Thursday, November 26, 2009

i wanna write...

there's just something about seeing your own write-up being published in any kind of print media regardless of whether you are known as the writer for the article or not.

the article could be just about anything, work related, personal opinions or just for the sake of writing and its a plus if you're acknowledged as the writer, but the acknowledgement itself isn't really a big deal. it's all about self-satisfaction of knowing people will be reading your thoughts on paper and not vanity :).

most of the time, i write articles for the establishment i work for. but, these write-ups aren't as fun as writing a piece based on what emotion, actual facts or personal opinions dictates. it's just different to pick up a pen and jot down each thoughts within a constricting framework compared to free-writing.

sometimes (well, most of the time), i am envious to those who writes better (wayyy better) than i do. just reading at how they play around with words, imagining the things they describe and trying to figure out the messages they are trying to relay are so intriguing to the point of amazement, wondering how the hell they can come up with the story or what provoked them to write something about it or etc etc. their creativity with words is something someone would love to hate (or maybe it's just me) hahaha.

i can safely say, i am not much of a writer and a lot of training for improvement is required before i can call myself good, which is why it can be really frustrating to read through my past blog entries. with loads of grammatical errors and uncreative story line, it is a wonder why i keep doing what i do and i wish i was as good as most of the writers i've come to know either personally or through their penmanship.

this entry is not so much of a complain because at the end of the day, it all comes down to writing. so regardless of whether it is writing for fun or writing for work, the gratification of completing an article or a story is beyond explanation..but i bet most of the bloggers out there already knows that :).

Owh and...pardon the handwriting haha. Cheers peeps :)...