Monday, April 14, 2008

dream blab 1

had another weird dream again last night,'s more like 3 for the price of 1. i had 3 different dreams continuously in a night.

couldnt exactly remember what the other 2 was about, but i know it's a spooky dream. what i can remember is the 3rd dream which came before and after the other two. confusing isnt it? :)

well, it actually went like this...right before dozing off, i remember hearing the sounds of traditional gongs being played from a distance, the sounds of what you may hear at a traditional wedding. i knew i was entering dreamland cos right before getting to bed i looked at my watch, it was 12.30am and i know there weren't any weddings going on. i ignored what i heard, and as i dozed of, the music became louder until it sounded like i was at the reception itself. since everything was beginning to sound real, i decided to wake up. and i did, only to find myself waking up in a eh, a dream within a dream hehe.

i woke up in my own room and on my bed, there were lights and music outside my window and i can see a wedding reception going on. i couldnt remember the rest of the details (i should've typed this out in the morning when it was more clearer), but i do remember a girl in her white wedding gown dancing alone on our yard, she danced and danced until she was actually hovering above ground up reaching up to my window level with only few feet apart. she was beckoning for me to follow her but i refused. all this while i was at my window just looking at what she was doing until the beckoning, i knew this was a dream so i decided to ignore her and started walking to my bed.

just as i was about to reach my bed, she reappeared outside my other window which is close to where i placed my bed. she was with another guy in his wedding tux, well..i remember the guy looking tired as if drained and she looked pretty furious. her eyes were popping out and she had her teeth clenched, i was surprised and that surprise took me to another dream.

now picture how this transition of dreams happen, it feels a lot like being yanked from one place and transported to another. this time i was transported to a house, apparently my family had just bought the house. the moment i stepped into the house, it sent chills to my spine but i didnt care cos the place looked nice..a bit dark but nice. i couldn't really remember much what happened after that, but i do remember someone dying and dissapearing and i do remember our caretaker resembling the woman in her wedding gown i talked about earlier.

i think the next dream i had was having wings and flying around looking for something before coming back to where i was before the transport. this time the woman in the wedding gown was drifting further and further away from my window crying, arms outstretched as if begging for help. she did cry out something before dissappearing but all i can recall upon waking up is the word 'Dangai' or 'Danggai'...

strange isnt it :). anyway, i seem to be dreaming alot nowadays..and most of these dreams involve flying. and guess what, i think i'm getting better at it..i mean the flying hehehe.

ciao peeps...

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