Saturday, May 9, 2009

my life in a while...

When i first started blogging, it was meant to be an outlet to express my cluttered thoughts. Only the Man above knows what sort of craps go through my mind at every single moment for the past many years and having an overactive imagination didn't help the least in lessening it :).

It's quite difficult to elaborate more on what i mean by 'clutters' and 'craps'. I was, I am and have always been on a quest to better understand myself and everything around me (yeah, I am and have always been a confused lad :P). And this quest has led me to read more and observe the people around me which brought more questions than answers. Just like mathematics, even if we can calculate the equations in our head, we still need to jot it down on a piece of paper for record or visual to better assess the accuracy of such calculations, and in my case, i had to put my thoughts into words to justify the meanings of my perceptions.

What i didn't expect was, a few people took a liking to what i wrote...especially the entries which involves my personal views about stuffs and my personal life (i believe everyone needs to read something like this once in while as a comparison to their own life and help them realize their own advantages and vice versa or they're just plain nosy :p).

But as of lately, i couldn't bring myself to write as much as i used to. There are a lot i'd like to blog about and share with my readers, many things has happened ever since the start of new year, but the problem is, soon after i start an entry, i would stop halfway (and sometimes after only a few sentences) and leave it hanging just like that. it's like, my insipration has a very low mortality gauge hahaha.

So what exactly has been going on with my life lately? i've been swamped with work to the point of not being able to hang out with friends, i've been an ass to my colleagues who thinks that i am an enquiry counter and a miracle worker, i'm more in control of my life without being distracted by any unnecessary things, my average drinking session is only once a week, i'm losing weight dramatically in just a matter of weeks and one major thing which keeps me sane despite all the stress and confusion i have to go through is...i count my blessings :).

Now, these are more or less what has been going on with my life. i could elaborate more on it but i dont think anyone would like to read a long entry on what i have been doing hahahaha...

ciao peeps...till next time.

ps: will try to blog more often once my inspiratin gauge has been rectified :)...

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