Thursday, October 6, 2011

in memory of: steve jobs

i wanted to write about psychopathy and sociopathy from my own perspective, but that would have to wait since today is a sad day for most people (techies especially). Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, an entrepreneur and inventor passed away at the age of 56.

normally, the deaths of prominent people don't affect me much or at all regardless of whether they are religious figures, celebrities or politicians simply because (in my opinion) they have reached a point where they can't do anything much aside from what they've already done (yeah shallow, i know...) so losing them isn't exactly a loss. in other words, they've accomplished their task.

when i read the news on steve job's demise, a feeling of loss crept in and the weird part is that i'm not even a fan of him or do i follow up on his activities...i don't even own any iphones, ipads, ipods or other apple products! what i felt in that instant was, a loss of a great man with a great mind who (if he was alive and well) could bring in new inventions and innovations to a higher level!

but then again, he has done a lot during his lifetime and (probably) left the world without regret. He was also (probably) loved and respected by many.

so ask the question. who are we and what can we do to change the world?

RIP Steve Jobs. you will be missed.

Monday, September 26, 2011

if i could...would i?

having blessed with free will, freedom and a mind of our own, it's not surprising that we tend to come up with crazy (or probably radical) ideas of how we want to experience or experiment things first hand just to fulfill our curiosities. heck, this was how inventions and innovations came to be.

but sometimes, these curiosities can take a turn for the worse when the thoughts get a little bit on the dark side. because of this, i sometimes scare myself with the things that i conjure up in my head.

this may sound wrong in many levels, but there have been times when i had thought of seeing someone bleed to death from a single open wound such as a cut to the wrist or to any one major veins. gory accidents doesn't count as there would be blood all around, leaving them unsightly messy and probably unconscious.

some other times, i would imagine what it would be like to give the abusers, torturers and killers of humans and animals (out of greed or fun) a taste of their own medicine. would they appreciate what is being done unto them?

after having these scary thoughts, i asked myself if i have the guts to actually inflict pain on others and my sadistic side gladly responded 'yes'...but do i have the heart to commit murder? my conscience was torn at this question but as much i would like to see these people suffer, i could not take another person's life (and hopefully i would never face a situation where i have to) . i can just imagine the burden and guilt of having blood on my hands. correct me if i'm wrong but once you've taken a person's life, it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

sadistically funny isn't it? hahaha :D

next post: psychopath vs sociopath...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

tempoRary insaNity...

everyone goes through that phase where things seem to be meaningless and whatever you're doing or have been doing all these while doesn't amount to be anything much. and when you start questioning your own existence, that's where things can turn for the's like pouring gasoline to a raging fire.

in situations like this, it helps to have like minded friends who are open as a book or a little bit crazy in doing things that you're into...say for example, a midnight dip by the beach after a drink under the drizzling rain with flashes of lightning and roaring thunder...yes, there's a danger in doing that, but life is full of risks and and it has been proven over and over again that despite the safety precautions that we take, we are never free from the dangers lurking around the corner. so if it's our time, there's nothing much we can do to change that.

after hanging out with my pal last night, it dawned on me how much i missed this type of company. open, unreserved and no or very little pretenses. i like the fact that these people who choose to hang out with me are not doing their best to change the situation but in fact go with the flow and see where the situation leads us and i love it when i can just say out my mind without having to worry about what other people might think. i like and miss the openness these people have.

coming back to the topic, everyone has that insanity streak within them and most are very good at covering it up. but why cover the insanity if it defines the person you really are? it's like telling van gogh to paint as to what his eyes see but not at what his heart feel. if your sanity makes you a better person, it's best to not hide it.

it took me quite awhile to get to terms with my own streaks. i thought that moving to a new environment i could at least be a different person, blend in with the crowd and be just like everyone else who are, to say the least, normal in everyday sense.

but my recent crisis communications workshop proved me otherwise when i failed in my situational interview. instead of just being who i am, i decided to try and act like i was one of those people in the room who were fluent with their responses. bad move, i was more afraid of being wrong by imitating others rather than being right for being me. besides, i was never an actor in the first place.

so who am i really? the answer is: i am an observer of actions and situations, i am best when i'm alone and better when surrounded by few trusted friends, i am an angry person who contradicts himself by smiling and laughing as a way to suppress the rage, i am strange in more ways than one, and a lost and confused lad in this new world of modern age. in other words, i am just like everyone out there who are still trying to find themselves...a unique individual and a normal human among the weird ones :Dyeah, i may be crazy...but i'm not stupid. stay tuned, things might get a little bit darker from here onwards hahaha.

ciao peeps :p

Thursday, September 22, 2011

we are a primitive race...

One has to wonder what are our purposes in life. aside from the usual stuff that we do such as eating, drinking, shitting (hahaha), work, sleep, etc etc... we must have a significant role to play that only ourselves are capable of doing, i mean why else are we created differently from each other?

On my end, i want to do a lot of stuff. unfortunately, the things that i want to do aren't in my capabilities. for example, i'd (very much) like to pass judgment (most likely the death sentence) to whomever kills other people and animals senselessly (and this includes the leaders who wages war against their fellow humans).

I just wish that the day would come when all humans regardless of their race and skin color work together without taking their beliefs or religions as an excuse to refrain from being together as one and i wish that people will someday have the commonality to agree on things for the better sake of a bright future.

Sadly, being (a primitive) human denies us that privilege. which makes me wonder the societal structure for aliens (assuming that they exist) from other planets.

given their highly evolved brain, would they still squabble among themselves in petty stuff to the point of declaring war against each other in their home-world? or do they focus on advancing their civilization to a higher level?

I remember a watching an episode from the sci-fi series 'SG-1' a decade ago which shows a peaceful civilization that banned all form of violence and warfare as it nearly destroyed their world a long time ago. so instead, they focused on advancing their technology to improve their living condition and to protect their home-world from potential threats by other planetary beings. the point that i'm trying to say is that, why can't we as humans work together for our own benefit? why must there be wars in the name of religion, ego or greed? why can't we advance our mentality for the good of mankind?

i'd like to say that my trust and hope on people and humanity is fading, and i'd like to say that i am ashamed of being one of them. but i can't, because as much as i'd like to think otherwise, the fact remains that i am still human and the best i can do now is hope that we humans would someday come to our senses...hopefully sooner.

peace out and cheers...

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the lost boy...

i feel at loss, not really sure of what. all i can think of is just to crawl into a dark corner and hibernate until it's time for me reappear.

what brought on this nonsense? i have no idea...probably it has something to do with being surrounded by people a lot. this may sound strange coming from someone who is in the public relations field, which suggests strongly that i may be in the wrong profession.

then again, i was never much of a social person. my idea of socializing is being around a small group of 3-5 people. despite being such an anti-social, i have no problem with mingling or interacting with other fellow homo-sapiens but that's only because i have to and not because i want to.

maybe i can crawl into that dark corner and come out only for people i'm comfortable with, and for starters...i'll be catching a movie this Friday with a good pal of mine.

until i'm ready, i'll refrain from logging into my facebook, twitter and group whatsapp. unless it's urgent, i'll refrain from making or replying calls and smses.

describing what exactly i'm feeling right now, it's like there's something missing. just imagine a completed jigsaw puzzle and one piece keeps falling off, overtime you get tired of putting it up every single time and in the end you figured the piece would be much better off left unattended.

or imagine the light and the dark (yeah it's cliche, i know haha). the infighting of trying to reign dominion over an element has gotten to the point where neither elements matter and hazy grey is as good as either one.

ps: before anyone jumps to conclusion, it has nothing to do with relationship issues haha

one obvious sign that shows how lost i am is...i keep asking myself 'who am i' and 'what am i supposed to do'...

losing sight of myself and just need sometime alone...cheers :D

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the agenda?...

I don't have much of an opinion when it comes to politics, but one thing i do know is that politic involves both the politicians and voters...forming somewhat like a symbiotic dependency. as far as observation goes, the politicians tend to get things done when election is just around the corner. this is when they play the 'people's plights' card and also the time for the people to get what they want.

politics is a complicated affair and can be dirty at times. having known for being smooth operators or sweet talkers, most politicians would come up with agendas or promises just to get votes without being 100% certain, manipulating the voters confidence into rooting for them.

but the manipulators can be manipulated, because as you know...the people isn't dumb as what most politicians would like to think because to get on our good side, they would need to fight for our cause.

Referring to the embed video, Nurul Izzah, the opposition party politician who holds a seat in the Lembah Pantai parliament, were thrown negative comments for her involvement in the recent animal abuse case with comments saying she's only involved to gain public confidence.

but you know what.... being an animal lover and concerned over the welfare of the alleged 100 missing cats, it is a good thing that a leader is willing to step up and fight for the cause.

after the petknode boarding house incident which made headlines for the past couple of days, none of the leaders made their appearance to fight for the people's plight. so in terms of PR image, Ms. Nurul Izzah are points ahead.

what we as the public or animal lovers want is to have the case settled fairly and have the petknode owners punished accordingly. if Ms. Nurul's main objective is to gain the public's confidence, i'll have to say that she is on the right track and if she is using this issue as a stepping stone, then it's only fair to say that two can play that game...for all we know, she is just a tool to get this issue settled, but if she's doing this from the goodness of her heart, then bless her soul.

however it is, it all comes down to the people themselves. politics is a two way street with chances of the manipulators being manipulated.

Ciao peeps :D

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

finally, the change....

Finally...the change that we've been waiting for, thus my soul is spared haha

read it all HERE

but don't get all excited just yet, this will only be tabled in the parliament next year and if you noticed, it said a fine of 'up to' RM100,000...meaning the minimum would still be RM200, which is still very low and affordable to nearly everyone. instead, they should set it at RM10,000 minimum as a deterrent...

ps: damn, blogging via android on web platform is tough... especially when trying to insert a link haha. tough but do-able haha


Monday, September 5, 2011

animal cruelty..again...

'i would sell my soul to the devil if it means obtaining powers to punish those who:

a) tortures, abuses and kills animals without mercy

b) tortures, abuses and kills other humans without justification or mercy

and yes, i am serious....

my priority would be on (a) simply because we have laws on (b) to protect human beings.

i miss the days when i am ignorant and sheltered by the harsh realities of life and i miss seeing the innocence in every humans that i encounter. but that's just part of living and growing up, we have to accept that things change, most of the time, and not the way we want them to be.

while some changes can be good, others can be detrimental to an individual and societal structure and ignoring the things which needs changing can give off the same effect as well. take murder for example, should there be no stringent laws as a remedy to future occurrences, killings would be prevalent and all humans would distrust each other...well okay, trusting people nowadays isn't the same as how it was decades ago, but can you imagine if there are no laws to curb the atrocious act?

as humans, we are protected by laws which dictates our safety and security, but shouldn't we extend the same protection to the other weaker animals?

in this year alone, there have been reports of animal cruelties and some of the highlighted ones are:

a) The abused Sushi the poodle
--->> watch video HERE
--->> and news report HERE
--->> for the facebook page alleging the culprits, click HERE (I mean, the resemblance and identifiable mark is there, how difficult is it to nail or investigate Allan Tan and Doreen Loo as the alleged perpetrators??)
--->> interesting feed HERE
the charge: NONE as far as i know, couldn't find any articles on their charges.

b) the Serdang Cat Killer (stupid bitch Chow Siow Wei)
--->> watch the CCTV recording HERE [Note: not for the faint of heart]
the charge: a maximum fine of RM400

c) Misc
-->> click HERE

d) and the latest one is at PetKnode Boarding house in Damansara (Greedy bastards Shahrul Azuwan Adanan and Yushairi Khairuddin)
-->> click HERE for more info
the charge: walked scot free with only a fine of RM400

this recent incident shouldn't be taken lightly. 300 cats and a dog were left to starve for a week (or more) resulting in the deaths of 9 cats. this is a clear case of negligence and the perpetrators should be imposed a higher penalty for being irresponsible.

for your information, we do have an Animal Ordinance which includes the penalty for cruelty against animals. but as written in part 4, section 44 of the Animal Ordinance 1953, the penalty for such cruelty is....

...'a fine of two hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term of six months or to both.'

way to go Malaysia for having such 'heavy' and 'frightening' penalty! (come on lah!!! anyone can afford RM200 lah bastards!!)

for most pet owners, their pet isn't only just another animal, it's part of their family... so you would understand why people would get distressed knowing that their pets have been ill treated. but regardless of whether they are someone else's pet or strays, no animals should be treated harshly or even killed without any good reason, they're after all living beings and God's creations.

or maybe the meaning of compassion and empathy no longer exist in our vocabulary....

a cat and her kitten dead from starvation in the recent animal cruelty incident at Petnode Boarding in Damansara...

yes, i would sell my soul to the devil if it means i can make a change by passing my own judgment on them. if it were up to me, my choice of punishment would be subjecting them to a taste of their own medicine...


Saturday, August 13, 2011

the matter of religion...

In a multi-racial-religious-ethnic country, there are bound to be sensitive issues which are best not to be touched on. it's everyone's responsibility to try to accept and respect a person's belief or way of living, as they say..ignorance is bliss.

but sometimes, it's hard to ignore news such as this when it is widely publicized in mainstream media such as in print or electronic and as much as we want to put it at the back of our mind, the nagging feeling of wanting to know the actual truth still remains.

take the recent raid of a multi cultural dinner at a church in Damansara Utama (for those who do not know where this is, it's in Petaling Jaya, in the proud country of Malaysia) that claimed the church was trying to apostatize Muslims in its activities. my first reaction was to condemn the church for being insolent, but after awhile I was dying to know what had actually transpired. was it really as what was claimed or was it just a propaganda of some sort. for this case, the investigation is still on going so can't really say much about it.

a particular mainstream Malay paper has been following up on stories such as these with the recent one about a Christian shelter in another part of the country trying to convert Muslims to Christianity either by monetary or goodwill assistance. as a christian myself, this is quite worrisome. not because of the fact that Muslims are converting but because the churches are 'inadvertently' pushing them to do so. i believe that everyone has a right to choose what they believe in, but to impose a belief on others by means of dirty tactics is outrageous! i do not recall being taught that we must convert people, but what i do remember is to show who we are as a person with religion. if these reports are unbiased and true, i would be in league with those who are trying to bring the church down.

on another note, although it is appreciated that this issue was highlighted in the aforementioned paper, the way it was reported could be done in a more tactful manner, for instance:

'mereka yang menyertai kumpulan ini akan lupa pegangan agama asal buat seketika aabila kerap diberi minuman air suci dan selepas menjalani upacara Black Tiding pembatisan dalam kolam renang'

-pg 8, Tuesday, 9 August 2011-

translated as:

'those who participate in this group will momentarily forget their original religion when they are (frequently) given the holy water to drink and after undergoing the Black Tiding baptism ceremony in the swimming pool'

i went like what?!!! drinking holy water doesn't do that and besides, the holy water isn't meant to be drank and even if it was, it doesn't make you's only water for f*** sake! and what the hell is a black tiding ceremony?!!! i couldn't even find anything about it when i googled it up. reports such as this not only give a bad portrayal of the religion but also hinders the understanding of inter-faiths...not unless, the paper was never intended for the Christians to read.

the other thing which made me uncomfortable whenever the paper report this kind of issue is how they generalize all Christians as the same. at least mention the name of the places or churches who are making all the ruckus, as what they did with the Damansara Utama Methodist Church so we can do our own digging.

Nothing much to say again, just that to all the Christians... if you want to evangelize, do it to those who are willing to listen. if you want to help others, do it out of the goodness from your heart. and if you think you have the (so called divine) right to convert others, it's not your call to make. Just remember that having a religion alone doesn't make one good, its your actions which proves it.

anyway, it's common sense for us to know what respect is all about, as the proverb goes:

"Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” (Matthew 7:12)

which roughly translates as:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you

or for those who finds this a bit tough to understand:

If you don't like anyone trying to convert your brothers or sisters, try not to convert anyone yourself!

now that felt good :)

Peace to all of us :)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

the world's annoyances...

life doesn't normally turn out exactly the way we want it to be, the best thing that we can do is to work as close to what we have in mind and be settled with it. in other words, we live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment that is presented to us.

but enjoying life doesn't give us the privilege to do anything we want, it's a chance for us to realize our dreams and capabilities to a certain extent which doesn't involve the suffering of other people or animals.

nowadays, we are bombarded by news of war, violence, abuse, psychopathic behaviors, natural disasters, stupidity and lots more and these news grace the front page of every major dailies to the point of overwhelming the positive aspects of human nature. call it a media's way of sensationalizing the angles for maximum profit, but what if the only reason these happenings are reported more was only because we have less of the positive human attributes to tell?

i once told a friend that if i had the power to change the world, i would probably wipe out all humans on earth and make a fresh start just like what happened in the biblical deluge (not trying to be God-like, but just a habit. if things doesn't work, start all over again). but that wouldn't change a thing because knowing us humans, over time we would repeat the same mistakes's all in our primitive nature to fight, kill and be stupid and heartless to the extreme.

us humans are unique, i think we are the only species in the entire universe which has the capability to make a change for the better. we are equipped with emotions, rationality, intelligence, determination and lots more and endowed with superb physical attributes in terms of strength and healing abilities...heck, even the handicapped possesses other special attributes to compensate what they lack. the best part is, we are still evolving and we have yet to uncover our maximum potential as a human being.

but sadly, we are too engrossed with our own superiority that we fail to see that the others are just like us. we use race, religion, skin color and other differences as an excuse to justify our actions. we treat the weak ones as our punching bag to prove that we are better than them just to feed our ego.

it's frustrating to see that we still haven't reach the commonality to understand each other and work together for a better world and to protect those who are weaker than us. my only wish right now is to eliminate the people with a heartless disposition regardless of whether they're portrayed as a loving father, mother, son or daughter.

what prompted this entry? well read this news. may the perps suffer an agonizing death...

seriously, the current world events are truly sucking the optimism and life out of me. i wish i was in a world where nature and modernization goes hand in hand, humans understand the importance of life, the air is fresh, communications is only via telepathy and the night sky is lit up by the splendorous shining of two moons. now that's my dream world.

yeah, the keyword here is dream...

image credit to Scenic Reflections

maybe the end of days is near and everyone's going to hell...just saying. ciao.

Friday, May 27, 2011


many people with the same experience would agree that one of the best times in our life would be the college years. this was the period where we (most of us) learned to live independently with unlimited freedom being without our parents' supervision.

i believe i was a bit of a stuck up when i first set foot on the college grounds. how so you ask?
imagine a guy who just checked into the dorm, chose the the most spacious space by the window and despite the bed being a double bunker, the area was cordoned off with a string to ward off any intruders and even bunk mates..yeah, i was that guy lol :D.

it wasn't that i meant to be an ass but i think my defense mechanism kicked in, you know, being surrounded in a totally new surrounding. i couldn't even look anyone straight in the eye and if i was more like a glare as if trying to pick a fight, yeah..the new surrounding amplified my distrusting nature twice fold. but everything changed when one by one, my dorm mates started coming up to me for a chat and i realized that my insecurities was without basis because we were all in the same boat: insecure and surrounded by total strangers. yeah, but despite having warmed up with everyone in the dorm, i still had them remove their shoes or slippers before entering my area and a strict rule of ' no sleeping, lying, resting or even get comfy on my bunker' hahaha. another reason i limit people from getting into my area is because i do not want my sleeping area to be a mess :D. and that was the tell-tale sign that i couldn't sleep or live in a messy place :p.

few semesters later, i moved out to live with my seniors in a rented house, and all i can say is that, we had a blast! we were drinking in the house whenever we can, we hung out and studied together, we cooked and dined together... it felt like being in a family unit (and that's important when you're living away from your real one). just in every family, there's always that one person who complains and nags alot, and it happened to be yours truly :D.

they're a great bunch, but couple of the guys in the house are just plain lazy with questionable hygiene issues. being me, all i had to do was speak out my mind..well ok, i had to be sarcastic in order to get the message across hahaha. to keep our dynamics intact, we had to come up with a chores schedule for everyone in the house and the schedule only worked because it was backed by few other guys who share the same sentiment when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

those were the good ol' days and i do miss it. to make matters worse, i am now thinking of having a housemate to share the bachelor pad with to re-live the moments, but knowing myself i would probably annoy people with my nagging, complaints or sarcasm should they fall short in the expectation of sharing the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness in the pad :). yeah, i would make a very very bad housemate! hahaha.

the bachelor pad :)

the housemate :)

cheers :D

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stupidity never ends- (Alleged) Dog Shooting in Boleh Land!

after being away from blogging for quite awhile, i was in the mood to blog about happy stuff and positive thoughts..then i read an article about how dogs were (allegedly) shot in an effort to reduce the strays. the article sent my blood boiling which instigated the increase of dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine in my system..hell yeah i was pissed off!

first of all, i understand the need to eradicate the stray problem which is faced by any other major cities in the country or even the world. but to do it inhumanely like shooting them point blank in view of the entire neighborhood or public, furthermore in front of children is just not the way to go.

i'm not sure if we're putting these animals on the same pedestal as us humans by giving them the same treatment as we should to any other human beings. but come on, being compassionate to all living beings is one of our admirable traits, and the compassion is not exclusively towards our fellow humans but also to animals as well. there are other ways of putting the strays to sleep, gentler ways and there are other ways to un-stray these dogs by giving them a good of it is to stop the trade of pedigrees (to those who are in this business, it's nothing personal but it's not right to sell your dogs or cats just because they're of special breeds. but then again, most of you are in it for the money and nothing else right?).

the topic of treating animals humanely is open for a debate. one would argue that, to be a self professed animal lover, one needs to be a vegetarian so as to be fair with the belief of caring for all animals regardless of their specie. there may be some truth in that, to be fair to all animals we should all go vegetarian!

but, the argument here is how to deal with the animals as humanely as possible. in my case, despite being an animal lover i'm still a meat eater. but living in Malaysia, most of the meats sold here in the market are from animals butchered in an Islamic way, the 'halal' way, which I think is more humane than any other methods that i've witnessed. the only reason i eat the non-halal ones is simply because.... it's there :p.

i would never eat other meats aside from the usual chicken, beef and pork (noooo, i don't eat snakes, frogs, dogs, cats, horses, camels or other exotic dishes) and i do not consume animal meat which is culled or butchered right in front of my eyes or anything which still has a face. but if i have a chance to change the world, i would want the meat industry to be on a 'need to' basis only where meat is consumed when needed and not to be supplied for human gratification (confused much? hahaha)

anyway, back to the issue at hand, obviously our country (or those in power) need to learn more about having compassion because this kind of news have been going around for like ages! and frankly, after all these while, nothing much have changed in the way stray animals are handled.

dunno what i'm talking about? read the latest news here

CLICK HERE for the recent alleged dog shooting in STAR newspaper

for those who would like to sign the petition against animal abuse, CLICK HERE

A video of an idiotic human being who deserve to be skinned alive for abusing the puppies (man, i don't think i would have any problem listening to her sweet voice of shrieking pain...i'd love to do this to anyone proven to have purposely abused animals resulting in deaths), CLICK HERE

for a case of compassion towards animals, READ HERE

ciao peeps, and death to animal haters....MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

ps: seriously, these people should be shuffled around. put those with compassion towards animals to deal with animals, they would know better....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

police brutality??

i think it was sometime last week (or this week) the residents of Sabah were shocked with the news of police brutality.

what made it more shocking was it involved Keningau's Prison Director who was under alcohol influence at that time. according to the news report, the director, being intoxicated gave a piece of his mind to a youngster for failing to park properly which caused him to nearly hit it.

a friend of the youngster approached him and apologized for the mistake only to be subjected to brutality by the police and his friends. the video below was what had transpired:

but as everyone knows, there's always another side to every story and the video below (ambiguously) shows it:

sooo...i leave you guys with your own power of deduction :).

Cheers :p

sick..darn it hahaha

okay, for the past couple of weeks i've been feeling a bit under the weather. first off, there was this feeling of getting the fever..which never materialized and secondly, i have swellings in my right thigh near my groin area.

since i had a blast holidaying in mabul prior to getting the swells, i thought it could be just a muscle pull so i didn't bother to inform the doctor of it. but after a week, the pain got worse and more conspicuous so i googled it up and the closest info i could get was 'swollen inguinal lymph nodes'.

inguinal lymph nodes
Lymph is a clear fluid flowing through the lymph vessels that nourishes the tissues and takes out the wastes from them to filter it out through the bloodstream. Lymph system is all pervasive. Like the stretch of blood vessels and nerve tissues, you can feel the presence of lymph nodes all through the body. Such lymph nodes in and around the groin region are called inguinal lymph nodes.

Just above either side of the genitals and lying in lower reaches of abdomen, inguinal lymph nodes can be quite vulnerable to being enlarged, swollen and even malignant. Such lymph malignancy in the area may result in endometrial cancer.

[Read more in and]

so what could be causes for the swellings? there are several, such as bacterial or viral infection, tick bite, lymphoma or tuberculosis and others which i haven't googled up yet.

at first, i thought it could be an infection due to the toe injury i got in mabul but it seemed a bit off since my swollen lymph nodes were on my right leg and my injured toe was on the left, but i stuck to that possibility since it sounded less harmless. after a week of being prescribed antibiotics, the swelling didn't subside...instead, a new swelling appeared which prompted the referral to a private hospital and a proposal for a biopsy to be performed.

i don't like the idea of being dissected, so instead...i decided to give another go of the antibiotic treatment and see how it goes.

but after coming back from the hospital, it suddenly hit me...isn't the doctor supposed to propose a blood test first before going straight for the biopsy?

anyway, i've decided to take a blood test tomorrow, so fingers crossed that nothing terminal comes up and hopefully after this one week, the swellings will subside :p.

those dark spots are the swollen area...

the doctor's report...

ps: would be nice if i weren't single right now... lol :p

ciao peeps :D

Friday, April 8, 2011

Stupidity never ends...

so i did my usual blog hopping (yeah, fyi people do and still blog) and read about an interesting piece on china's latest animal key chain.

initially, i thought it was some sort of a prank. come on, live animals as key chains? noo... it just didn't sound right so i read through it and guess what, it was a literal description. check this video out:

i have to say it's kinda cute, but you wont see me walking around with it anytime soon solely because i can't be categorized with the idiots who actually think that having this kinda accessory is cool! I mean, put yourself in the animals' place, would like you to be enclosed in a cramped space and shaken around a lot?! Grow a brain you stupid chineses (okay, it's not racism when i say that because i'm part chinese myself and specifically aimed at those who are doing this hahaha).

animals both land and water should have ample space to roam or swim about. confining them in a claustrophobic zone is an abuse of their freedom, that's why i don't keep birds or fishes unless i have my own park or an extremely large aquarium hahaha. heck, i couldn't even stand my cat and dog to be caged or tied up (but i perfectly understand if they are, just make sure that they can move around freely).

darn, it just irritates me how stupid us humans can be.

on another note (but more or less along the line of the above), read this. how is it that we manage to come up with people of such mentality? it just goes to show that when one is born stupid, their degree or phd can't cure them of the lifetime illness.

hmmm, maybe i should compile a list of '2011's most stupid remarks ever made by our leaders' hahaha. ciao :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the poco-poco controversy...

Perak confirms poco-poco dance ban

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011 19:13:00

IPOH: The Perak government will adhere to the ruling made by the Perak Fatwa Committee banning the poco-poco dance, Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said today.

He said after the fatwa (edict) was issued, all quarters should respect it and not create any dispute on the matter.

The menteri besar was commenting on the report published by a local daily on Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani Zakaria's statement that the committee had ruled that the dance is haram for Muslims.

Harussani was also reported as saying that the dance was haram because it had elements of Christianity and soul worshipping, and that the edict would be gazetted soon.

On another development, Zambry said the state government also called on MMC-Gamuda Joint Venture Sdn Bhd, which is responsible for implementing the Ipoh-Padang Besar electrified double-track project, to ensure that all problems arising from the project be solved immediately.

The menteri besar said 24 issues had been identified to have resulted from the project, including flash floods.

"We would like to stress here that we (state government) will give our cooperation, but the developer has to cooperate in solving the arising issues," he told reporters after chairing the state executive council weekly meeting here today.

Earlier, Zambry and members of the state executive council were briefed by MMC-Gamuda's representatives on the development of the project.

"Overall, we are satisfied with the implementation of the project, which is currently running smoothly and on schedule," he said. - Malaymail

it's just another day in Malaysia where idiotic remarks makes the news...sigh..

the smartass MB managed to pique my curiosity on the origin of the poco-poco dance, so i googled it up for more info but instead of sharing it word by word i'd rather you just click on the links provided below hehe :

1. The

2. chittychat.wordpress

apparently, after much browsing i found out the topic of wanting to ban the poco-poco dance or statements to say that it was against Islamic teaching goes way back to 2009 (i could've sworn i saw an article relating to it penned in 2008).

i believe his intention was good, which is to protect our Muslim brethren from doing which may be against their teaching. but what annoyed me was, the dick face MB had the audacity to say (or imply) that it's a Christian dance! i mean, wtf dude!

sometimes, i am embarrassed to call myself a Malaysian. with leaders such as this MB who dares challenge the people's intelligence, it's no wonder we are (sometimes) the laughing stock of the world.

it's fine to make statements as long as it's backed up with solid reasoning or proof, but to say just for the sake of saying is an indication of how stupid a person can be and the sad part is, the majority listened and obeyed!

yeah, i'm pissed off only at him particularly for being such a bigot. good thing there are smart people out there such as Minda Tajdid and this person [Extracted from The Malaysian Insider] -it's in Malay, no time for translation...but will translate upon request hahaha.

wanna know what a poco-poco dance is?, here it is:

and here's the original video:

1Malaysia? yeah right. a long way to go peeps....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning Glory to me and to you...

i used to be passionate about my work, about what i do because i was good at it.

then... i moved to a new company and everything went aspiration, motivation and passion was buried without realizing it.

then... i got back into my old brand though at a different property, but nothing changed. my mojo or groove was still at a standstill, personality got worse and work performance wasn't improving.

then...approximately 5 months later, a movie struck some sense into me, reminding me of who i was before; a person who was passionate about his job, a hard worker but yet still knows how to have fun either alone or with a bunch of people despite being an introvert, a friend and colleague who everyone is comfortable with.

then... tomorrow is a new day, i now realize what needs to be done for a change.

don't know what i'm talking about? watch this movie:

and when i say that i love my job despite being paid the lowest among my counterparts, i really really do mean it because, when you love what you do and the company (brand) you're working for, money is not a problem.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mother nature's wrath on 11/03/2011

for the past few days, we've been kept on our toes with news of the tsunami disaster which happened in Japan. those who are capable of feeling share the victim's feelings of lost, pain and despair, some literally while others emphatically.

thousands of lives were lost, properties were destroyed, friends and family gone and the land devastated. those who are safely secured in their own homes and spared the wrath of mother nature can only imagine what the victims are going through.

as sympathetic and empathetic i am of the victims, i couldn't put my mind aside on the fate of all the animals both wild and domestic who once roamed the ground. did any of them manage to find refuge?

i realize that it's quite inappropriate for me to think of the animals' welfare when my fellow humans are suffering, but the animals themselves are capable of feeling..maybe not the same as we humans do, but the trauma experienced should be of the same impact.

a panda seeking solace from a human after the quake...

i try not to read up on the latest news of the incident. it's not that i don't care, it's just that i couldn't bear to imagine further of what they're going through because if i do start thinking, it's to the extent of feeling their pain, loss, confusion, anger, sadness. that's why i only read up on the positive angles such as:

this 4-month old miracle baby found under the debris three days after the incident, giving hope to the rescue workers of finding other survivors...

For other stories, READ here...

sometimes i wonder, why did God let this happen? i believe most people do as well, but as usual, there's no point in questioning His authority because there won't be any answer. the least we can do is to trust His works and powers blindly because i (and hopefully the rest of the population) know there's a silver lining in everything that have happened.

put it simply (in a religious context), if we are to receive His grace and blessings, then we should also receive anything given to us no matter how bad it is.

my condolences and well wishes to Japan, and those who are affected by the incident... God bless..


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dosages of Humor...

one thing i look forward to when reading the papers, aside from the news worth reading are the comic strips. face it, the news reports nowadays are too depressing and the only thing that can bring back the optimism are the comic strips, regardless of how irrelevant they are.

the strips are a reflection of our everyday lives despite its inaccuracies. some are about the harsh reality of the world while others depicts scenarios which could or can happen depending on how we want to live our lives.

as the years progresses, we are getting more and more constricted with our responsibilities that we fail to live our lives to the fullest..and these comics are there to remind us not to take things too seriously (and sometimes too lightly) because life is much more enjoyable when it's simpler. even if we read through the most depressing strips, there are still lessons to be uncovered.

most of the source of my comic strips are from the newspapers and a couple of them from the web. and my favorites are (in random order :p):

1. On The Fast Track

-->> Technolgy

2. Baby Blues

-->> Family Affairs

3. The Duplex

-->> Singles

4. Peanuts (this is a classic!)

-->> Innocence

5. Garfield (another classic)

--> Pets

6. Pickles

-->> Family affairs

7. Dilbert

-->> Management

8. Calvin and Hobbes

-->> Innocence

9. Pooch Cafe

-->> Pets

10. Fusco Brothers

-->> Sarcasm

11. Insanity Streak

-->> Humor/ Sarcasm/ Wit

12. Zits

-->> Family Affairs

12. Argyle Sweater

-->> Humor

13. Close To Home

-->> Humor

the ones i follow from the net:

1. Something Positive

-->> Wit/ Sarcasm

2. The Oatmeal

-->> Wit/ Sarcasm

These are my daily dosage of humor i need in my daily life..without it, i'd probably be a grumpy 9-5 worker :p.

Enjoy the strips and links peeps! :D

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I JUST REALIZED IT'S ASH WEDNESDAY TODAY!!! well, not that it matters much. i haven't been a practicing Christian for quite sometime now but my faith haven't wavered one bit :D.

anyway, just in case if any of you out there who are ignorant of what lent is all about, here are something for you peeps to read:

Lent is the Christian season of preparation before Easter. In Western Christianity, Ash Wednesday marks the first day, or the start of the season of Lent, which begins 40 days prior to Easter (Sundays are not included in the count).

Lent is a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting, repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. The purpose is to set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ - his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection.

Methodist, Presbyterian and Anglican denominations, and also by Roman Catholics. Eastern Orthodox churches observe Lent or Great Lent, during the 6 weeks or 40 days preceding Palm Sunday with fasting continuing during the Holy Week of Easter. Lent for Eastern Orthodox churches begins on Monday and Ash Wednesday is not observed.

Not all Christian churches observe Lent. Lent is mostly observed by the Lutheran, The Bible does not mention the custom of Lent, however, the practice of repentance and mourning in ashes is found in 2 Samuel 13:19; Esther 4:1; Job 2:8; Daniel 9:3; and Matthew 11:21.

Ash Wednesday is the official start of the Lent season (although some denominations start the Sunday before). Traditionally, during Ash Wednesday services, the congregation receives the sign of the Cross in ashes on their forehead from the priest as a sign of repentance and a reminder that we came from dust which God breathed life into so without Him we are nothing.

Lent then runs for 40 days (although, again, it should be pointed out that some denominations don’t count Sunday’s during that time as they are considered mini-Easter’s so lent is actually 46 days long) until Holy Saturday. The significance of 40 days can be found throughout the Bible:

(from Dating God)

okay, from what i can gather is that the Lent season is the time where we be less indulgent on the things we do or like, in other words, to give up on our vice and do something good which will bring us closer to God.

all my 31 years of living, i thought Lent is the time when we refrain from eating meat on Fridays until the 40days is up. believe me, trying not to eat meat one day in the whole week can be quite tough, not because of the craving or temptation but because we are too conditioned to eat anything on any day that we tend to forget that friday is a no meat day hahaha.

okay yeah, you caught me...i didn't know about giving up our vices during this season was part of the preparation and i can tell you beforehand that i'm doomed to fail even before i begin hahaha.

now let's see, what are my vices?..
a) smoking
b) drinking
c) porn
d) procrastinating
e) selfishness
f) etc, etc

hahahaha, man..this is going to be tough, especially the smoking part hahaha. but since this is lent, i think i'll try once again to MINIMIZE smoking since that is my current major vice :p. and the good deed that i'll be acting on is to see nothing but good in people regardless of how obnoxious or annoying they are (okay, i can say that because it's not valid until later this evening hahaha)

so for you Christians who will be taking part in this year's Lent, have a blessed lent and GOOD LUCK! cheers :D

My Idol- The Lion Whisperer :D

just in case if anyone is interested to know what kind of animal person i am, well i'm a cat lover (not in that perverted sense!). i love animals but the number one specie in my list is the cat family. here's the top three list of animals that i like:

a) Cats
b) Dogs
c) Birds

having this list doesn't mean that i dislike the other animals. in fact, i have a soft spot for all animals in general even the crocs and snakes. the list is just an indication of animals i'd like to be surrounded with (especially the ones with furs, thick furs) haha. since we're not living in the wild, the least i can compensate with ever getting close to a tiger or a lion is a domestic feline hahaha.

anyway while going through a facebook page, a video was posted which has a similar quality to what i had posted in my previous entry. yeah, it's none other than a man being up close and friendly with a lion but this latest video that i watched was way more inspiring. this guy was actually rolling around with the lions and to top it off, he not only have that effect on lions but also on other wild felines as well, now that's sick :D!

watching him play around with the big cats actually made me feel a bit annoyed because come on, it's like he's teasing me with my own golden dream (other than from winning the million dollar jackpot) of doing the things he's doing, a mockery of some sort as if saying 'hey dude, get a new golden dream because this one is taken'. but you know what, you suck Kevin Richardson. i'm going to bed tonight and dream that you'll be marred by those beautiful creatures and i'll be laughing my ass off with every frakking shrieks and screams whenever they tear your flesh and rip your bones apart!! muahahahahaha (evil mode on....:p)

okay okay, i was just kidding. but the envy part is real :). Kevin Richardson (gotta love wikipedia haha) is the man! he's doing what every feline lovers dream of doing which is playing with the big cats. he's like in the major leagues of the feline pride, someone like tarzan and beastmaster although he's only limited to cats hahaha. but it's still something, normal people would be a meal if anyone were to attempt the feat haha.

here are some pictures (obviously from wikipedia haha) of the man being one with the wild.

okay, now i don't feel weird kissing my cat like this hahaha

woahhh, now this picture says alot!!!

okay, so here are the videos which made headlines:

Kevin Richardson, you're now my new favourite alongside Anderson Cooper, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Buble, Jennifer Aniston and Mother Theresa (there are several others but these are the ones that i can think of right now hahahaha)!

if i were a woman, i'd definitely ask you to marry me muahahahahahaha. just watching the video gives me the butterflies, ciao peeps and enjoy the vid :D

'R'-less :)

after being introduced to the sitcom the 'Big Bang Theory' by a fellow gidiot, i've been an avid viewer of the show. unfortunately, it's not aired in any channel in this country so i've been catching up with it via online streaming.

the scientific and trivial facts infused in the show are what makes it interesting, not to mention the quirkiness of the characters...especially the zany Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons, gotta love the character hahaha.

anyway, in its latest episode- The Toast Derivation (season 4 episode 17), Sheldon said something about to stop using the letter 'M' in their conversations and honestly speaking, the thought was intriguing :p. i mean, wouldn't it be interesting to see how our conversations would turn out if we decide to stop using a particular alphabet in our daily correspondence, it could be any letter from a-z hahaha. so, taking into consideration that i may not be able to apply the theory to the test in a real time conversation, i thought it would make a good experiment to try it in this blog instead. so starting from now until the end of this entry, i'll refrain from using the letter.......'R' hahaha.

but to make this moe inteesting, an alphabet which is mostly used should be chosen fo it to be moe conspicuous because we don't use all of the 26 alphabets in ou daily convesations. some of the lesse used lettes ae the lette 'q' and 'z', which means we can ule this two out in this test.

but, would it eally make a diffeence if we do decide to ignoe one particula lette? of it couse it would because in nomal convesations, any pesons who couldn't ponounce the ords ight would be diagnosed as having a speech impediment, which is to some snobs anothe wod to being a etad.

hahaha, i'm actually smiling to myself doing this. maybe i should tag someone to paticipate in this expeiment and see what they can come up with. but then again, it would only be wasting thei time so i'd ather not bothe them (okay, i'm liteally laughing at myself. i would say that i'm laughing while olling on the floor but i guess that would be stetching it a bit hahahaha). but if i do have to, i'd like Mel and Yo to do it hahaha.

anyway, if you have the time do ty to watch the show. the fist season wasn't that inteesting, but it gadually picked up like a olling stone gatheed moss. it's moe appealing to the geeks o neds because some of the jokes, tems and explanations used ae quite difficult to compehend, especially by those who doesn't spend much time with books, science o comics hahaha.

haha this was fun, till then (man, i am easily amused aen't i? hahaha). ciao peeps :D

Monday, March 7, 2011

looking good or good looking? :p

having been inactive for quite sometime when it comes to sweating it out, i'm not really sure if my metabolism can keep up with the physical stress that i intend to put on this weak and fragile body of mine (hahaha, weak and fragile. ok ok, overweight and flabby hahaha). but if i were to believe that my metabolism is just the same as the last time, i'll be losing some kilos in just a matter of time :p.

anyway, you must be wondering why the sudden interest in losing weight. well, in approximately 2 weeks time, a Tioman trip will materialize and then in a month or so, a Sipadan trip.

for those of you who doesn't know know where or what these places are, both are islands with Tioman in West Malaysia located in Pahang and Sipadan in East Malaysia located in Tawau, Sabah. Apparently, TIME magazine once selected Tioman as one of the world's most beautiful island (Wikipedia) in the 1970s while Sipadan was made known by Jacques Cousteau in his late 1980s documentary 'The Ghost of the Sea Turtles' and made famous by the Abu Sayyaf incident (see, there's no such thing as bad publicity :p). I'm not really sure how Tioman looks like so i can't really vouch for the things said about the place, but i highly recommend everyone who has the time and money to visit Sipadan at least once..i'm not a diver, but based on what the other divers had said, it's an underwater paradise down there.

anyway, when going to places such as these where being half naked is a norm, it's nice to have a good physique to show off. you don't have to be buffed with bulging muscles and a six pack (though it would be good if you were..or rather, if i were hahaha) to show how great your body is, but at least a lean (lean as in not skinny and definitely not fat hahaha) physique would suffice. on my end, i just need to get rid of my beer belly and love handles :p.

but if you're happy with how you look like, by any means do ignore what i just said about looking good with a six pack because different people have different perceptions and tastes, it's all in the matter of preference. for example, some might prefer those on the bony side and some would rather be with someone plus sized (well, some might look good with a few extra pounds haha :p). so regardless of whether you're a hottie worth dying for, if you don't fall into anyone's category you'll just be another face in the crowd :D.

most of us are insecure about our appearance (including us guys though we rarely fuss about it :p). i mean, it's only human nature to want to look good in front of the others but why do we need to look good? because first impression matters (most of the time). people will judge us by how clean or good looking we are before wanting to know us more. yeah, it's sad to think that us humans are a shallow minded bunch :p.

one best way for us to look good is through healthy living, which encompasses good dieting and lots of exercising. but being humans with full of dislikes, most of us would rather look the other way around and hope that somewhere out there someone is on the verge of discovering magical consumables which would enable us to appear how we want to be without having to go through the traditional boring paths of good exercising and dieting hahaha.

anyway like i said, if you're happy with how you are right now, then don't try changing because when you're comfortable with yourself the others will be too :D.

Cheers :D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twestival KL!

Just so you peeps know, Twestival is back! what is Twestival you say? well, looks like somebody hasn't been reading the papers or being active in their social networking sites for quite some time now, shame on you! haha, nah kidding :)

okay, so what exactly is a twestival? honestly i don't really know :p. my first impression of it was a twitter festival which involves partying (booze :p) and fun, but the real history behind it? *shrugs shoulders*.

from what i can gather from the net (yeah, i googled or yahooed it up haha), it is a worldwide event where it 'is a single day, global movement which uses the power of social media to organize offline events that mobilize communities in support of a local causes'. waddya know, it's right up my alley where i can have fun and be a part of a charitable cause! haha.

this event is relatively new in the market. it first started in 2009 and i was lucky enough to have attended the event which was held for the first time in Kota Kinabalu back in 2010. initially, the event appeared to be a twitters gathering of some sort and kinda expected free flow of booze (yeah, i'm a cheapskate haha) and man, was i wrong hahaha. but despite the non-existent free flow of any form of alcohol, the event turned out good! :D

so what happened last year? there were laughters, booze (which weren't free haha), performances by local bred artistes and the highlight of the night, the human bidding where good looking guys and gals are 'sold' off to the highest bidder!

bear in mind, although for some people it may look a bit rowdy or inappropriate with the involvement of alcohol (just as last year haha), this event is meant for charity which means all proceeds will be channeled to the chosen organization. and what's more, it's a win-win event where contributors will be having fun while contributing and the selected organization/s will be smiling ear to ear with what will be collected haha.

since i'm now working in KL, i may attend the festival on this other side of the country. not sure how fun it will be without my buddies back in KK (yeah, i may attend as a lone ranger haha) but hey, the hell with it..i'll make do with what i have. heck, i'll even entertain myself if i have to hahaha.

So far, there's still no news of where twestivalKL will be held this year although the date is confirmed:

Event: Twestival
Country: Malaysia
City: Kuala Lumpur
Date: 24 March 2011
Area/Venue: To be advised (hahaha)

for more info on what Twestival is about or a listing of such event in your respective areas, you may want to log in to Twestival Worlwide or for facebook updates go to TwestivalKL if you're in KL, TwestivalKK if you're in KK and since my cousin will spearheading the TwestivalAuck i might as well put the link here as well haha. you can read on why she decided to organize Auckland's first ever twestival here :).

so, for those of you who have nothing better to do on a weekday at the above mentioned date, you might want to get your ass off that couch and chill in this worldwide event! afraid of going there alone? well..suck it up, you're not a child anymore. it's for charity peeps! hahaha

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The man behind 'what are words'...

earlier i posted a youtube video of Chris Medina, the American Idol 2011 contestant who didn't make it to the top 24 but touched the hearts of many with his love and loyalty towards his fiancee who is brain damaged.

for those who have seen the video, you may be surprised by how beautiful the song was sung and may even be touched by how the singer expressed his emotions into his singing. well, he was able to do it because aside from being able to feel the song, a great composer was behind the lyrics and music.

the composer is unknown to people like me who doesn't really look into the people who came up with the songs as long as it's music to my ears. apparently, after much googling, the writer and producer of Chris' single 'what are words' is none other than the famous Rodney Jerkins whose credits include Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kelly Clarkson.

so who is this Rodney Jerkins?

you can read up on him here: Darkchild or Rodney Jerkins

thank God for beautiful songs, thank God for love, thank God for creative minds :). There's still hope for human kind after all :p