Wednesday, September 7, 2011

the agenda?...

I don't have much of an opinion when it comes to politics, but one thing i do know is that politic involves both the politicians and voters...forming somewhat like a symbiotic dependency. as far as observation goes, the politicians tend to get things done when election is just around the corner. this is when they play the 'people's plights' card and also the time for the people to get what they want.

politics is a complicated affair and can be dirty at times. having known for being smooth operators or sweet talkers, most politicians would come up with agendas or promises just to get votes without being 100% certain, manipulating the voters confidence into rooting for them.

but the manipulators can be manipulated, because as you know...the people isn't dumb as what most politicians would like to think because to get on our good side, they would need to fight for our cause.

Referring to the embed video, Nurul Izzah, the opposition party politician who holds a seat in the Lembah Pantai parliament, were thrown negative comments for her involvement in the recent animal abuse case with comments saying she's only involved to gain public confidence.

but you know what.... being an animal lover and concerned over the welfare of the alleged 100 missing cats, it is a good thing that a leader is willing to step up and fight for the cause.

after the petknode boarding house incident which made headlines for the past couple of days, none of the leaders made their appearance to fight for the people's plight. so in terms of PR image, Ms. Nurul Izzah are points ahead.

what we as the public or animal lovers want is to have the case settled fairly and have the petknode owners punished accordingly. if Ms. Nurul's main objective is to gain the public's confidence, i'll have to say that she is on the right track and if she is using this issue as a stepping stone, then it's only fair to say that two can play that game...for all we know, she is just a tool to get this issue settled, but if she's doing this from the goodness of her heart, then bless her soul.

however it is, it all comes down to the people themselves. politics is a two way street with chances of the manipulators being manipulated.

Ciao peeps :D


Claire said...

hehehe..ok la ba tu dia kisah jg..kalau politician lain yg mimang nda suka binatang..they will not even consider this case untuk dimanipulasikan sbg kepentingan politik..hehe

hopefully those cats are okay tho..kesian dorang oh..

JerryInc said...

Tu's good enouhh a rep is there to help out :)