Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dosages of Humor...

one thing i look forward to when reading the papers, aside from the news worth reading are the comic strips. face it, the news reports nowadays are too depressing and the only thing that can bring back the optimism are the comic strips, regardless of how irrelevant they are.

the strips are a reflection of our everyday lives despite its inaccuracies. some are about the harsh reality of the world while others depicts scenarios which could or can happen depending on how we want to live our lives.

as the years progresses, we are getting more and more constricted with our responsibilities that we fail to live our lives to the fullest..and these comics are there to remind us not to take things too seriously (and sometimes too lightly) because life is much more enjoyable when it's simpler. even if we read through the most depressing strips, there are still lessons to be uncovered.

most of the source of my comic strips are from the newspapers and a couple of them from the web. and my favorites are (in random order :p):

1. On The Fast Track

-->> Technolgy

2. Baby Blues

-->> Family Affairs

3. The Duplex

-->> Singles

4. Peanuts (this is a classic!)

-->> Innocence

5. Garfield (another classic)

--> Pets

6. Pickles

-->> Family affairs

7. Dilbert

-->> Management

8. Calvin and Hobbes

-->> Innocence

9. Pooch Cafe

-->> Pets

10. Fusco Brothers

-->> Sarcasm

11. Insanity Streak

-->> Humor/ Sarcasm/ Wit

12. Zits

-->> Family Affairs

12. Argyle Sweater

-->> Humor

13. Close To Home

-->> Humor

the ones i follow from the net:

1. Something Positive

-->> Wit/ Sarcasm

2. The Oatmeal

-->> Wit/ Sarcasm

These are my daily dosage of humor i need in my daily life..without it, i'd probably be a grumpy 9-5 worker :p.

Enjoy the strips and links peeps! :D


Claire said...

Hahaha...yeah. i used to have one scrap book in which i put all the comic strips i cut from the newspaper...ntah mana sda tu skg..hihi

JerryInc said...

sa pun!!! and also a scrap book of the weird and wacky stuff :D

Claire said...

Ikut2 seja kau sana selalu!!! hahaha...tp ya la..best ba..aishh..bgs sy cari tu d rumah nti kalau masih ada lagi...hehe

JerryInc said...

ko lah tu pigi stalk sa and ikut2 pa yg sa buat hahaha.

sa punya semua kana buang masa sa masuk kolej hahaha