boundary lah) without having to think about anything complicated. and i am relying on my instinct and exceptionally good reasoning ability to avoid complications and confrontations in the future hahaha.

ps: one day should you feel like in need of a change, act on it! the change for the good or for the worse is in your hands :)

ciao and goodnight peeps :)....

groggy in control hahaha

sometimes i think i am a walking contradiction of myself. i say things that i am not only to prove myself stupid that i am haha...but when i say sometimes, it only means it doesn't happen quite as often i thought :P..

for example, i've always believed (or probably convinced myself) that i am a loner, a guy who prefers his solitude more than anything else, an independent guy who doesn't rely much on anyone to live life. well, most of it are true..and the rest are just my confused psyche interpreting the things i couldn't understand :).

okie i've said in my previous entry that i am a loner by choice and an observer of everyone and everything around me. sometimes it's sad to know that my preference irks some people into baseless assumptions haha. once again, i dont really mind..because when i do make friends, i try to project who i really am so the next time if things doesn't work out, i can always tell myself that 'ive' given them hints on what type of person i am' (most of the time that is hehe) and some do understand it, while others are..simply put..plain sensitive hehehe.

i've been analyzing myself lately and realized that, as much as i appreciate my privacy or reclusiveness, there are moments that i do need someone around to pull me back to reality (a reality which i'd much rather not be apart of haha) because the world i envisioned, or practically saying 'my world', is much more tolerable. hey, i'm not saying that my life in real time sucks (hmm, not entirely though hehe), but it's whole lot better because in my world..i am invincible and void of any vulnerabilities (yeah, a Superman except there aren't any kryptonites that can weaken me haha).

as i was saying, there are moments when i do need people around me..but if i was given any choice, i dont think i could ever be lonely even if i wanted to simply because i live in an overpopulated world of humans and as long as there are humans around i could never be alone :).

the same concept applies to the people whom i'd like to avoid from seeing or meeting. it's like, it doesn't matter how hard you've tried to avoid them, but there will come a time (eventually) when we would have to face them whether we like it or not and all the efforts of trying to stay away from are simply washed down the drain.

now the question here is, after indulging yourself with something you really like doing, something which might guarantee from stumbling on the person/s suddenly took a turn when the person/s are suddenly indulging themselves in the same thing? would you run away and move on to another thing or stick to it because you really like doing what you're doing now? well, the solution is especially hard to get when the person/s, knows full well that you're part of the thing but still decides to join in...

probably selfish and ego plays a part, or probably some dark ulterior motives are at work here haha. then again, that's something about humans aka people. they tend to be pretentious in geting what they want. it's quite difficult to fathom another person's mind because they may act and say one thing but the fact is, there's something they're after. heck, then again..what the hell do i care...if this happens to me, i would just opt to ignore or just move somewhere else.

haha, i bet most of you must be wondering where do i get all the pessimism from. hmm, how do i put this...well, i am human after all, and with that comes years of social experience hehe. but mind you, i am much of a pessimist as i am an optimist :).

ps: selfishness and ulterior motives sucks hehe. some people just doesn't know what it takes to make friends..hehe. man...midnight rambling on a Tuesday? yeah, that's what happens when you let the creativity flow and grogginess take control hahahaha.

goodnite peeps, and have a good dream...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

the Cupid Shuffle...

"Brown and offensive linemen Vernon Carey and Ikechuku Ndukwe were fined as a result of their part in a prohibited 'choreographed celebration' that included more than two people. Each player was hit with a $10,000 penalty by the NFL, according to league representative Corry Rush." - Miami Herald, October 12, 2008

i normally couldn't be bothered with stuff like these, but being a curious cat (as always hahaha), i decided to look up on the so called 'choreographed celebration' aka the Cupid Shuffle and was just plain dumbfounded why would the NFL fine the players on the field after the touchdown?!! hahaha. i mean, what's the harm in doin the shuffle?!! :).

anyhow, the moves are kinda cute and easy to learn. hey, probably, with enough exposure, the Sabahans now has a new move to learn if they ever get bored of the poco-poco dance hahaha. well, enjoy the clip hahaha...

ps: i doubt this would ever make it in Sabah clubs scene :)..

Thursday, October 9, 2008

paternal bond...

Been up and working since 4am this morning and it would be strange if i wasn't the least grumpy. but a kid made my day for just being there and for asking a flattering question, a question i would've never considered nor expected from anyone especially from this kid :).

The paternal bond was instantaneous, we laughed, had fun and i was carrying him around like he was my own kid. then the question appeared, whispered softly in my ear while having him in my arms, 'can you marry my mom?' and looked me straight in the eye. i was dumbfounded for awhile and laughed at it as a 5 year old's innocent rambling, but it did strike a chord in me of how prepared i am to settle down :).

next time when i do have a son of my own, i want him to be exactly like the kid :)...
ps: damn sleepy and missing the little guy :)

Monday, October 6, 2008

just plain glad and happy :)...

the past three days has both been a blessing and a mockery of my own life. it's a blessing cos i've seen friends either got engaged or married, a blessing cos i was surrounded by people who knows that being an arse is just my way of being ignorant (and i'm still loved for it haha) but most of all..a blessing cos i am finally close to being clear headed :). had a good time at Jade last friday and made new acquaintances at the same time, had a good stay over at Lembah Impian the next night which included great casual conversations and laughters together with liquors, and a beautiful wedding reception the day after hehe. frankly speaking, i like the way i am now hehe...less clutter in my head :).

i've looked at what i did for the past year and recently and i realized there were a lot of stuff i wasn't proud of doing...especially my last rendezvous, good thing it only happened like twice or thrice (well, third's the charm hehe) and ever since then, i've may i put it hmm..clean hahaha. heck, after a month of free from vice, there would probably be a slot for me in heaven if my time was suddenly up :).

another blessing from what may be the worst experience of my life (so far) would be the fact that i now know what the others would be or are going through having being in the same situation previously. although i can't really tell anyone the best course of action to take cos my advisory skills hasn't been completely restored yet, do know that..some things do happen for a reason and there's always that silver lining waiting to shine through when the chance presents itself...just bear with it (no matter how long) cos all the sucky feelings would eventually dissapear. and there's no harm in crying, it actually helps alot (aside from ignoring the root of the problem and hanging out with the people who would truly appreciate you haha). let anger and hate take over, it's much better to be pissed off at insignificant things than crying over spilled milk cos some people are meant to be hated for their actions hahaha. anyhow, enough about this..we just have to accept that some people are just idiots who doesn't deserve anything for repeating the same mistakes over and over again thinking that they would always get scot free with it..well, there's always that karmic retribution remember hahaha.

anyhow, the people around me are getting hitched...and i can't help but wanting the same thing they have. I WANT A FAMILY TOO!! hehe, but it's a bit difficult to have one when just the thought of being in a relationship after the terrible storm doesn't sound like a good idea hahaha.

you know what peeps, i love my life..and i especially love those people who brought colours to my life such as mi familia and mi amigos haha. i'm just glad that, after all the efforts of being ignorant and trying to keep things behind, good things are finally looking up to me hehehe...

ps: remember this...ignorance can be a total bliss...:)

goodnite and ciao peeps..may you have a good week ahead of you :).

Friday, October 3, 2008

in appreciation...

September has ended and October is in for a new slate and cleaner chapter after months of beating myself up for reasons easily dealt with. before i go on any further, let me remind you that this is NOT supposed to be a sappy entry hehe.

when i made my decision couple of months back on how to deal with the trying situations, it wasn't entirely based on what i was feeling then, but more to assessing the present and compare it to what may come in the future or in other words, applying what i know then and weigh it against with what i may have to face :). yeah, in layman's all about practicality and rationality.

it's relatively easy when it comes to making decisions based on rationality, but rationale can sometimes be blurred by other underlying factor such as emotions, making what may be a simple and solvable task into something the opposite :).

one thing i'm grateful of is having the people i can really call my friends. fyi, i don't normally acknowledge people i just got to know as friends, cos for me, friendship takes time to bond and most of all trust..and trusting people is an issue for me :).

but eventually some of these people i do finally accept as a friend, and it's not because of 'what' they are, but mainly 'who' they are, and when i say generally relates to what kind of persons they are :). then again, i've conditioned myself to notice the type of people who would get along well with me cos my only motto when it comes to making friends is that 'if you can't accept me for who i am, even when i'm such an ass...then there's no point for us to even be acquainted. in some cases, the time factor doesn't apply to some people cos there would be a time when we meet someone, a spontaneous link is formed.

anyhow, what i was trying to say is that, i'm not someone whom you might say 'a person who has a lot of friends' hahaha, that would be far from the truth cos although i am mostly surrounded by great people, but among these great people, only a handful of them are worthy of my respect and these people are the ones i really don't mind hanging out with. but even so, i don't need to meet up with them all the time (or everyday) cos come's not like i'm married to them hahaha.

so to the people that i hang out with, the people that i look for when ever in need of company, the people who would be there whenever i invite them over for any occasions and vice versa... you are the people i call friends and the entry this time is my appreciation to every one of you cos with or without you realising it, you have given me the insights on how to deal with my own demons. i would extend my appreciations personally but unfortunately, my inflated ego prohibits me from doing so or else i would feel indebted to you peeps hahaha.

ps: friends is more than hanging out together and having a great time, it's about understanding and respecting each other's need, cheering them up when they're down and most of all, accepting them for who they really are (even when they're being an ass hahaha). who needs more friends when there're these great people who will always be there for you :). mis mas efusivas gracias amigos, you peeps know who you are :).