Tuesday, October 14, 2008

groggy in control hahaha

sometimes i think i am a walking contradiction of myself. i say things that i am not only to prove myself stupid that i am haha...but when i say sometimes, it only means it doesn't happen quite as often i thought :P..

for example, i've always believed (or probably convinced myself) that i am a loner, a guy who prefers his solitude more than anything else, an independent guy who doesn't rely much on anyone to live life. well, most of it are true..and the rest are just my confused psyche interpreting the things i couldn't understand :).

okie i've said in my previous entry that i am a loner by choice and an observer of everyone and everything around me. sometimes it's sad to know that my preference irks some people into baseless assumptions haha. once again, i dont really mind..because when i do make friends, i try to project who i really am so the next time if things doesn't work out, i can always tell myself that 'ive' given them hints on what type of person i am' (most of the time that is hehe) and some do understand it, while others are..simply put..plain sensitive hehehe.

i've been analyzing myself lately and realized that, as much as i appreciate my privacy or reclusiveness, there are moments that i do need someone around to pull me back to reality (a reality which i'd much rather not be apart of haha) because the world i envisioned, or practically saying 'my world', is much more tolerable. hey, i'm not saying that my life in real time sucks (hmm, not entirely though hehe), but it's whole lot better because in my world..i am invincible and void of any vulnerabilities (yeah, a Superman except there aren't any kryptonites that can weaken me haha).

as i was saying, there are moments when i do need people around me..but if i was given any choice, i dont think i could ever be lonely even if i wanted to simply because i live in an overpopulated world of humans and as long as there are humans around i could never be alone :).

the same concept applies to the people whom i'd like to avoid from seeing or meeting. it's like, it doesn't matter how hard you've tried to avoid them, but there will come a time (eventually) when we would have to face them whether we like it or not and all the efforts of trying to stay away from are simply washed down the drain.

now the question here is, after indulging yourself with something you really like doing, something which might guarantee from stumbling on the person/s suddenly took a turn when the person/s are suddenly indulging themselves in the same thing? would you run away and move on to another thing or stick to it because you really like doing what you're doing now? well, the solution is especially hard to get when the person/s, knows full well that you're part of the thing but still decides to join in...

probably selfish and ego plays a part, or probably some dark ulterior motives are at work here haha. then again, that's something about humans aka people. they tend to be pretentious in geting what they want. it's quite difficult to fathom another person's mind because they may act and say one thing but the fact is, there's something they're after. heck, then again..what the hell do i care...if this happens to me, i would just opt to ignore or just move somewhere else.

haha, i bet most of you must be wondering where do i get all the pessimism from. hmm, how do i put this...well, i am human after all, and with that comes years of social experience hehe. but mind you, i am much of a pessimist as i am an optimist :).

ps: selfishness and ulterior motives sucks hehe. some people just doesn't know what it takes to make friends..hehe. man...midnight rambling on a Tuesday? yeah, that's what happens when you let the creativity flow and grogginess take control hahahaha.

goodnite peeps, and have a good dream...


cLaiRe said...

so kesimpulan dia..kau benci urang yg ada udang d sebalik batu laini? ekeke..

jgn sendiri2 ba jerry...sy mo menemani pun kau nda sudi..;D maaaaybe ada jg tujuan lain di situ tp its all for good stuff ba...perhaps doing u a favor or wat u call it...getting laid....? haha kau tia mau ka? hahaha

teda cerita lain ba kan..sigh~

JerryInc said...

tedalah, i dont hate people..it's just not my nature. besides, i have anger to help me deal with it hahaha...

getting laid? hahaha, ko nie...adakah ko bagi sa harapan kusung. teruk owh ko hahaha. bah, bring it on! hahaha

cLaiRe said...

nda kusung ni jerry...jaga la kau kalau ada masa sy blk sabah sy cari kau..all nite long k....haha i mean minum bir ba..haha

JerryInc said...

deii..kalau itu sa surrender lah claire. badan sa tidak suda buli minum banyak ni hehehe

cLaiRe said...

owh ok. jadi kalau lain kau mau la? apakah contohnya? haha

btw..brapa sda umur kau? 60 ka? ooo..patut la nda buli minum terlebih..hahahha kidding k~ ;p

JerryInc said...

ko ni claire...sa punya perut bunting 5 bulan suda ni...skarang mau cuba kasi gugur dgn benda2 berkhasiat hahaha