Thursday, March 26, 2009

the run in with...coincidences...

As you can see, i've just changed my new layout page. i might not stick to this though as i'm still on the lookout for the best possible choice :). the previous layout was 'fine'...but i was in the mood for something simple and with a header i can change from time to time..hmmm, maybe my request is a bit too much eh :).

today seem to be a very good day for me, as of my previous post, the frequent coincidences hasn't diminished the least. in fact, i think i am getting the hang of it and loving it :).

a few days ago, i got hold of a new book by one of my favourite author and i've only gone through it a few pages. and today, while i was with the BBC filming crew, i happen to recognize a face which appeared vaguely familiar (i have this thing with remembering faces but not names :p) and it bugged me a whole lot. towards the end of their filming stint..i had a short chat with my GM and i told him that one of the guys looked familiar and that was when he told me who the guy was. yeah, today i met up with Stephen Fry, the author of several bestsellers and i've read two of his books (the current possession is my third :p)! i'm a geek aren't i? hehehe

few days ago, my Director informed me of a very good news, apparently my promotion would be sooner than what i had expected (all i can say is...ABOUT TIME!) hehe :). prior to that, i've been thinking alot about getting promoted or maybe move to somewhere promising and it was just weird to be told of something you were thinking about :).

maybe i should start thinking about something else, probably the jackpot or a new car...hehehe is good. ciao peeps :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

morning contemplation...

i'm tired...damn tired, and i'll be this exhausted until mid next month. but despite the tiredness, i am so far...quite happy (i guess) with everything around me.

happiness is a funny thing, the meaning itself is quite relative from one person to another. anyone could put up a happy facade, a smile or laughter here and there pretending that everything is fine.

i could say 'i am happy'...but am i really?
you could say 'everything is going just as it should be'...but is it really?

the sanguine personality one showcases in front of others is just a pretense of the what should have been, a masquerade of ego parading amongst strangers and friends giving off false perceptions of the actual circumstance.

but why give in to life's misery when there are other better things to contemplate? why hold on to the past when the future can sometimes be a good surprise. maybe, just maybe...we can fool ourselves into thinking we are genuinely happy 'if' we keep telling our pathetic selves the same thing over and over again.

so, what is happiness to you? to being able to wake up every morning and smell the new day with the one you love? achieving your goals? being ignorant? helping an old lady cross the street? finally becoming the person everyone thought you might become or becoming the person you have always wanted to be? whichever it may be, what ever it is we're is ours for the taking.

hmmm....maybe happiness is just an illusion and we humans are the strange ones.

am i happy? hmm..maybe i am or maybe i'm not...who knows, because i damn well don't :)...

good morning and ciao peeps :)


'why do you write like that?'

'write like how?'

'like that...upside down..'

'maybe because i'm left handed, unique isn't it?', smirking at the remark..

'unique? it's strange, i wouldn't want my daughter to be writing that way'..

'good luck to you then'...

i've been a left hander for as long as i can remember, and there was a period where my parents actually forced me into writing with my right hand..a long period, and i did get good with it except i much prefer being a leftie.

during the same period of growing up, i had friends who outcasted me just for being a leftie saying stuff like 'lefties are jinxes' and it affected my self confidence until i realized how unique i was for being a leftie and for being ambidextrous for that matter.

i still couldn't understand parents and people who has something against left handed people. so what if some are just born lefties? i mean...what difference would it make? they should instead be glad that left handed people tend to think differently than the others :). maybe it's just me, but i do get annoyed when people see being left handed as a disease...

trying to change someone before the right time can cause unexpected ramifications..., think about it :)..

morning peeps and cheerio :p...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

the interim...

life is a waiting game where everything which passess by us are chances of what we have been hoping for, chances which rarely reveal themselves.

the waiting game would proceed indefinitely, or until we decide to stop waiting and just grab whatever is presented to us. just like a fine wine which gets better as it ages, so does the waiting. the sweet sense of achievement and satisfaction when the time comes would be reminder of the things worth waiting for.

sometimes, too much waiting may well be the bane of everyman. when patience runs out and haste sets in, things would fall out of place and chaos might ensue but instead of redeeming the worthwhile anticipation, a burden of regret would be in existent.

then again, what do i know...i'm just a guy with a whole lot of excess baggage in his head :)...

goodnight peeps...

all in the job...

sometimes when we're tired or blinded by our emotions, we tend to do and say things we don't really mean. within time, when reason, logic and all the senses come together we realize that that there are somethings which can be forgiven while others deserve to be ignored entirely.

one of the things stated in my job description is to deal with the local and foreign media who are staying with us. most of the time, we would get journalists and rarely filming crews. throughout their stay, they may have to abide by the itineraries provided by us or as prepared by themselves but either way...i would have to be with them until they're done with the shooting irregardless of how long it's going to take. but based on experiences, the itinerary could prove useless whenever airheaded artistes are invloved so i'm quite glad we don't get much of these kind of people :).

for the past few days, i've been with such a group. by the end of my first day with them, i knew this group would be one those qualified to be cursed and looked down on. to put it simply, they have no sense of urgency, bad timing and planning, stubborn, damn selfish and really unprofesional

to elaborate more on it, let me lay it out in bullet points:
a) no sense of urgency
- they think that since they're the ones doing the job, they can do it according to their whim and everything will fall into what has been planned even if they were to dilly dally :)

b)bad timing and planning, stubborn and selfish
- when the itinerary says the shooting starts at 8am, it is expected the time would be based on the country you're in and not your own world!
- one of my job is to go through their itinerary and suggest to them the best possible option for efficient time management since i would be more familiar with this place. but unfortunately, they would rather jump here and there going from one point to another and coming back to the same point when everything could be done in grids.

c) unprofessional
- for me, this applies when they are all as mentioned above :).

by the second day, i have decided to ignore them completely. suffice to say...everything went downhill for the group, they missed out some on good shots and they spent more than what would've been. i'd like to think i just gave them a lesson in their career instead of garnering a bad name to the company and i would gladly respond to any queries by the top management in case anything happens :).

okay..that was a lie..i didn't exactly ignore them completely, i do present myself whenever they were in a difficulty...i just disliked the fact that they think they can do whatever they want and get away with it.

but at the end of their stay here, my fitful slumber in my hotel room was interrupted when i received a call from them thanking me for the assistance and from the sound of it...they sounded really grateful and sincere. i felt bad for ignoring and being pissed at them, but sometimes...we need to be an ass to teach other people a lesson :)...

ciao peeps..gonna head back into the covers for more sleep before checking out today :)...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sixth in SIX :)...

Go to your photos folder in your computer. Go to the 6th folder of photos. Go to the 6th picture in that folder. Put the picture on your blog and a description of it. Invite six friends to join the challenge. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged.

and my sixth in six is......


I would love to ignore this tag but it seemed kinda fun and besides, it's hard to ignore a tag by someone stupendously crazy (yeah, you Mel) hahaha

there isn't anything special about this's just one of those random abstract images i shot during my bored moments which happens to be the sixth picture in my sixth folder :). Am not gonna tag anyone for this, but if anyone who are interested to do inform me because it would be interesting to see what you have hehehe...

Ciao peeps :)...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Here i am sitting in front of my PC pretending to be swamped with work while getting casual glances from my boss right across the room (you have no idea how difficult it is to pretend hehehe). All i can say is that..i am bored, bored to the point of wanting to bang my head against the wall :p. i know i shouldn't be feeling this way since i have tons and tons of work to do, but i just can't help it..i need a break, a long break for that matter!!!

patience is virtue and i think i am a patient guy...i am really looking forward to the activities lined up in the next few months to come, a bit of sightseeing and travelling here and there. but that's just it, i want the long break like...NOW! hahaha.

so, what does a bored guy do when he's not working? FACEBOOKING (in hiding) of course hahaha!! all these while i've been ashamed to admit that facebooking has no hold on me, but the truth is...(*drums rolling) I AM ADDICTED TO FACEBOOK!! now, that felt good to let it off my chest hahaha.

the realization came to light when i noticed that i would log into it whenever i have the chance..and when i'm at a place where no connection is available, i would log into the site via mobile. how sick can that be!! hahaha.

Facebook is actually a cool networking site, seriously...except for a couple of annoying quirks like the 'poke me' application and few others hahaha. but i guess the most annoying thing about this site is the EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS!! i mean, what's up with that?!!! if 100 people commented on a tagged image of me, i would get the same amount of notificatons in my!!! let me give you an example:

i've been trying to disable the notifications but to no avail (damn it..) hahaha. i like the notifications..but not in my email!! hehehe.

anyhow, enough rambling for the day. gonna be a busy week starting from tommorrow onwards (might have to be away from my bed for a few days probably...geez...)...

Ciao peeps...till later :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

just another sleepy ranting....

sometimes i wonder what this world would be like if there is only one religion, would it be different? would it be more peaceful? it should..shouldn't it? i mean, what else is there to fight for if everyone believed in one same being where the same rules apply to everyone.

religious wars and disputes has been around for centuries ever since people acknowledged the existence of heavenly beings. irregardless of which gods our primeval ancestors believed, they were taught the belief they grew up in is better than the rest, that they are supremely better simply beause they think their gods is is the best.

even when these mythical gods cease to exist and replaced by other dominant religion, the mentality didn't change. every believers still think their religion is the best compared to the rest. there's no harm in thinking, i take it back.. there are harms by having that kinda thought!

most religious wars, if not all, erupts when one religion tries to impose their beliefs on others under the context of divine salvation, that their way is the true way to eternal paradise but in the expanse of other people's lives.

i used to doubt the existence of heaven and hell (maybe i still do...), for me..heaven is when we are really at peace with ourselves, when we know we have done the things we're supposed to do..the right things, and the feeling of accomplishment would transcend even after death. it's just a concept...a state of mind or an incentive for everyone to be just and good in this world.

i do ask myself, if there is only one God..then why are there various religion around? i came to a conclusion that...religion evolves according to the needs of the different eras and in order to suit this need, the fallible humans would come up with different forms of how the supreme being would look like as no human ever saw the true face of His supreme being and what are expected of us. as eaons passed, some of these religion remains but the teachings has travelled far out to the other parts of the world and absorbed into their cultures giving birth to a new belief or religion :).

honestly... i dunnno why am i ranting about this kinda stuff, i'm not even qualified to touch on this subject! maybe..i've been thinking too much to the extent of burdening my mind with foolish irrelevant stuff hahahaaha. man...i'm just so darn sleepy!! hahaha

anyhow...the entry this time is just a reflection of my mind and is not intended to offense anyone. just live life, but live it right :)...

ciao peeps :P

ps: we don't really need religion to be a good person, we are born with the innate understanding of how every human should behave and yeah...we may lose the conciousness at some point in our life but we will eventually regain it :)...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


there are a lot of perks working at a resort, i get to be surrounded by the beautiful nature, we have a 3km long of white soft sandy beach and most of all, time flies by so slow when you are at a resort. now, all these may sound great and even tempting to some but..(yeah, there's a but), all these perks may well be the demotivating factors to be plain lazy!! hahaha.

i mean, i've said this before and i'm saying it again...i love my job, i love what i'm doing and i really love the people i work with (i dare say we have the best staff and service around, suffice to say..we work as a family, not as an individual but as a team! :P) but...coming to work at a place like this only reminds me of the holidays i should be having, because come on...resorts are supposed to be a place for holidaying!! hahaha.

anyhow...i'm not on shift duty and my working hour is from nine to five, but being in the hospitality industry, there's no such thing as 'five on the dot', most of us tend to stayback for a good few hours after the designated punch out time :). for the lifeless blondes and blokes like me, we don't really mind staying back (as long as we don't have any other plans that same evening hehehe), at least it beats doing nothing at home..especially when you're a bachelor hahahaha.

anyhow, since my GM likes to see me in the office so much (*rolling my eyes*), he has decided to add a new task to make my lifeless life more interesting (don't get me wrong, i like my GM...he's my favourite so far hahaha)..which take pictures of our sunset at the beach, like...EVERY DAY (except on my off day hehe)!!! wtf?!!! i couldn't even tell if he's being serious with me or just joking but i decided to to go for the former hehe (hey, it's my job on the line if i were to misinterpret what he thinks hahahaha)

yeah yeah...i know it's not much of a task, besides, i get to see the sunset and take pictures around but COME ON!!! i've seen the sunset, heck..i've been watching the sunset for the past 4 years and now i have to take pictures of it every evening? geeeez!! hahaha.

so..since i will be suffering with all the photo takings, i concocted a diabolical plan to involve all my readers as well. may all the sunsets bore you after reading this entry muahahahaha :P...

ciao peeps...will update some other stuff soon :).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

yoo hoooo....:)

that's one thing strange about chances...they're always there to be grabbed by any opportunists. When we let go or missed out on something, another chance will always appear to fill up the gap..we just need to open up our eyes and be more attentive to everything.

hmmm, enough with the crap...just wanna say, my turn to conquer the peak is looming and it's all paid for muahahaha. MOUNT K, here i come :)...

Sunday, March 8, 2009 loving LIFE...:)

i know i've been quite for a while now and it's not because i've gone for a sabbatical..again haha, but everything has been great (more or less hehe) and i just don't know where to begin :).

for starters, moving back into the bachelor's pad with my cousin has been the best change so far. i love being independent (always has :P), i love coming home to a place where no one would tell me what to do and i love sitting in front of 'my' newly bought TV being immersed with tons of new and old downloaded movies from the net :). and the fact that i've been spending most of my money on kitchen supplies instead of booze makes me feel somewhat like a responsible person...and i love it hahaha.

but that's one thing about living in an all guys pad...they can be very messy (i'm quite a neat person) and it's like college all over again! hahaha. strangely enough, i don't mind doing the cleaning up. it actually lifts the boredom when you're not doing anything at all :).

as i was, so far, since the start of the new year has been great to me. i've learned to ignore all the petty troublesome stuff, avoiding any unnecessary conflicts and having fun without using much or any money at all and i've been looking at all the little good things instead of the big good and bad things...and one great thing about having this change of mentality is that, i seem to be having fun with or without company (although it is nice to have someone to laugh and chat with once in a while hehe) :).

this may sound a bit crazy (well, what can i say,..i am a bit off myself hahaha)...but sometimes when i'm walking alone and pass by any strangers, i would just smile like an idiotic flirt and it's so gratifying to be smiled back at in return :). why? honestly i dont know, it wasn't flirting that's for sure...probably because i see kindness in every smile :)...yeah i know, it's a bit naive for me to see it that way hehehe.

i'm trying to make a difference, in my own life and everyone around me. i know i couldn't change other people or make others do what i want, but if there's a slight chance that my existence could have an impact on their life, hopefully for the better, then i don't mind being where i am now or do what i do.

here's another naive revelation....i'm starting to believe that everyone is somehow rather connected with the people around them including the strangers. it's like there's a fine unseen thread which ties all of us together and when someone falls, we could feel the repercussion from the tug of the thread and the thread would only be visible when everyone are innocently at ease with each other, we can tell this through the shared laughter, smiles, respect..ets etc hahaha. be reminded, when this tie is severed, the end of the thread would connect to the next best person and it'll continue until it has found its former host :)...

i love living, i love my life and honestly...despite all the negative sides i possess, my positive attributes outweighs the stuff which may make me look bad and for that....i don't think i wanna trade the me now with someone else :).

ps: all i can think of right now much stuff to do but so little annual leaves left hahaha...damn it...need to start planning for the right timing again hehehe