Sunday, May 29, 2011

the world's annoyances...

life doesn't normally turn out exactly the way we want it to be, the best thing that we can do is to work as close to what we have in mind and be settled with it. in other words, we live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every moment that is presented to us.

but enjoying life doesn't give us the privilege to do anything we want, it's a chance for us to realize our dreams and capabilities to a certain extent which doesn't involve the suffering of other people or animals.

nowadays, we are bombarded by news of war, violence, abuse, psychopathic behaviors, natural disasters, stupidity and lots more and these news grace the front page of every major dailies to the point of overwhelming the positive aspects of human nature. call it a media's way of sensationalizing the angles for maximum profit, but what if the only reason these happenings are reported more was only because we have less of the positive human attributes to tell?

i once told a friend that if i had the power to change the world, i would probably wipe out all humans on earth and make a fresh start just like what happened in the biblical deluge (not trying to be God-like, but just a habit. if things doesn't work, start all over again). but that wouldn't change a thing because knowing us humans, over time we would repeat the same mistakes's all in our primitive nature to fight, kill and be stupid and heartless to the extreme.

us humans are unique, i think we are the only species in the entire universe which has the capability to make a change for the better. we are equipped with emotions, rationality, intelligence, determination and lots more and endowed with superb physical attributes in terms of strength and healing abilities...heck, even the handicapped possesses other special attributes to compensate what they lack. the best part is, we are still evolving and we have yet to uncover our maximum potential as a human being.

but sadly, we are too engrossed with our own superiority that we fail to see that the others are just like us. we use race, religion, skin color and other differences as an excuse to justify our actions. we treat the weak ones as our punching bag to prove that we are better than them just to feed our ego.

it's frustrating to see that we still haven't reach the commonality to understand each other and work together for a better world and to protect those who are weaker than us. my only wish right now is to eliminate the people with a heartless disposition regardless of whether they're portrayed as a loving father, mother, son or daughter.

what prompted this entry? well read this news. may the perps suffer an agonizing death...

seriously, the current world events are truly sucking the optimism and life out of me. i wish i was in a world where nature and modernization goes hand in hand, humans understand the importance of life, the air is fresh, communications is only via telepathy and the night sky is lit up by the splendorous shining of two moons. now that's my dream world.

yeah, the keyword here is dream...

image credit to Scenic Reflections

maybe the end of days is near and everyone's going to hell...just saying. ciao.


Fridaycat said...

I know exactly what u mean. I was watching the tsunami documentary on Nat Geo the other day and it got me thinking - isn't it bad enough we have to deal with natural calamities? War, human trafficking, discrimination...I could go on and on..are all the 'contribution' of mankind. In other words: cari penyakit.

And I hope those involved in shooting the dog in Malta suffer a horrendous and slow death.

Claire said...

wtf. adei...kesian jg tu... :( nda sanggup sy mo tgk.

good post tho.

JerryInc said...

mel: itulah bah, sia2 jak kena bagi tu utak sma drg, nda juga pandai pakai...geez..

claire: good news bah, tu anjing survived. you should read the article. bukan video tu sa kasi link :)

Daniel Chiam said...

JERRY! I AM ASTOUNDED. Fuuuhhh punya syiok ko punya writing!

I can't agree more with you there. Its normal to have a thought such as yours when you live long enough in the broken down world and just getting sick and tired of whats going on around.

Well, I was hoping to make a difference to the world that we are living. I dont really exactly know how yet, but hopefully in time, slowly... something will changed and things will become better.

Claire said...

ooo...ok...hahaha kalau video nda la sy tgk tu..bah mo p baca dlu..

JerryInc said...

Dan: astounded? wtf?!! hahaha. that's just it, i haven't live long enough and yet things aren't looking too good from the media perspective. very depressing :)

hopefully the change arrives before it's too late :)

Caire: dipersilakan :D

Daniel Chiam said...

Amazed... jaw dropping... close to epic-ness... haha

JerryInc said...

damn it hahaha :D