Thursday, May 28, 2009

the outcome...

from swirling confusion to undescribable gratefulness, that's all i can say about what i'm feeling right now.

as of a few minutes ago, i realized my existence in this company wasn't for nothing at fact, i am acknowledged by nearly everyone including the management but the most vital acknowledgement i received was from the GM and it flattered me to the point of being afraid to even make eye contact with him.

My boss had a chat with the rest of the upper management and after sharing with them what i had shared with her earlier this morning, the GM was opposed of my decision from resigning and even came up with few suggestions on making sure i don't leave the company/ brand on the grounds that he would've done the same if he was in my shoes :).

the few suggestions he proposed were:
a) i should be transferred to other departments for experience but my boss were against it as she said my career path is in the line i'm in now.
b) move to our sister property downtown, and still, my boss were against it as she knew i wouldn't be happy working with the head of department over there (yeah, she's a back stabbing spinster).
c) let me take up the offer at the other hotel and call me back within 6 months time (yeah, i went like 'what?!!, isn't there a code of professionalism in this regards especially when it involves the same field?)

and the most flattering was:
d) he actually asked my boss to give our sister property in KL a call (the area director or the head of a specific hotel) to fit me in.

which my boss did, and apparently the head of department for that sister hotel has a vacancy as her assistant had just left a couple of days ago. my boss asked me if i was interested to work there and i excitedly answered 'yes' but depending on how much i would be getting. i've stayed in that hotel, and i love the's kinda small but it has a big potential of being the next best place to work at.

man, come to think of i'm excited, more confused but just plain glad of how things turned out to be. sometimes, our potentials are only visible to other people and we need them to acknnowledge our capabilities for improvement :).

ps: i didn't know things could get a bit complicated...if i had known beforehand how much i'm worth, i would've done this a long time ago hahaha


MadarCh said...

nahh..kan, apa sia bilang?.. hahaha. Actually, it worked for me once.. :)

dopeymooke said...

lops...i still believe u shud accept the other hotel punya offer...unless the sister property in KL can pay u much more than the other hotel is offering you...cos u have to take into consideration the cost of living di KL..bkan murah....

Nut anyhoot, u shud have done this way earlier....baru ko tau how much u worth it hhoohoo

cLaiRe Bennet said...

jadi kau mau p kl la ni kan? heheehe all the best in whatever decision u'll be making k. :)

Fridaycat said...

You're moving to K-Hell???

Woi, you have a knack for working at 'hujung dunia' places, don't you?

JerryInc said...

charles: cool hahaha
gems: yeah...i'm definitely taking that into consideration :)
Claire: thanks claire :)
Mel: sorry lah bah, but it's not confirmed yet. if they're able to offer higher than the other hotel punya offer then i'll go :). we'll talk about this someday woman hehe