Thursday, May 5, 2011

sick..darn it hahaha

okay, for the past couple of weeks i've been feeling a bit under the weather. first off, there was this feeling of getting the fever..which never materialized and secondly, i have swellings in my right thigh near my groin area.

since i had a blast holidaying in mabul prior to getting the swells, i thought it could be just a muscle pull so i didn't bother to inform the doctor of it. but after a week, the pain got worse and more conspicuous so i googled it up and the closest info i could get was 'swollen inguinal lymph nodes'.

inguinal lymph nodes
Lymph is a clear fluid flowing through the lymph vessels that nourishes the tissues and takes out the wastes from them to filter it out through the bloodstream. Lymph system is all pervasive. Like the stretch of blood vessels and nerve tissues, you can feel the presence of lymph nodes all through the body. Such lymph nodes in and around the groin region are called inguinal lymph nodes.

Just above either side of the genitals and lying in lower reaches of abdomen, inguinal lymph nodes can be quite vulnerable to being enlarged, swollen and even malignant. Such lymph malignancy in the area may result in endometrial cancer.

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so what could be causes for the swellings? there are several, such as bacterial or viral infection, tick bite, lymphoma or tuberculosis and others which i haven't googled up yet.

at first, i thought it could be an infection due to the toe injury i got in mabul but it seemed a bit off since my swollen lymph nodes were on my right leg and my injured toe was on the left, but i stuck to that possibility since it sounded less harmless. after a week of being prescribed antibiotics, the swelling didn't subside...instead, a new swelling appeared which prompted the referral to a private hospital and a proposal for a biopsy to be performed.

i don't like the idea of being dissected, so instead...i decided to give another go of the antibiotic treatment and see how it goes.

but after coming back from the hospital, it suddenly hit me...isn't the doctor supposed to propose a blood test first before going straight for the biopsy?

anyway, i've decided to take a blood test tomorrow, so fingers crossed that nothing terminal comes up and hopefully after this one week, the swellings will subside :p.

those dark spots are the swollen area...

the doctor's report...

ps: would be nice if i weren't single right now... lol :p

ciao peeps :D


Claire said...

ada tu kucing kau tu tulung sayang2 kau..ekeke..jangan la betabiat mo tunggu lama2..nti tmbh teruk tu susah lagi, nda selesa lagi...get well soon k.

JerryInc said...

haha, ada...seriously. there were few times masa sa batuk2 and sejukan brabis, tiba2 dia datang pi urut2 dada sa trus dia pi tidur sna sampai pagi walaupun sa batuk banyak :p

Claire said...

eee...punya la rasa dia tau tu kau sakit...bagus oh tu kucing..kasi sy la tu..wakaka

JerryInc said...

hahaha, nanti..klu dia pandai buat kerja rumah duluan baru sa bagi ko hahaha