Friday, April 23, 2010

of hunches, experience and observation...

few weeks before i moved to another company (which was last year), i had a strong urge to enquire about my ex, so i met up with her sister and the first question which came out from my mouth was "how many weeks pregnant is she?", and of course, the sister was confused because as far as she knows, no one's getting pregnant in the family.

unable to shake it off me, i decided to send my ex a message directly. i started with the usual "how are you?", "How's everything?", "how's life in the married lane?" but being the untactful guy, i blurted out "how many weeks pregnant are you?" and just like the sister, she was confused as well hahaha. so i decided to drop the question thinking i may be mistaken. But recently, i checked out her facebook and guess what...she's EXPECTING anytime soon, so i did the basic calculation: i left my old company on 6th July 2009 and now she's in her 9th month hahaha.

this wasn't the first though...few years back while having a chat with a good pal about our family background, the same urge came over and i couldn't help but ask if his sister was pregnant. he wasn't sure, but the next day he came to me and said "yeah, she's 2 weeks pregnant. it was just confirmed'd you know?". hahaha, if i only knew hahaha.

i just got back from a group weekend island escapade for 3 days 2 nights. one of my colleague brought her sister along to the trip and i dare say that i was the least comfortable with her. there was something about her which turned me off completely even when she was being all nice to me hahaha. so yesterday, i was having lunch with my colleague and we talked about the trip. out of nowhere, i asked if her sister was having an affair? yeah, among all things i had to come up with colleague looked at me intently, probably surprised with the question and denied it. i'm fine with the denial, besides it has nothing to do with me but she kept pestering as to why i said so. i told her, it was just a hunch and finally she admitted that her 'married' sister is having an affair with another 'married' man and resorted to calling me a 'creepy' person hahaha.

and now, i suspect that my subordinate is pregnant and i'm not sure whether i should be giving her the usual load or consider her situation. then again, she hasn't told me or my boss yet of her condition (if my gut is right) so i may probably ignore it and continue doing what i've been doing all these while. maybe i'll be doing her a favor financially or career wise if she miscarriaged due to the workload as she's still not married to her boyfriend although they're living together (yeah, i have an evil streak in me muahahaha).

sometimes, it pays to be a loner and an observer of humans or body languages. there are just some stuff we would be able to pick up regardless of its practicality hahaha.

owh, hi people..and it's good to be rambling again after the long break hahaha.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

sleepless nights solution...

i'm starting to believe that a well rested sleep is a privilege given to the lucky few (or many, depending on the demographic haha), the privileged few of whom i'm not a part of hahaha.

sleeping have been quite a task for me, ok..not sleeping per se, but sleeping early to get the minimum 6 hours of rest. after a sweeping self diagnosis, i couldn't find anything which could explain the inablility to tap into the REM state like what everyone else are doing. i tried googling the causes for my sleep deprivation but no conclusive reason came up of which may explain the cause of it, besides..some of the symptoms doesn't really tally with what i'm experiencing hahaha.

Put it this way, have you ever been extremely tired/ sleepy and eventually fell asleep..but instead of going into dreamland, you seem to be fully aware of your surrounding. every sound you hear registers in your brain and by the time you wake up, you've been sleeping for 5 hours but it feels like you've been sleeping for less than 1 hour! or when you do close your eyes and about to doze off, a sudden random sound suddenly appears out of nowhere but instead of being woken up by the sound, you wake up due to a bright light your brain conjures to describe the noise. or better yet, you suddenly hear someone calling out to you but only in that instant.

and when i do fall asleep, i seem to get this weird dreams...some scary, some quite worrisome and dreams which feels like i literally took part in, leaving me exhausted the next day as if i've only had an hour of sleep instead of the actual 6-8 hours :).

you may think that i'm stressed, but truthfully i'm far from being bothered with my daily routines, i do have a high tolerance when it comes to stress anyways haha.

Having been a late sleeper for quite a time now, i decided to do something about, i'm not taking any prescription drugs to deal with the problem but instead, i've taken up a part time job which requires me working from 8.30pm-11.30pm (or later)..., yeah news flash..I HAVE A PART TIME JOB! hahahaha.

now, there are pros and cons with taking up this part time job. so i'll start with the cons first.

a) i won't be having any quality lone time as much as i want to
b) i won't be out drinking quite as often (well, haven't been doing that for quite awhile anyway haha)
c) i won't be able to hang out with my buddies without prior arrangement hahaha
d) etc etc etc hahaha

a) i will be paid for staying up late doing an easy task
b) savings will be a lot easier
c) now i can use this excuse to 'politely' decline an invitation to hang out with people hahaha
d) it'll take my mind off from my day time job hahaha

so, what exactly does this part time job requires me to do? easy, just proof reading the articles before they are sent out for final printing. as you guessed, i'm now affiliated with one of the local dailies here and frankly, i'm having fun hahaha.

my only hahaha