Thursday, September 22, 2011

we are a primitive race...

One has to wonder what are our purposes in life. aside from the usual stuff that we do such as eating, drinking, shitting (hahaha), work, sleep, etc etc... we must have a significant role to play that only ourselves are capable of doing, i mean why else are we created differently from each other?

On my end, i want to do a lot of stuff. unfortunately, the things that i want to do aren't in my capabilities. for example, i'd (very much) like to pass judgment (most likely the death sentence) to whomever kills other people and animals senselessly (and this includes the leaders who wages war against their fellow humans).

I just wish that the day would come when all humans regardless of their race and skin color work together without taking their beliefs or religions as an excuse to refrain from being together as one and i wish that people will someday have the commonality to agree on things for the better sake of a bright future.

Sadly, being (a primitive) human denies us that privilege. which makes me wonder the societal structure for aliens (assuming that they exist) from other planets.

given their highly evolved brain, would they still squabble among themselves in petty stuff to the point of declaring war against each other in their home-world? or do they focus on advancing their civilization to a higher level?

I remember a watching an episode from the sci-fi series 'SG-1' a decade ago which shows a peaceful civilization that banned all form of violence and warfare as it nearly destroyed their world a long time ago. so instead, they focused on advancing their technology to improve their living condition and to protect their home-world from potential threats by other planetary beings. the point that i'm trying to say is that, why can't we as humans work together for our own benefit? why must there be wars in the name of religion, ego or greed? why can't we advance our mentality for the good of mankind?

i'd like to say that my trust and hope on people and humanity is fading, and i'd like to say that i am ashamed of being one of them. but i can't, because as much as i'd like to think otherwise, the fact remains that i am still human and the best i can do now is hope that we humans would someday come to our senses...hopefully sooner.

peace out and cheers...

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Kay Stanford Jr Kastum said...

I think the world is coming to an end and earth will be reset to the year zero.

JerryInc said...

if the world ends, there won't be a year zero for human kind in this world :).