Monday, March 28, 2011

Morning Glory to me and to you...

i used to be passionate about my work, about what i do because i was good at it.

then... i moved to a new company and everything went aspiration, motivation and passion was buried without realizing it.

then... i got back into my old brand though at a different property, but nothing changed. my mojo or groove was still at a standstill, personality got worse and work performance wasn't improving.

then...approximately 5 months later, a movie struck some sense into me, reminding me of who i was before; a person who was passionate about his job, a hard worker but yet still knows how to have fun either alone or with a bunch of people despite being an introvert, a friend and colleague who everyone is comfortable with.

then... tomorrow is a new day, i now realize what needs to be done for a change.

don't know what i'm talking about? watch this movie:

and when i say that i love my job despite being paid the lowest among my counterparts, i really really do mean it because, when you love what you do and the company (brand) you're working for, money is not a problem.



Claire said...

Yep...sda tgk ni movie..siok kan..terhibur sy..happy ja cerita dia...hehe

JerryInc said...

ya bah. best cos it's more or less similar to what i'm doing :D