Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Idol- The Lion Whisperer :D

just in case if anyone is interested to know what kind of animal person i am, well i'm a cat lover (not in that perverted sense!). i love animals but the number one specie in my list is the cat family. here's the top three list of animals that i like:

a) Cats
b) Dogs
c) Birds

having this list doesn't mean that i dislike the other animals. in fact, i have a soft spot for all animals in general even the crocs and snakes. the list is just an indication of animals i'd like to be surrounded with (especially the ones with furs, thick furs) haha. since we're not living in the wild, the least i can compensate with ever getting close to a tiger or a lion is a domestic feline hahaha.

anyway while going through a facebook page, a video was posted which has a similar quality to what i had posted in my previous entry. yeah, it's none other than a man being up close and friendly with a lion but this latest video that i watched was way more inspiring. this guy was actually rolling around with the lions and to top it off, he not only have that effect on lions but also on other wild felines as well, now that's sick :D!

watching him play around with the big cats actually made me feel a bit annoyed because come on, it's like he's teasing me with my own golden dream (other than from winning the million dollar jackpot) of doing the things he's doing, a mockery of some sort as if saying 'hey dude, get a new golden dream because this one is taken'. but you know what, you suck Kevin Richardson. i'm going to bed tonight and dream that you'll be marred by those beautiful creatures and i'll be laughing my ass off with every frakking shrieks and screams whenever they tear your flesh and rip your bones apart!! muahahahahaha (evil mode on....:p)

okay okay, i was just kidding. but the envy part is real :). Kevin Richardson (gotta love wikipedia haha) is the man! he's doing what every feline lovers dream of doing which is playing with the big cats. he's like in the major leagues of the feline pride, someone like tarzan and beastmaster although he's only limited to cats hahaha. but it's still something, normal people would be a meal if anyone were to attempt the feat haha.

here are some pictures (obviously from wikipedia haha) of the man being one with the wild.

okay, now i don't feel weird kissing my cat like this hahaha

woahhh, now this picture says alot!!!

okay, so here are the videos which made headlines:

Kevin Richardson, you're now my new favourite alongside Anderson Cooper, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Buble, Jennifer Aniston and Mother Theresa (there are several others but these are the ones that i can think of right now hahahaha)!

if i were a woman, i'd definitely ask you to marry me muahahahahahaha. just watching the video gives me the butterflies, ciao peeps and enjoy the vid :D


Claire said...

My face is turning green with envy also...tsk tsk tsk tersangat la best! sy mau jg!

JerryInc said...

mari kita pi stalk si kevin richardson hahaha