Saturday, May 23, 2009

am i weird? or i am weird!

either way, the fact that i am different from everyone else doesn't give anyone the rights to judge me right? hahaha. i mean, there isn't anyone in this world who are exactly the same which means...everyone is in fact weird in their own unique ways! hahaha.

okay, i am a bit stressed out sitting here in the office since yesterday and this time, it has nothing to do with work!

our office is currently undergoing a minor renovation, or upgrading after 10 years of being in the same condition. it's a good thing to have this change, but what annoys me the most is:
a) packing stuff
b) moving the packed stuff
and most of all...
c) having to work with all the mess!!

i am a neat guy (most of the time haha), slightly a perfectionist and quite an organized individual. as much as i like changes, there are somethings i prefer to remain where they are for the sake of convenienvce. but all this moving around and messiness has gotten me confused and disoriented, stressing me out to the extent of hyperventilating (literally!) hahaha. i'm so lost that i don't even know whether to be angry, or cry, or take it as an excuse to play hookie! :p.

so in order to calm myself down, i decided to blog about this (writing is therapeutic..for me at least hehe) and impromptu entry! so, how messy is messy for me? look at the picture below:

CAN YOU IMAGINE IF YOUR WORK STATION IS LIKE THIS?!! I MEAN, WHO IN THE RIGHT MIND WOULD BE ABLE TO WORK IN SUCH A MESS!!! (okay okay...i'm nagging like a woman now and i should stop hahahaha)..................WTH?!!! hahaha. btw, that's my workstation with the computer switched on and no i don't like coke, had to have it this time since there weren't any other drinks available to ease the hangover hahahahaha


i n d e n said...

ala pare kau hangover? kakakaakak


JerryInc said...

hahahaqha, babal ko den hahaha