Tuesday, September 20, 2011

the lost boy...

i feel at loss, not really sure of what. all i can think of is just to crawl into a dark corner and hibernate until it's time for me reappear.

what brought on this nonsense? i have no idea...probably it has something to do with being surrounded by people a lot. this may sound strange coming from someone who is in the public relations field, which suggests strongly that i may be in the wrong profession.

then again, i was never much of a social person. my idea of socializing is being around a small group of 3-5 people. despite being such an anti-social, i have no problem with mingling or interacting with other fellow homo-sapiens but that's only because i have to and not because i want to.

maybe i can crawl into that dark corner and come out only for people i'm comfortable with, and for starters...i'll be catching a movie this Friday with a good pal of mine.

until i'm ready, i'll refrain from logging into my facebook, twitter and group whatsapp. unless it's urgent, i'll refrain from making or replying calls and smses.

describing what exactly i'm feeling right now, it's like there's something missing. just imagine a completed jigsaw puzzle and one piece keeps falling off, overtime you get tired of putting it up every single time and in the end you figured the piece would be much better off left unattended.

or imagine the light and the dark (yeah it's cliche, i know haha). the infighting of trying to reign dominion over an element has gotten to the point where neither elements matter and hazy grey is as good as either one.

ps: before anyone jumps to conclusion, it has nothing to do with relationship issues haha

one obvious sign that shows how lost i am is...i keep asking myself 'who am i' and 'what am i supposed to do'...

losing sight of myself and just need sometime alone...cheers :D


Claire said...

sepa la ba nda jumping into conclusion nampak pic kau mi-lo-lonely...hahaha

Neway, sy pun pandai rasa gitu tu kadang2...mcm teda point ni this whole life..jadi apa lah ni semua? gitu sy pandai terfikir...ko patut p baca si Leo Tolstoy ni..dia la tu selalu kebingungan mencari erti kehidupan...wakaakka

Yo. said...

you need to come out with me to have Guinnesses and sort your head out by talking rubbish.

JerryInc said...

claire: nda mau..makin lost sa rasa nanti tu hahaha

yo: cool..see you this friday hahaha

Fridaycat said...

kenapa lagi ko ni? You know what u need?

A good karaoke session!!! Her name was Lolaaaaaa, she was a showgirrllll....

Bah, when u come back, ok?

JerryInc said...

hahaha, ya..maybe that's the remedy that i need haha.

See you in Oct! we karaoke at your house lah, sa blm menjejak kaki again hahaha