Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'R'-less :)

after being introduced to the sitcom the 'Big Bang Theory' by a fellow gidiot, i've been an avid viewer of the show. unfortunately, it's not aired in any channel in this country so i've been catching up with it via online streaming.

the scientific and trivial facts infused in the show are what makes it interesting, not to mention the quirkiness of the characters...especially the zany Sheldon Cooper played by Jim Parsons, gotta love the character hahaha.

anyway, in its latest episode- The Toast Derivation (season 4 episode 17), Sheldon said something about to stop using the letter 'M' in their conversations and honestly speaking, the thought was intriguing :p. i mean, wouldn't it be interesting to see how our conversations would turn out if we decide to stop using a particular alphabet in our daily correspondence, it could be any letter from a-z hahaha. so, taking into consideration that i may not be able to apply the theory to the test in a real time conversation, i thought it would make a good experiment to try it in this blog instead. so starting from now until the end of this entry, i'll refrain from using the letter.......'R' hahaha.

but to make this moe inteesting, an alphabet which is mostly used should be chosen fo it to be moe conspicuous because we don't use all of the 26 alphabets in ou daily convesations. some of the lesse used lettes ae the lette 'q' and 'z', which means we can ule this two out in this test.

but, would it eally make a diffeence if we do decide to ignoe one particula lette? of it couse it would because in nomal convesations, any pesons who couldn't ponounce the ords ight would be diagnosed as having a speech impediment, which is to some snobs anothe wod to being a etad.

hahaha, i'm actually smiling to myself doing this. maybe i should tag someone to paticipate in this expeiment and see what they can come up with. but then again, it would only be wasting thei time so i'd ather not bothe them (okay, i'm liteally laughing at myself. i would say that i'm laughing while olling on the floor but i guess that would be stetching it a bit hahahaha). but if i do have to, i'd like Mel and Yo to do it hahaha.

anyway, if you have the time do ty to watch the show. the fist season wasn't that inteesting, but it gadually picked up like a olling stone gatheed moss. it's moe appealing to the geeks o neds because some of the jokes, tems and explanations used ae quite difficult to compehend, especially by those who doesn't spend much time with books, science o comics hahaha.

haha this was fun, till then (man, i am easily amused aen't i? hahaha). ciao peeps :D


Fridaycat said...

you have a lot of free time, issit?

But this show is the best lah - i dunno why they're not showing it in Malaysia yet. Thank God for streaming!

Jim Parsons won Best Actor in a TV Series in the recent Golden Globes :)and that's no bazinga.

JerryInc said...

hahaha, any time is a good time hahaha

ya bah, this is one of the most family-friendly show around (minus the occasinal 18sx scenes hahaha)

he did? wait...what is he like in real life? cos i couldn't imagine him being normal hahaha :D