Monday, May 11, 2009

logic and emotion

had a chance to watch the movie STAR TREK the other night and one major reason i was keen in watching the movie is because of SPOCK. man, loved his character ever since i was a kid! and the guy who played the character nailed the part :). so, what is it which attracted me to SPOCK? Well...aside from he's an alien, i like his philosophies on logic and emotion :). why exactly do i like it...i'm not too sure myself, probably the following paragraphs could explain the reason...

I once said before that i'm a confused guy (always have been). I seem to question everything around me (in my head) even in the most simplest situations. Take the concept of right and wrong for example. Have you ever wondered what is right and what is wrong? who determines which one is which? and why is 'right' better than 'wrong'? Personally i think, the concept is still in the grey area. the conflicting definition or understanding in law, religion, societal and morality point of views has caused a rift in many individuals (myself included hehe) proving the concept to be more confusing time and time again.

As children, we were told not to play with fire lest we get burnt. Now, the right thing to do here is to listen and do what is told, and the wrong thing would be the other way around. but if doing the right thing means we would have to turn our backs on learning new experiences, so does it mean learning is wrong? hahaha....yeah, it took me several years to realize that, sometimes, doing the right things means going with your gut instinct because there are just some things which cannot be learned from any text books (life would be a lot simpler if it was all in black and white right? :P) but keep in mind, the gut instinct i'm referring to isn't the kind like a 6th sense, but instead, an instinct based on the accumulated facts gathered throughout years of experiences by observation or proven cases.

so, how exactly do i deal with all these questions and doubts? simple...i hold true to this simple saying 'ignorance is bliss' and let logic takes it's course. there will be moments when we can't make heads and tails of what we're feeling, we can't trust our instinct because we are too clouded with the current situation. but if we look deep enough, our logical side will present us with the solution and eventually clear the clouds of confusion :).

then again...we are only humans, and all humans are cursed with imperfections leading us to make some of the worst mistakes in life. but hey, we get stronger and wiser from it right?, talk about a blessing in disguise :).

ps: expect similar nonsense in future entries muahahaha

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