Monday, September 5, 2011

animal cruelty..again...

'i would sell my soul to the devil if it means obtaining powers to punish those who:

a) tortures, abuses and kills animals without mercy

b) tortures, abuses and kills other humans without justification or mercy

and yes, i am serious....

my priority would be on (a) simply because we have laws on (b) to protect human beings.

i miss the days when i am ignorant and sheltered by the harsh realities of life and i miss seeing the innocence in every humans that i encounter. but that's just part of living and growing up, we have to accept that things change, most of the time, and not the way we want them to be.

while some changes can be good, others can be detrimental to an individual and societal structure and ignoring the things which needs changing can give off the same effect as well. take murder for example, should there be no stringent laws as a remedy to future occurrences, killings would be prevalent and all humans would distrust each other...well okay, trusting people nowadays isn't the same as how it was decades ago, but can you imagine if there are no laws to curb the atrocious act?

as humans, we are protected by laws which dictates our safety and security, but shouldn't we extend the same protection to the other weaker animals?

in this year alone, there have been reports of animal cruelties and some of the highlighted ones are:

a) The abused Sushi the poodle
--->> watch video HERE
--->> and news report HERE
--->> for the facebook page alleging the culprits, click HERE (I mean, the resemblance and identifiable mark is there, how difficult is it to nail or investigate Allan Tan and Doreen Loo as the alleged perpetrators??)
--->> interesting feed HERE
the charge: NONE as far as i know, couldn't find any articles on their charges.

b) the Serdang Cat Killer (stupid bitch Chow Siow Wei)
--->> watch the CCTV recording HERE [Note: not for the faint of heart]
the charge: a maximum fine of RM400

c) Misc
-->> click HERE

d) and the latest one is at PetKnode Boarding house in Damansara (Greedy bastards Shahrul Azuwan Adanan and Yushairi Khairuddin)
-->> click HERE for more info
the charge: walked scot free with only a fine of RM400

this recent incident shouldn't be taken lightly. 300 cats and a dog were left to starve for a week (or more) resulting in the deaths of 9 cats. this is a clear case of negligence and the perpetrators should be imposed a higher penalty for being irresponsible.

for your information, we do have an Animal Ordinance which includes the penalty for cruelty against animals. but as written in part 4, section 44 of the Animal Ordinance 1953, the penalty for such cruelty is....

...'a fine of two hundred dollars or to imprisonment for a term of six months or to both.'

way to go Malaysia for having such 'heavy' and 'frightening' penalty! (come on lah!!! anyone can afford RM200 lah bastards!!)

for most pet owners, their pet isn't only just another animal, it's part of their family... so you would understand why people would get distressed knowing that their pets have been ill treated. but regardless of whether they are someone else's pet or strays, no animals should be treated harshly or even killed without any good reason, they're after all living beings and God's creations.

or maybe the meaning of compassion and empathy no longer exist in our vocabulary....

a cat and her kitten dead from starvation in the recent animal cruelty incident at Petnode Boarding in Damansara...

yes, i would sell my soul to the devil if it means i can make a change by passing my own judgment on them. if it were up to me, my choice of punishment would be subjecting them to a taste of their own medicine...



Claire said...

bikin sakit hati seja ni semua orang buduh ni kan. tia tau mcmna baru sy boleh puas hati oo...kasi hukum sebatan lah kali..keteh la durang!

JerryInc said...

huishh, sebatan pun nda cukup owh. klu ikut hati sa, mimang sa kasi starve drg to the point yg klu drg start makan jak trus mati sebab terkejut makan banyak :)

Claire said...

haaahhahha...that one bukan legal punya cara sda la kan..kalau gitu ada banyak lagi jg idea sy ni mo buat sama durang..hahahhaha

i mean legally la at least..sebatan teruk jg tau..luka2 tu p****t (incase ada urang semenanjung cni) durang..keteh la sy bilang..

JerryInc said...

hahaha, i'm not in favour with legal means. i'd rather go all evil sma ni urang mcm ni :D