Friday, April 8, 2011

Stupidity never ends...

so i did my usual blog hopping (yeah, fyi people do and still blog) and read about an interesting piece on china's latest animal key chain.

initially, i thought it was some sort of a prank. come on, live animals as key chains? noo... it just didn't sound right so i read through it and guess what, it was a literal description. check this video out:

i have to say it's kinda cute, but you wont see me walking around with it anytime soon solely because i can't be categorized with the idiots who actually think that having this kinda accessory is cool! I mean, put yourself in the animals' place, would like you to be enclosed in a cramped space and shaken around a lot?! Grow a brain you stupid chineses (okay, it's not racism when i say that because i'm part chinese myself and specifically aimed at those who are doing this hahaha).

animals both land and water should have ample space to roam or swim about. confining them in a claustrophobic zone is an abuse of their freedom, that's why i don't keep birds or fishes unless i have my own park or an extremely large aquarium hahaha. heck, i couldn't even stand my cat and dog to be caged or tied up (but i perfectly understand if they are, just make sure that they can move around freely).

darn, it just irritates me how stupid us humans can be.

on another note (but more or less along the line of the above), read this. how is it that we manage to come up with people of such mentality? it just goes to show that when one is born stupid, their degree or phd can't cure them of the lifetime illness.

hmmm, maybe i should compile a list of '2011's most stupid remarks ever made by our leaders' hahaha. ciao :D

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