Monday, March 7, 2011

looking good or good looking? :p

having been inactive for quite sometime when it comes to sweating it out, i'm not really sure if my metabolism can keep up with the physical stress that i intend to put on this weak and fragile body of mine (hahaha, weak and fragile. ok ok, overweight and flabby hahaha). but if i were to believe that my metabolism is just the same as the last time, i'll be losing some kilos in just a matter of time :p.

anyway, you must be wondering why the sudden interest in losing weight. well, in approximately 2 weeks time, a Tioman trip will materialize and then in a month or so, a Sipadan trip.

for those of you who doesn't know know where or what these places are, both are islands with Tioman in West Malaysia located in Pahang and Sipadan in East Malaysia located in Tawau, Sabah. Apparently, TIME magazine once selected Tioman as one of the world's most beautiful island (Wikipedia) in the 1970s while Sipadan was made known by Jacques Cousteau in his late 1980s documentary 'The Ghost of the Sea Turtles' and made famous by the Abu Sayyaf incident (see, there's no such thing as bad publicity :p). I'm not really sure how Tioman looks like so i can't really vouch for the things said about the place, but i highly recommend everyone who has the time and money to visit Sipadan at least once..i'm not a diver, but based on what the other divers had said, it's an underwater paradise down there.

anyway, when going to places such as these where being half naked is a norm, it's nice to have a good physique to show off. you don't have to be buffed with bulging muscles and a six pack (though it would be good if you were..or rather, if i were hahaha) to show how great your body is, but at least a lean (lean as in not skinny and definitely not fat hahaha) physique would suffice. on my end, i just need to get rid of my beer belly and love handles :p.

but if you're happy with how you look like, by any means do ignore what i just said about looking good with a six pack because different people have different perceptions and tastes, it's all in the matter of preference. for example, some might prefer those on the bony side and some would rather be with someone plus sized (well, some might look good with a few extra pounds haha :p). so regardless of whether you're a hottie worth dying for, if you don't fall into anyone's category you'll just be another face in the crowd :D.

most of us are insecure about our appearance (including us guys though we rarely fuss about it :p). i mean, it's only human nature to want to look good in front of the others but why do we need to look good? because first impression matters (most of the time). people will judge us by how clean or good looking we are before wanting to know us more. yeah, it's sad to think that us humans are a shallow minded bunch :p.

one best way for us to look good is through healthy living, which encompasses good dieting and lots of exercising. but being humans with full of dislikes, most of us would rather look the other way around and hope that somewhere out there someone is on the verge of discovering magical consumables which would enable us to appear how we want to be without having to go through the traditional boring paths of good exercising and dieting hahaha.

anyway like i said, if you're happy with how you are right now, then don't try changing because when you're comfortable with yourself the others will be too :D.

Cheers :D

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