Friday, May 27, 2011


many people with the same experience would agree that one of the best times in our life would be the college years. this was the period where we (most of us) learned to live independently with unlimited freedom being without our parents' supervision.

i believe i was a bit of a stuck up when i first set foot on the college grounds. how so you ask?
imagine a guy who just checked into the dorm, chose the the most spacious space by the window and despite the bed being a double bunker, the area was cordoned off with a string to ward off any intruders and even bunk mates..yeah, i was that guy lol :D.

it wasn't that i meant to be an ass but i think my defense mechanism kicked in, you know, being surrounded in a totally new surrounding. i couldn't even look anyone straight in the eye and if i was more like a glare as if trying to pick a fight, yeah..the new surrounding amplified my distrusting nature twice fold. but everything changed when one by one, my dorm mates started coming up to me for a chat and i realized that my insecurities was without basis because we were all in the same boat: insecure and surrounded by total strangers. yeah, but despite having warmed up with everyone in the dorm, i still had them remove their shoes or slippers before entering my area and a strict rule of ' no sleeping, lying, resting or even get comfy on my bunker' hahaha. another reason i limit people from getting into my area is because i do not want my sleeping area to be a mess :D. and that was the tell-tale sign that i couldn't sleep or live in a messy place :p.

few semesters later, i moved out to live with my seniors in a rented house, and all i can say is that, we had a blast! we were drinking in the house whenever we can, we hung out and studied together, we cooked and dined together... it felt like being in a family unit (and that's important when you're living away from your real one). just in every family, there's always that one person who complains and nags alot, and it happened to be yours truly :D.

they're a great bunch, but couple of the guys in the house are just plain lazy with questionable hygiene issues. being me, all i had to do was speak out my mind..well ok, i had to be sarcastic in order to get the message across hahaha. to keep our dynamics intact, we had to come up with a chores schedule for everyone in the house and the schedule only worked because it was backed by few other guys who share the same sentiment when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness.

those were the good ol' days and i do miss it. to make matters worse, i am now thinking of having a housemate to share the bachelor pad with to re-live the moments, but knowing myself i would probably annoy people with my nagging, complaints or sarcasm should they fall short in the expectation of sharing the responsibility to maintain the cleanliness in the pad :). yeah, i would make a very very bad housemate! hahaha.

the bachelor pad :)

the housemate :)

cheers :D


Daniel Chiam said...

I actually prefer a housemate like you! Haha at least I am not the only one who is doing all the cleaning in the house. I'm sick and tired of coming home to find unorganized slippers, unwashed dishes in the sink, baju2 masih di jemuran after dont know how many decade. Worst man when your housemate is girls and they are just plain lazy! Okay nnt sa blog about it, haha.

JerryInc said...

those times were a nightmare hahahaha. i still couldn't understand how one could leave their clothes on the line for weeks, i don't understand how difficult it is to put the used clothes on one corner instead of leaving it around and the worst part is i couldn't understand how anyone could leave their clothes piled up for weeks before washing them sampai berbau brabis ni!! hahahaha

Fridaycat said...

LOL,what a rare breed! I shared a condo with 4 guys back in uni and needless to say it was HELL. Imagine picking up after 4 boys. One of my housemates pissed me off so much that I used his toothbrush to clean the toilet, hahahahahaha! Jahat i know. But he had it coming.

That said, I know not all boys are the same. Like i said, you are rare breed, haha!

Claire said...

Nasib baik engkau berada di species yg betul...wakakaka buduh la tu kalau pengotor yg too much punya...hahahaha jahat ka...kalau mau kasi kutur..kasi kutur sendiri punya bilik seja la...area lain dalam rumah jgn ada hati mo kasi kutur kalau malas mo kasi bersih...tu pinggan mangkuk..itu tandas...itu kasut smelly...tsk tsk kalau mo kasi kutur bilik sendiri pun jgn smpi tu bau keluar jg p luar...hahahahah

JerryInc said...

Mel: i was still quite innocent back then, but if i was who i am now, the toilets would be sparklingly clean courtesy of 2 toothbrushes lol :D. and yes, a rare breed indeed (thank my mom for abusing us siblings by shoving the art of cleanliness into our heads hahaha)

Claire: jan ko, kadang2 tu bilik drg bau mcm bosou klu kena buka pintu heran juga mcm mana drg buli tidur hahaha

Claire said...

hahaha...magayub kan tu bau keluar...kdg2 nda payah pun buka pintu..menyisip keluar jg tu bau..omg.omg.hahahaha u know what's the scary part? dorang suda immune sama tu bau...dats why buli tdur jg!omg lg!

JerryInc said...

drg punya deria hidu rusak suda? hahaha