Wednesday, March 16, 2011

mother nature's wrath on 11/03/2011

for the past few days, we've been kept on our toes with news of the tsunami disaster which happened in Japan. those who are capable of feeling share the victim's feelings of lost, pain and despair, some literally while others emphatically.

thousands of lives were lost, properties were destroyed, friends and family gone and the land devastated. those who are safely secured in their own homes and spared the wrath of mother nature can only imagine what the victims are going through.

as sympathetic and empathetic i am of the victims, i couldn't put my mind aside on the fate of all the animals both wild and domestic who once roamed the ground. did any of them manage to find refuge?

i realize that it's quite inappropriate for me to think of the animals' welfare when my fellow humans are suffering, but the animals themselves are capable of feeling..maybe not the same as we humans do, but the trauma experienced should be of the same impact.

a panda seeking solace from a human after the quake...

i try not to read up on the latest news of the incident. it's not that i don't care, it's just that i couldn't bear to imagine further of what they're going through because if i do start thinking, it's to the extent of feeling their pain, loss, confusion, anger, sadness. that's why i only read up on the positive angles such as:

this 4-month old miracle baby found under the debris three days after the incident, giving hope to the rescue workers of finding other survivors...

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sometimes i wonder, why did God let this happen? i believe most people do as well, but as usual, there's no point in questioning His authority because there won't be any answer. the least we can do is to trust His works and powers blindly because i (and hopefully the rest of the population) know there's a silver lining in everything that have happened.

put it simply (in a religious context), if we are to receive His grace and blessings, then we should also receive anything given to us no matter how bad it is.

my condolences and well wishes to Japan, and those who are affected by the incident... God bless..


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