Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Twestival KL!

Just so you peeps know, Twestival is back! what is Twestival you say? well, looks like somebody hasn't been reading the papers or being active in their social networking sites for quite some time now, shame on you! haha, nah kidding :)

okay, so what exactly is a twestival? honestly i don't really know :p. my first impression of it was a twitter festival which involves partying (booze :p) and fun, but the real history behind it? *shrugs shoulders*.

from what i can gather from the net (yeah, i googled or yahooed it up haha), it is a worldwide event where it 'is a single day, global movement which uses the power of social media to organize offline events that mobilize communities in support of a local causes'. waddya know, it's right up my alley where i can have fun and be a part of a charitable cause! haha.

this event is relatively new in the market. it first started in 2009 and i was lucky enough to have attended the event which was held for the first time in Kota Kinabalu back in 2010. initially, the event appeared to be a twitters gathering of some sort and kinda expected free flow of booze (yeah, i'm a cheapskate haha) and man, was i wrong hahaha. but despite the non-existent free flow of any form of alcohol, the event turned out good! :D

so what happened last year? there were laughters, booze (which weren't free haha), performances by local bred artistes and the highlight of the night, the human bidding where good looking guys and gals are 'sold' off to the highest bidder!

bear in mind, although for some people it may look a bit rowdy or inappropriate with the involvement of alcohol (just as last year haha), this event is meant for charity which means all proceeds will be channeled to the chosen organization. and what's more, it's a win-win event where contributors will be having fun while contributing and the selected organization/s will be smiling ear to ear with what will be collected haha.

since i'm now working in KL, i may attend the festival on this other side of the country. not sure how fun it will be without my buddies back in KK (yeah, i may attend as a lone ranger haha) but hey, the hell with it..i'll make do with what i have. heck, i'll even entertain myself if i have to hahaha.

So far, there's still no news of where twestivalKL will be held this year although the date is confirmed:

Event: Twestival
Country: Malaysia
City: Kuala Lumpur
Date: 24 March 2011
Area/Venue: To be advised (hahaha)

for more info on what Twestival is about or a listing of such event in your respective areas, you may want to log in to Twestival Worlwide or for facebook updates go to TwestivalKL if you're in KL, TwestivalKK if you're in KK and since my cousin will spearheading the TwestivalAuck i might as well put the link here as well haha. you can read on why she decided to organize Auckland's first ever twestival here :).

so, for those of you who have nothing better to do on a weekday at the above mentioned date, you might want to get your ass off that couch and chill in this worldwide event! afraid of going there alone? well..suck it up, you're not a child anymore. it's for charity peeps! hahaha


Fridaycat said...

Your cousin is the Sabahan chick leading the NZ Twestival? Wah, so you're sorta famous by association lah ni :) Very cool. Your cousin, i mean., i guess (hee hee)

Too bad you'll miss the KK one - I have the honour of being the emcee again this year. Might be fun to auction YOU off, hmm...there's an idea.

Update us on the KL one...With photos!

JerryInc said...

hahaha, darn it woman. i'm always cool what (sort off) hahaha

yeah, i kinda expected that you'll be hosting it again this year, who else better to do it than THE melissa L. the idea of me getting auctioned off, hmmm...that shall remain an idea hahaha

yeah, will definitely update you guys or we can skype while the event is on hahaha

Auckland said...

Hey J,

Thanks so much for the free publicity we will need all the help we can get here in NZ >_<



JerryInc said...

Hey Aud,

nah, don't mention it. i dont have much of a following to be of any impact hahaha