Monday, May 18, 2009

tired and sleepy...

it's 6.33am on a monday and i haven't had a wink since i came to work on a sunday morning until now. feeling somewhat drowsy from the lack of sleep and i'm thinking of getting the day off once this project is done and passed to my GM before he leaves to someplace out of the country for his meeting and presentation.

unfortunately, my immediate boss isn't around and i can't really let our artist to be in charge of the department in the absence of my boss and me in case something came up...but geez...i'm tired...

i'm beginning to i really a workaholic? i've been getting that remark quite often lately but i would just shrug it off in ignorance because basically my definition of a workaholic is someone who couldn't stand a day without being at his workstation haha. in my case, as much as i like to be at my desk, i don't go around looking for something to do just to kill the time, in fact...i'm just waiting for that opportunity when i can have that long awaited R&R. plainly speaking, i didn't choose to be busy all the time, they (everyone) chose me to be their miracle worker..someone who could deliver whatever they asked for. sometimes it's hard being an all rounder, not to mention smart (yeah yeah i know...self praise is no praise hahaha).

yeah, this is gonna be a short entry, only because my mind isn't working hahaha

morning and ciao peeps :)

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