Monday, April 14, 2008

Amazing HUg!

When it comes to animals, my preference has always been cats (not that i have any problems bonding with other animals hehe) and one of my biggest dream is to be hugged by a lion and other large felines (not to the extent of being eaten by them hehe. would be happy enough if i get to at least touch them :P).

Cats are quite unique, they're practically intelligent solitary animals with an EQ (EQ is equivalent to a human's IQ measurement) higher than a dog's. but strangely enough, every cats that i ever had seem to be very arrogant and not at all affectionate. but there's one cat in particular which i think understands me more than the rest.

I had a cat once by the name Gandas, a spayed stray which wandered over to my place not to look for food but just stay there. there's something in his eyes which doesnt call out for attention, sympathy or TLC and i was somewhat attracted by it. Day by day he would come over and at times go through the food left on the table and mom would be screaming her lungs out haha. in time, i was able to get close to him and finally hold him.

being a teenager, i didnt have much of a life..spent most of my time at home cos i wasnt much of an outgoing person and whenever i do get bored, i would take a long walk alone in the middle of the night (that was before i owned a car) or just sit behind my house and stare into the darkness. but i was never really alone during these solitary moments, Gandas would always find my location and sit right beside me staring straight ahead into the darkness as if imitating what i was doing. and the strange thing is that, he wouldnt budge unless i make a move from that place.

he stayed with us for nearly 3 years, nothing special happened except for the reduction of rodent infestation in the house. unfortunately, he passed away when i was in Sandakan during my practical training...

well anyway, enjoy this clip :)..

ciao :p..

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