Sunday, May 29, 2011

the world's annoyances...

life doesn't normally turn out exactly the way we want it to be, the best thing that we can do is to work as close to what we have in mind and be settled with it. in other words, we live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment that is presented to us.

but enjoying life doesn't give us the privilege to do anything we want, it's a chance for us to realize our dreams and capabilities to a certain extent which doesn't involve the suffering of other people or animals.

nowadays, we are bombarded by news of war, violence, abuse, psychopathic behaviors, natural disasters, stupidity and lots more and these news grace the front page of every major dailies to the point of overwhelming the positive aspects of human nature. call it a media's way of sensationalizing the angles for maximum profit, but what if the only reason these happenings are reported more was only because we have less of the positive human attributes to tell?

i once told a friend that if i had the power to change the world, i would probably wipe out all humans on earth and make a fresh start just like what happened in the biblical deluge (not trying to be God-like, but just a habit. if things doesn't work, start all over again). but that wouldn't change a thing because knowing us humans, over time we would repeat the same mistakes's all in our primitive nature to fight, kill and be stupid and heartless to the extreme.

us humans are unique, i think we are the only species in the entire universe which has the capability to make a change for the better. we are equipped with emotions, rationality, intelligence, determination and lots more and endowed with superb physical attributes in terms of strength and healing abilities...heck, even the handicapped possesses other special attributes to compensate what they lack. the best part is, we are still evolving and we have yet to uncover our maximum potential as a human being.

but sadly, we are too engrossed with our own superiority that we fail to see that the others are just like us. we use race, religion, skin color and other differences as an excuse to justify our actions. we treat the weak ones as our punching bag to prove that we are better than them just to feed our ego.

it's frustrating to see that we still haven't reach the commonality to understand each other and work together for a better world and to protect those who are weaker than us. my only wish right now is to eliminate the people with a heartless disposition regardless of whether they're portrayed as a loving father, mother, son or daughter.

what prompted this entry? well read this news. may the perps suffer an agonizing death...

seriously, the current world events are truly sucking the optimism and life out of me. i wish i was in a world where nature and modernization goes hand in hand, humans understand the importance of life, the air is fresh, communications is only via telepathy and the night sky is lit up by the splendorous shining of two moons. now that's my dream world.

yeah, the keyword here is dream...

image credit to Scenic Reflections

maybe the end of days is near and everyone's going to hell...just saying. ciao.

Friday, May 27, 2011


many people with the same experience would agree that one of the best times in our life would be the college years. this was the period where we (most of us) learned to live independently with unlimited freedom being without our parents' supervision.

i believe i was a bit of a stuck up when i first set foot on the college grounds. how so you ask?
imagine a guy who just checked into the dorm, chose the the most spacious space by the window and despite the bed being a double bunker, the area was cordoned off with a string to ward off any intruders and even bunk mates..yeah, i was that guy lol :D.

it wasn't that i meant to be an ass but i think my defense mechanism kicked in, you know, being surrounded in a totally new surrounding. i couldn't even look anyone straight in the eye and if i was more like a glare as if trying to pick a fight, yeah..the new surrounding amplified my distrusting nature twice fold. but everything changed when one by one, my dorm mates started coming up to me for a chat and i realized that my insecurities was without basis because we were all in the same boat: insecure and surrounded by total strangers. yeah, but despite having warmed up with everyone in the dorm, i still had them remove their shoes or slippers before entering my area and a strict rule of ' no sleeping, lying, resting or even get comfy on my bunker' hahaha. another reason i limit people from getting into my area is because i do not want my sleeping area to be a mess :D. and that was the tell-tale sign that i couldn't sleep or live in a messy place :p.

few semesters later, i moved out to live with my seniors in a rented house, and all i can say is that, we had a blast! we were drinking in the house whenever we can, we hung out and studied together, we cooked and dined together... it felt like being in a family unit (and that's important when you're living away from your real one). just in every family, there's always that one person who complains and nags alot, and it happened to be yours truly :D.

they're a great bunch, but couple of the guys in the house are just plain lazy with questionable hygiene issues. being me, all i had to do was speak out my mind..well ok, i had to be sarcastic in order to get the message across hahaha. to keep our dynamics intact, we had to come up with a chores schedule for everyone in the house and the schedule only worked because it was backed by few other guys who share the same sentiment when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

those were the good ol' days and i do miss it. to make matters worse, i am now thinking of having a housemate to share the bachelor pad with to re-live the moments, but knowing myself i would probably annoy people with my nagging, complaints or sarcasm should they fall short in the expectation of sharing the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness in the pad :). yeah, i would make a very very bad housemate! hahaha.

the bachelor pad :)

the housemate :)

cheers :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stupidity never ends- (Alleged) Dog Shooting in Boleh Land!

after being away from blogging for quite awhile, i was in the mood to blog about happy stuff and positive thoughts..then i read an article about how dogs were (allegedly) shot in an effort to reduce the strays. the article sent my blood boiling which instigated the increase of dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine in my system..hell yeah i was pissed off!

first of all, i understand the need to eradicate the stray problem which is faced by any other major cities in the country or even the world. but to do it inhumanely like shooting them point blank in view of the entire neighborhood or public, furthermore in front of children is just not the way to go.

i'm not sure if we're putting these animals on the same pedestal as us humans by giving them the same treatment as we should to any other human beings. but come on, being compassionate to all living beings is one of our admirable traits, and the compassion is not exclusively towards our fellow humans but also to animals as well. there are other ways of putting the strays to sleep, gentler ways and there are other ways to un-stray these dogs by giving them a good of it is to stop the trade of pedigrees (to those who are in this business, it's nothing personal but it's not right to sell your dogs or cats just because they're of special breeds. but then again, most of you are in it for the money and nothing else right?).

the topic of treating animals humanely is open for a debate. one would argue that, to be a self professed animal lover, one needs to be a vegetarian so as to be fair with the belief of caring for all animals regardless of their specie. there may be some truth in that, to be fair to all animals we should all go vegetarian!

but, the argument here is how to deal with the animals as humanely as possible. in my case, despite being an animal lover i'm still a meat eater. but living in Malaysia, most of the meats sold here in the market are from animals butchered in an Islamic way, the 'halal' way, which I think is more humane than any other methods that i've witnessed. the only reason i eat the non-halal ones is simply because.... it's there :p.

i would never eat other meats aside from the usual chicken, beef and pork (noooo, i don't eat snakes, frogs, dogs, cats, horses, camels or other exotic dishes) and i do not consume animal meat which is culled or butchered right in front of my eyes or anything which still has a face. but if i have a chance to change the world, i would want the meat industry to be on a 'need to' basis only where meat is consumed when needed and not to be supplied for human gratification (confused much? hahaha)

anyway, back to the issue at hand, obviously our country (or those in power) need to learn more about having compassion because this kind of news have been going around for like ages! and frankly, after all these while, nothing much have changed in the way stray animals are handled.

dunno what i'm talking about? read the latest news here

CLICK HERE for the recent alleged dog shooting in STAR newspaper

for those who would like to sign the petition against animal abuse, CLICK HERE

A video of an idiotic human being who deserve to be skinned alive for abusing the puppies (man, i don't think i would have any problem listening to her sweet voice of shrieking pain...i'd love to do this to anyone proven to have purposely abused animals resulting in deaths), CLICK HERE

for a case of compassion towards animals, READ HERE

ciao peeps, and death to animal haters....MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

ps: seriously, these people should be shuffled around. put those with compassion towards animals to deal with animals, they would know better....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

police brutality??

i think it was sometime last week (or this week) the residents of Sabah were shocked with the news of police brutality.

what made it more shocking was it involved Keningau's Prison Director who was under alcohol influence at that time. according to the news report, the director, being intoxicated gave a piece of his mind to a youngster for failing to park properly which caused him to nearly hit it.

a friend of the youngster approached him and apologized for the mistake only to be subjected to brutality by the police and his friends. the video below was what had transpired:

but as everyone knows, there's always another side to every story and the video below (ambiguously) shows it:

sooo...i leave you guys with your own power of deduction :).

Cheers :p

sick..darn it hahaha

okay, for the past couple of weeks i've been feeling a bit under the weather. first off, there was this feeling of getting the fever..which never materialized and secondly, i have swellings in my right thigh near my groin area.

since i had a blast holidaying in mabul prior to getting the swells, i thought it could be just a muscle pull so i didn't bother to inform the doctor of it. but after a week, the pain got worse and more conspicuous so i googled it up and the closest info i could get was 'swollen inguinal lymph nodes'.

inguinal lymph nodes
Lymph is a clear fluid flowing through the lymph vessels that nourishes the tissues and takes out the wastes from them to filter it out through the bloodstream. Lymph system is all pervasive. Like the stretch of blood vessels and nerve tissues, you can feel the presence of lymph nodes all through the body. Such lymph nodes in and around the groin region are called inguinal lymph nodes.

Just above either side of the genitals and lying in lower reaches of abdomen, inguinal lymph nodes can be quite vulnerable to being enlarged, swollen and even malignant. Such lymph malignancy in the area may result in endometrial cancer.

[Read more in and]

so what could be causes for the swellings? there are several, such as bacterial or viral infection, tick bite, lymphoma or tuberculosis and others which i haven't googled up yet.

at first, i thought it could be an infection due to the toe injury i got in mabul but it seemed a bit off since my swollen lymph nodes were on my right leg and my injured toe was on the left, but i stuck to that possibility since it sounded less harmless. after a week of being prescribed antibiotics, the swelling didn't subside...instead, a new swelling appeared which prompted the referral to a private hospital and a proposal for a biopsy to be performed.

i don't like the idea of being dissected, so instead...i decided to give another go of the antibiotic treatment and see how it goes.

but after coming back from the hospital, it suddenly hit me...isn't the doctor supposed to propose a blood test first before going straight for the biopsy?

anyway, i've decided to take a blood test tomorrow, so fingers crossed that nothing terminal comes up and hopefully after this one week, the swellings will subside :p.

those dark spots are the swollen area...

the doctor's report...

ps: would be nice if i weren't single right now... lol :p

ciao peeps :D