Saturday, May 16, 2009

decisions decisions....

man...i'm tired, and i really do need a long break. i'm not as busy as before (well, maybe i am..), but the feeling of being demotivated has been haunting me for quite sometime and frankly speaking, it is affecting my work performance.

nontheless, i've been professional enough in my work commitments. i do my best to complete every given task and try hard to ignore the fact that i need sometime out from the office all in the name of professionalism.

as i was browsing through my calender and diary, i realized that, i've only taken 2 days off from my annual leave and i have several more off days to clear. i'm not the kind of person who plans the holidays beforehand because in my line of work, anything can change. so basically, i can only do a last minute, spontaneous plan if i were to go on holiday.

sometimes i wonder, is it worth it to work myself to the bones? what would i get in return? am i satisfied with what i'm doing now? okay, i've said this before and i'm saying it again, i love my job and i love what i do...but it's so physically and mentally draining i wish i was doing something else. then again, i think every job in this world are more or less the same, there are always the pros and cons to everything. we can't have everything we want, and in the end, we tend to choose what we think is best for us.

now, making choices doesn't only apply to our working fact, it applies to our daily norm from everyday strangers to relationships. but irregardless where it is applied, the fact remains that, making a choice or decision has its own certain degree of difficulty levels starting from easy to indecision hahaha. it's easy when we know what we want, it's difficult when we want more than what we should have or what we can handle and indecision comes in when we have no idea what we want but still wants to have everything (yeah, can't blame these kinda people though...they're only human, we're only humans :)).

there's a trick when it comes to decision making, for some cases, it's actually two pronged. the decisions we make doesn't affect or apply to ourselves only but also to the people around us, so be wise when deciding on something :).

there isn't a right or wrong when making a decision because, every decision we make are based on what we think and know is best for us. even when what we decided didn't turn out to be what we thought it would be like, don't complain and don't point fingers to anyone because at the end of the day, it was us who made the final choice...we just have to live with what we had decided and try to make it better overtime. ciao peeps :)..

ps: maybe i should call myself Dr. J...and drive everyone crazy with all these insensible ramblings hahaha. cheerio mates :p

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