Sunday, May 31, 2009

happiness is a state of mind - FACT!!...hahaha

i couldn't exactly recall when was the last time i went for a drinking marathon, been too occupied with work this past few months which limited my alcohol consumption to once or twice every one or two weeks. which is good though, it actually helped alot in regards to my weight loss haha.

but for the past couple of days, i've been on a drinking spree with family and friends due to the long public holiday we are having and after all those booze and relaxation, it feels like i've been on a holiday for one whole month and i can't wait to get back to work because honestly speaking...i'm getting bored of not doing anything solid and being away from my desk feels like i'm missing out in something hahaha.

the long holiday was good, i mean i had a chance to reconnect with old friends and got to meet up with new acquaintances. i am so relaxed that, metaphorically speaking, my brain has been resetted and ready to accept new inputs and new ideas for improvement is pouring in like an unblocked dam flooding all those doubts and negativities into the dark abyss hahaha.

anyhow, just wanna share with you peeps how happy i am with my life right now. one of my cousins asked me 'aren't you tired of being single?' and my response was 'i am happy with where i am now, so no..i'm not'. which is true, i mean, everything is falling into place, i am heading towards my self contentment that i don't need any insignificant distractions to steer me away from my focus or drown me in insecurities, doubts or any of those menial emotional factors. yeah, i do miss having someone to be with me to share my good and bad times but...who needs a relationship when i can do that with my few good friends and family, right? hehe

okay...enough ramblings for now. gonna get ready for another drinking binge (yeah i know it's late but hey...there are places which opens until late haha). ciao peeps :)

ps: had a drunken discussion in one of our drinking session and one of the topics we touched on was on science. we had a debate on 'gyroscopic inertia' and i couldn't get it out off my head until today (partly because i have a thing with rotating objects hehe). damn it, i'm so curious to learn more that i've begun to read more on it and the worst part is...i'm was not even a science stream student! damn you physics!! hahaha. read up on it guys...quite an interesting concept :).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

the outcome...

from swirling confusion to undescribable gratefulness, that's all i can say about what i'm feeling right now.

as of a few minutes ago, i realized my existence in this company wasn't for nothing at fact, i am acknowledged by nearly everyone including the management but the most vital acknowledgement i received was from the GM and it flattered me to the point of being afraid to even make eye contact with him.

My boss had a chat with the rest of the upper management and after sharing with them what i had shared with her earlier this morning, the GM was opposed of my decision from resigning and even came up with few suggestions on making sure i don't leave the company/ brand on the grounds that he would've done the same if he was in my shoes :).

the few suggestions he proposed were:
a) i should be transferred to other departments for experience but my boss were against it as she said my career path is in the line i'm in now.
b) move to our sister property downtown, and still, my boss were against it as she knew i wouldn't be happy working with the head of department over there (yeah, she's a back stabbing spinster).
c) let me take up the offer at the other hotel and call me back within 6 months time (yeah, i went like 'what?!!, isn't there a code of professionalism in this regards especially when it involves the same field?)

and the most flattering was:
d) he actually asked my boss to give our sister property in KL a call (the area director or the head of a specific hotel) to fit me in.

which my boss did, and apparently the head of department for that sister hotel has a vacancy as her assistant had just left a couple of days ago. my boss asked me if i was interested to work there and i excitedly answered 'yes' but depending on how much i would be getting. i've stayed in that hotel, and i love the's kinda small but it has a big potential of being the next best place to work at.

man, come to think of i'm excited, more confused but just plain glad of how things turned out to be. sometimes, our potentials are only visible to other people and we need them to acknnowledge our capabilities for improvement :).

ps: i didn't know things could get a bit complicated...if i had known beforehand how much i'm worth, i would've done this a long time ago hahaha

me ultimatum...

my whole day has been a complete suspense, the contemplation of doing the right thing has left my heart racing and my mind swirling with feels a lot like breaking up with someone you really care about.

yeah, i decided to break the news to my boss regarding my decision to resign and pursue a better opportunity. i was feeling a bit drowsy from the anticipation of trying to catch her at a right time, i was lightheaded when i broke the news to her and now i feel like crying because i felt like i dissapointed someone (not that i could shed any tears anymore haha). the feeling sucked...terribly.

Me: Boss, can i have a talk with you for a while...
Boss: pasal apa? (what about?)
* maybe my action of shutting the door gave her a hint on what was about to be said*
Boss: ko mau resign? (you want to resign?)
*ignoring that remark *
Me: this is not easy for me to say, but i have an offer elsewhere...
* a moment of silence...*
Boss: hmm...where?
Me: *&^%$#..
* she then asked me the usual qustions when someone is leaving for another company, like, how much are they offering you? what is the position offered? etc etc...*
Boss: i'm the kind of person who wouldn't stop anyone if they were offered something better but...
*the long pause after the 'but' gave me an uncomfortable feeling...more like a note of dissapointment setting in...*
Boss: but...i would rather you stay with us. okay, what if the company is willing to counter offer you, would you take it?
*damn it...i was afraid of this. i just want this to be over with quickly..
Me: that depends, but frankly speaking...i am quite keen on taking up the offered job because i need a change of environment, something new..
Boss: yeah, but what if you were counter offered?
Me: that dependslah...but like i said, i'm going for a new experience *forcing a smile*
Boss: i enjoy working with you, i mean, your predecessor has her own strength which is writing, but you have the optimistic attitude to deal with whatever is thrown at you and that's what everyone likes about you.
Me: yeah, i guess :)
Boss: are you leaving because of me? sebab saya slalu marah-marah? (because i'm always being uptight?)
Me: No lah, if it was because of you...i would've left a long time ago *giggling at my own remark*. In fact, i had an enjoyable time working with you despite your temper because, as you know...i can ignore you whenever i want to *now laughing at my answer, which was followed by a giggle from my boss*. but despite my decision to leave, i would like to work here if an opportunity arises. our hotel is still different from the rest, everyone's like a family here...
* it wasn't easy when i first started working with her, i actually had a hard time dealing with all the requests and tantrums haha, but then...i've always known i wasn't a quitter so i stayed just to prove her wrong*.
Boss: okay, we'll talk about this some other time. Just be prepared to be counter offered...
Me: ok boss, but just so you know, i'm interested in the offer not because of the pay but because of the experience..the money is only secondary :) *which is true, because i know they can afford to do the counter offer, but i was really serious when i said i needed a new change of environment*

i felt apologetic, and i did apologize even when i know i'm not doing anything wrong. gosh..i really do need to lie down somewhere and clear my mind off. but hey, at least i got the burden off my shoulder, for the time being that is hahaha.

ps: everyone thought my decision to move was the right thing to fact, most of the people in the hotel keeps saying stuff like 'i'm surprised you could stay this long' or 'about time you move on'. but to everyone out there...ignorance is bliss and optimism rules! :p

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

my take on kaamatan...

Today is Wednesday the 27th of May, and (i believe) all Sabahans are looking forward to the weekends because in two days time, this 'Land Below The Wind' will be enjoying a festivity which is quite similar to the German Oktober Fest.

Every year in May is a festive month for the few indigenous tribes in Sabah, namely the Kadazan, Dusun, Rungus and Murut people. It is the month of appreciation for a bountiful paddy harvest with the main celebration commencing at the end of the month starting with a few paganistic traditional rituals and culminates with a state wide beauty pegeant also known as 'Unduk Ngadau'. *Please click here for more information.

now, i don't know much about the traditions and rituals as, frankly speaking,...i've never seen the actual or even participated in the event. come to think of it, i don't even celebrate the occasion (in a traditional sense) :). i'm one of those unfortunate few new generations who takes this opportunity at this time of year as an excuse to binge on alcohol and get wasted :).

i'm not quite proud of my ignorance because in the long run, if 70% of this state's population is as ignorant as i am, our unique cultures and traditions might be lost within a nick of time. but in this driven world of technology, science and rationality, tradition seems to to be corroded bit by bit without many of us realizing it and the dominating influence of religion are hindering the spiritual aspect of these traditions.

there's nothing much that can be done about this matter because we live in an ever changing world where nothing stays long enough to make a difference. all we can hope for is that more new generations would take interest in preserving our heritage thus assuring its continutiy for generations to come :).

Monday, May 25, 2009

saturday blast...

the recent saturday was a blast for me, after being a hermit for the past couple of months i finally took the time off to enjoy myself. but bear in mind, if it wasn't for the invitation from the woman that made it happen (yeah shan, am talking about you muahaha), i wouldn't have even bothered going if it was something's more like moral support to a friend in need (which would still be one helluva event regardless of my attendance haha).

what did i plan on doing if i wasn't at the party?..hmm, lemme see...probably nothing :). i was still a bit fatigued (not exactly hungover) from the session we had the night before, so i thought of getting an early headstart in slumberland. but since i've committed myself to attending this event, it would reflect badly on me if i were to cancel it at the last minute without any concrete excuse :).

when the time came, i hopped into my car and drove directly to Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort's fun pub, the Blue Note, where the cocktail party for the official launching of webzine (by invites only) took place (and i was approximately 30minutes late haha). it started a bit slow for me that night, i mean, i was still contemplating whether to mingle around or just be an observer but in the end..i decided to mingle and i think i've achieved my mingling quota which would cover the first and second quarter of the year hahaha. then again, the mingling around was only to serve my own selfish need, it's part of my job in the communications field to maintain rapports and relationships especially with the media people :). the moving around soon bore me, but good thing a fellow gidiot was around, which proved to be the other set of adventure i needed in one single night!

we didn't stay long for the event, two hours surrounded by strangers in a deafening and dim lighted environment is more than what i can handle :). i decided to join fellow gidiot Mel at the 'Hog Rally' which was held at the same venue but different location and that was my hiatus of the night hahaha.

i'm not much of a biker, but there's something about big bikes that can really turn on a guy (or maybe i'm just the only weird one who sees it that way hahaha) -in a non-sexual way :p. anyhow, i wasn't there for the bikes, instead i was there to be surrounded by familiar faces and of course....the free booze (what can i say, i'm a guy and a cheapskate. besides, the best things in life are free hahaha).

all in all, i would say the night turned out to be rather unexpected. i didn't expect to be entertained, i didn't expect to be having fun and i didn't expect how much i've missed out on life's little pleasures of hanging out with friends :). i really do need to get a life, well..not really. i just need to make time for life hehehe..

ps: pictures will posted soon enough...once i get my hands on them hehehe. ciao....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the massess....

mass optimism :)

cool isn't it? wonder if it'll ever happen here in Kota Kinabalu :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

am i weird? or i am weird!

either way, the fact that i am different from everyone else doesn't give anyone the rights to judge me right? hahaha. i mean, there isn't anyone in this world who are exactly the same which means...everyone is in fact weird in their own unique ways! hahaha.

okay, i am a bit stressed out sitting here in the office since yesterday and this time, it has nothing to do with work!

our office is currently undergoing a minor renovation, or upgrading after 10 years of being in the same condition. it's a good thing to have this change, but what annoys me the most is:
a) packing stuff
b) moving the packed stuff
and most of all...
c) having to work with all the mess!!

i am a neat guy (most of the time haha), slightly a perfectionist and quite an organized individual. as much as i like changes, there are somethings i prefer to remain where they are for the sake of convenienvce. but all this moving around and messiness has gotten me confused and disoriented, stressing me out to the extent of hyperventilating (literally!) hahaha. i'm so lost that i don't even know whether to be angry, or cry, or take it as an excuse to play hookie! :p.

so in order to calm myself down, i decided to blog about this (writing is therapeutic..for me at least hehe) and impromptu entry! so, how messy is messy for me? look at the picture below:

CAN YOU IMAGINE IF YOUR WORK STATION IS LIKE THIS?!! I MEAN, WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD BE ABLE TO WORK IN SUCH A MESS!!! (okay okay...i'm nagging like a woman now and i should stop hahahaha)..................WTH?!!! hahaha. btw, that's my workstation with the computer switched on and no i don't like coke, had to have it this time since there weren't any other drinks available to ease the hangover hahahahaha

Monday, May 18, 2009

tired and sleepy...

it's 6.33am on a monday and i haven't had a wink since i came to work on a sunday morning until now. feeling somewhat drowsy from the lack of sleep and i'm thinking of getting the day off once this project is done and passed to my GM before he leaves to someplace out of the country for his meeting and presentation.

unfortunately, my immediate boss isn't around and i can't really let our artist to be in charge of the department in the absence of my boss and me in case something came up...but geez...i'm tired...

i'm beginning to i really a workaholic? i've been getting that remark quite often lately but i would just shrug it off in ignorance because basically my definition of a workaholic is someone who couldn't stand a day without being at his workstation haha. in my case, as much as i like to be at my desk, i don't go around looking for something to do just to kill the time, in fact...i'm just waiting for that opportunity when i can have that long awaited R&R. plainly speaking, i didn't choose to be busy all the time, they (everyone) chose me to be their miracle worker..someone who could deliver whatever they asked for. sometimes it's hard being an all rounder, not to mention smart (yeah yeah i know...self praise is no praise hahaha).

yeah, this is gonna be a short entry, only because my mind isn't working hahaha

morning and ciao peeps :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

left or right brained...

got this from my email and i would have to agree, this is cool (in a childish kinda way hehe). Not really sure if it's an appropriate method to test one's I.Q though because i don't think i'm even close to being a genius hahaha.

Give this more than 30 seconds. Pretty Cool!!
There is an explanation below the photo.

a) If you see this lady turning in clockwise you are using your right brain.
b) If you see it the other way, you are using left brain
c) Some people do see both ways, but most people see it only one way. If you try to see it the other way and if you do see, your IQ is above 160 which is almost a genius. Then see if you can make her go one way and then the other by shifting the brain's current (like peanuts :p)

This was proved at Yale University, over a 5 year study on the human brain
and it's functions. Only 14% of the US population can see her move both ways.

uses logic
detail oriented
facts rule
words and language
present and past
math and science
can comprehend
order/pattern perception
knows object name
reality based
forms strategies

uses feeling
"big picture" oriented
imagination rules
symbols and images
present and future
philosophy & religion
can "get it" (i.e. meaning)
spatial perception
knows object function
fantasy based
presents possibilities
risk taking

cool isn't it? would be interested to know who else out there is ambidextrous. ciao :)

ps: see..told you peeps i was unique (as if) haha

confused hatred? :p

Hate, a strong word which describes one's emotion towards someone or something, denoting negative or ill-intentioned manners, thoughts and feelings. If we were to ask around every individual we meet and ask them what are the things they hate, we may discover that nearly everyone has something they would wish were never there in the first place.

but do we really understand what the word 'hate' means..what it actually connotes? If your answer is no, than you and i are in the same boat. I have yet to encounter anyone or anything i couldn't deal with :).

hate can be easily confused when you're angry, dissapointed, heartbroken, being lied to, used and played around. for example, we use the word hate, such as 'i hate you!' when we're angry at someone, but the fact is, we don't really mean it. the only reason we said it was was the closest shortest word to describe how angry we are. we can't say 'i am really, really, really angry at you!' because by the time we get to the second 'really', the long sentence would sound idiotic haha.

like i said before, i don't know what hate is and hopefully i would never have to. i may dislike somethings but that doesn't mean i hate them. maybe, i just don't have it in me to hate anyone or anything, or maybe nothing significant has happened yet which could push me into having that negative emotion :).

Ciao peeps :P

ps: well..maybe i do have something that i hate. i HATE feeling weak :).

Saturday, May 16, 2009

decisions decisions....

man...i'm tired, and i really do need a long break. i'm not as busy as before (well, maybe i am..), but the feeling of being demotivated has been haunting me for quite sometime and frankly speaking, it is affecting my work performance.

nontheless, i've been professional enough in my work commitments. i do my best to complete every given task and try hard to ignore the fact that i need sometime out from the office all in the name of professionalism.

as i was browsing through my calender and diary, i realized that, i've only taken 2 days off from my annual leave and i have several more off days to clear. i'm not the kind of person who plans the holidays beforehand because in my line of work, anything can change. so basically, i can only do a last minute, spontaneous plan if i were to go on holiday.

sometimes i wonder, is it worth it to work myself to the bones? what would i get in return? am i satisfied with what i'm doing now? okay, i've said this before and i'm saying it again, i love my job and i love what i do...but it's so physically and mentally draining i wish i was doing something else. then again, i think every job in this world are more or less the same, there are always the pros and cons to everything. we can't have everything we want, and in the end, we tend to choose what we think is best for us.

now, making choices doesn't only apply to our working fact, it applies to our daily norm from everyday strangers to relationships. but irregardless where it is applied, the fact remains that, making a choice or decision has its own certain degree of difficulty levels starting from easy to indecision hahaha. it's easy when we know what we want, it's difficult when we want more than what we should have or what we can handle and indecision comes in when we have no idea what we want but still wants to have everything (yeah, can't blame these kinda people though...they're only human, we're only humans :)).

there's a trick when it comes to decision making, for some cases, it's actually two pronged. the decisions we make doesn't affect or apply to ourselves only but also to the people around us, so be wise when deciding on something :).

there isn't a right or wrong when making a decision because, every decision we make are based on what we think and know is best for us. even when what we decided didn't turn out to be what we thought it would be like, don't complain and don't point fingers to anyone because at the end of the day, it was us who made the final choice...we just have to live with what we had decided and try to make it better overtime. ciao peeps :)..

ps: maybe i should call myself Dr. J...and drive everyone crazy with all these insensible ramblings hahaha. cheerio mates :p

Friday, May 15, 2009


i bet most of you are a bit bored of reading about my selfish ludicrous thoughts on everything. so here's a change, instead of blogging about myself, i'm gonna blog about 'Voting Sipadan For The New Seven Wonders Of Nature!' (okay yeah, you got me...i don't know what else to blog about hahaha)

i believe most of us may have heard of it and being Malaysians, especially Sabahans, we are proud to be even listed in the poll because come on, the whole world is beginning to take note of our existence and we now have something great on par with the other countries to brag about! :P.

but what makes the Sipadan island different from the rest, i mean, it's an island in the middle of nowhere and just like any other stand alone islands, they're bound to be surrounded with amazing land and underwater scenery. so what's so special about Sipadan?

"I have seen other places like Sipadan, 45 years ago, but now no more. Now we have found an untouched piece of art" - Jacques Cousteau

Just in case any of you didn't know, Sipadan Island was nothing more than just an island, that is until Jacque Cousteaus filmed a documentary 'Ghost Of The Sea Turtles' which propelled the island to international fame. But due to the fame itself, the island suffered damages from the constant on land and underwater activities which triggered the government and other private bodies to take better precautionary (some drastic) measures in preventing the deterioration of the island, especially its marine life...and truth be told, after several years of abiding the rules and everyone's intrinsic need to protect the area rather than greed, Sipadan island is now close to regaining its once breathtaking beauty as it should be.

Compared to any known islands in the world, Sipadan is different due to it's geographical location which sits right at the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin where it is one of the world centre's richest marine habitats which supports more than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of corals, which has been documented and classified in this ecosystem.

Now, for the voting part. I realize the voting process from the the main organizer (New7Wonders) can be quite a hassle. But don't fret, being the most active body in disseminating information and bringing awareness to everyone in this regard, Sabah Tourism has set up a website which has simpler voting procedure. so just click on this link 'Vote Sipadan' and do your part in gaining world recognition for Sipadan!


ps: do your part peeps and let the world know what we have! Ciao :).

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

when the stout speaks hehe

it was just couple of days ago when the stress finally caught up to me. i couldn't think of anything else but to relax and have everything out of my mind. so i figured 'hey, what the heck, maybe all i need are a few glasses of beer and everything would be fine' and off i went to a restaurant nearby my workplace for the beer therapy :p.

after few months of sporadic drinking opportunities, i realized it didn't take much for me to get tipsy...3 cans, was all that was needed to get my world spinning hahaha.

during the alone time, i reflected to the places i've been to and people i've met (or saw) and it seems that everyone has their own ways of appreciating and enjoying life. i remember going to a pub few weeks prior and there was this girl who was dancing as if trying to get everyone's attention to herself. normally i would think that she may know..a slut, but on that particular time, i didn't see it that way. all i saw was a girl dancing her heart out oblivious to other people's opinions, she was just having fun as the way she knows it.

then it hit me, i've been to engrossed with seeing how things appear to be rather than what things are really like..and at that same moment, i was hit by a guilt of not really appreciating the things which chances by me and for not enjoying what life really means! i live in my own world, my comfort zone when i could be out there making a difference. i'm afraid of making mistakes (especially the same ones) that i resolved to be in my safe place where i am invincible from anything :). but my world isn't complete and never will be because, it evolves based on my own evolution, it expands based on the experiences i've gathered and right now, its on a halt. i haven't been feeding it with the necessary information for it to continue spinning, i need to be out there and gain as much experience as i can for it to continue evolving :).

after thinking about this and some other random stuff, it occurred to me...I WAS SUPPOSED TO RELAX MY MIND FROM HAVING ANY THOUGHTS, i mean, THE ONLY REASON I WAS DRINKING WAS BECAUSE I NEEDED TO GIVE MY MIND A BREAK!!! hahaha. then again, i am at my best alone..most of the time, my ponderings provides me with the best lessons in life....better than going through the actual experiences hehehe. ciao peeps :)

ps: this is on my off day and having my second can
of guinness stout alone in my room :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

logic and emotion

had a chance to watch the movie STAR TREK the other night and one major reason i was keen in watching the movie is because of SPOCK. man, loved his character ever since i was a kid! and the guy who played the character nailed the part :). so, what is it which attracted me to SPOCK? Well...aside from he's an alien, i like his philosophies on logic and emotion :). why exactly do i like it...i'm not too sure myself, probably the following paragraphs could explain the reason...

I once said before that i'm a confused guy (always have been). I seem to question everything around me (in my head) even in the most simplest situations. Take the concept of right and wrong for example. Have you ever wondered what is right and what is wrong? who determines which one is which? and why is 'right' better than 'wrong'? Personally i think, the concept is still in the grey area. the conflicting definition or understanding in law, religion, societal and morality point of views has caused a rift in many individuals (myself included hehe) proving the concept to be more confusing time and time again.

As children, we were told not to play with fire lest we get burnt. Now, the right thing to do here is to listen and do what is told, and the wrong thing would be the other way around. but if doing the right thing means we would have to turn our backs on learning new experiences, so does it mean learning is wrong? hahaha....yeah, it took me several years to realize that, sometimes, doing the right things means going with your gut instinct because there are just some things which cannot be learned from any text books (life would be a lot simpler if it was all in black and white right? :P) but keep in mind, the gut instinct i'm referring to isn't the kind like a 6th sense, but instead, an instinct based on the accumulated facts gathered throughout years of experiences by observation or proven cases.

so, how exactly do i deal with all these questions and doubts? simple...i hold true to this simple saying 'ignorance is bliss' and let logic takes it's course. there will be moments when we can't make heads and tails of what we're feeling, we can't trust our instinct because we are too clouded with the current situation. but if we look deep enough, our logical side will present us with the solution and eventually clear the clouds of confusion :).

then again...we are only humans, and all humans are cursed with imperfections leading us to make some of the worst mistakes in life. but hey, we get stronger and wiser from it right?, talk about a blessing in disguise :).

ps: expect similar nonsense in future entries muahahaha

Saturday, May 9, 2009

my life in a while...

When i first started blogging, it was meant to be an outlet to express my cluttered thoughts. Only the Man above knows what sort of craps go through my mind at every single moment for the past many years and having an overactive imagination didn't help the least in lessening it :).

It's quite difficult to elaborate more on what i mean by 'clutters' and 'craps'. I was, I am and have always been on a quest to better understand myself and everything around me (yeah, I am and have always been a confused lad :P). And this quest has led me to read more and observe the people around me which brought more questions than answers. Just like mathematics, even if we can calculate the equations in our head, we still need to jot it down on a piece of paper for record or visual to better assess the accuracy of such calculations, and in my case, i had to put my thoughts into words to justify the meanings of my perceptions.

What i didn't expect was, a few people took a liking to what i wrote...especially the entries which involves my personal views about stuffs and my personal life (i believe everyone needs to read something like this once in while as a comparison to their own life and help them realize their own advantages and vice versa or they're just plain nosy :p).

But as of lately, i couldn't bring myself to write as much as i used to. There are a lot i'd like to blog about and share with my readers, many things has happened ever since the start of new year, but the problem is, soon after i start an entry, i would stop halfway (and sometimes after only a few sentences) and leave it hanging just like that. it's like, my insipration has a very low mortality gauge hahaha.

So what exactly has been going on with my life lately? i've been swamped with work to the point of not being able to hang out with friends, i've been an ass to my colleagues who thinks that i am an enquiry counter and a miracle worker, i'm more in control of my life without being distracted by any unnecessary things, my average drinking session is only once a week, i'm losing weight dramatically in just a matter of weeks and one major thing which keeps me sane despite all the stress and confusion i have to go through is...i count my blessings :).

Now, these are more or less what has been going on with my life. i could elaborate more on it but i dont think anyone would like to read a long entry on what i have been doing hahahaha...

ciao peeps...till next time.

ps: will try to blog more often once my inspiratin gauge has been rectified :)...

Friday, May 8, 2009

nothing much....

Nothing much to say...just that, gonna watch STAR TREK tonight (i just love SPOCK's character :)) and i think i'm in love with the song 'MAD WORLD' sung by Adam Lambert hahahaha.

Ciao :)...