Monday, May 25, 2009

saturday blast...

the recent saturday was a blast for me, after being a hermit for the past couple of months i finally took the time off to enjoy myself. but bear in mind, if it wasn't for the invitation from the woman that made it happen (yeah shan, am talking about you muahaha), i wouldn't have even bothered going if it was something's more like moral support to a friend in need (which would still be one helluva event regardless of my attendance haha).

what did i plan on doing if i wasn't at the party?..hmm, lemme see...probably nothing :). i was still a bit fatigued (not exactly hungover) from the session we had the night before, so i thought of getting an early headstart in slumberland. but since i've committed myself to attending this event, it would reflect badly on me if i were to cancel it at the last minute without any concrete excuse :).

when the time came, i hopped into my car and drove directly to Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort's fun pub, the Blue Note, where the cocktail party for the official launching of webzine (by invites only) took place (and i was approximately 30minutes late haha). it started a bit slow for me that night, i mean, i was still contemplating whether to mingle around or just be an observer but in the end..i decided to mingle and i think i've achieved my mingling quota which would cover the first and second quarter of the year hahaha. then again, the mingling around was only to serve my own selfish need, it's part of my job in the communications field to maintain rapports and relationships especially with the media people :). the moving around soon bore me, but good thing a fellow gidiot was around, which proved to be the other set of adventure i needed in one single night!

we didn't stay long for the event, two hours surrounded by strangers in a deafening and dim lighted environment is more than what i can handle :). i decided to join fellow gidiot Mel at the 'Hog Rally' which was held at the same venue but different location and that was my hiatus of the night hahaha.

i'm not much of a biker, but there's something about big bikes that can really turn on a guy (or maybe i'm just the only weird one who sees it that way hahaha) -in a non-sexual way :p. anyhow, i wasn't there for the bikes, instead i was there to be surrounded by familiar faces and of course....the free booze (what can i say, i'm a guy and a cheapskate. besides, the best things in life are free hahaha).

all in all, i would say the night turned out to be rather unexpected. i didn't expect to be entertained, i didn't expect to be having fun and i didn't expect how much i've missed out on life's little pleasures of hanging out with friends :). i really do need to get a life, well..not really. i just need to make time for life hehehe..

ps: pictures will posted soon enough...once i get my hands on them hehehe. ciao....


Shan said...

Ahh J finally I'm free to read your blog. Wow you've been blogging A LOT. But happy to hear about the work issues and that you're getting some good support from yr current place :)

JerryInc said...

yeah...and good news for you, we may be spending more time together with the rest of the gidiots once i'm based in KK hahahaha