Sunday, March 8, 2009 loving LIFE...:)

i know i've been quite for a while now and it's not because i've gone for a sabbatical..again haha, but everything has been great (more or less hehe) and i just don't know where to begin :).

for starters, moving back into the bachelor's pad with my cousin has been the best change so far. i love being independent (always has :P), i love coming home to a place where no one would tell me what to do and i love sitting in front of 'my' newly bought TV being immersed with tons of new and old downloaded movies from the net :). and the fact that i've been spending most of my money on kitchen supplies instead of booze makes me feel somewhat like a responsible person...and i love it hahaha.

but that's one thing about living in an all guys pad...they can be very messy (i'm quite a neat person) and it's like college all over again! hahaha. strangely enough, i don't mind doing the cleaning up. it actually lifts the boredom when you're not doing anything at all :).

as i was, so far, since the start of the new year has been great to me. i've learned to ignore all the petty troublesome stuff, avoiding any unnecessary conflicts and having fun without using much or any money at all and i've been looking at all the little good things instead of the big good and bad things...and one great thing about having this change of mentality is that, i seem to be having fun with or without company (although it is nice to have someone to laugh and chat with once in a while hehe) :).

this may sound a bit crazy (well, what can i say,..i am a bit off myself hahaha)...but sometimes when i'm walking alone and pass by any strangers, i would just smile like an idiotic flirt and it's so gratifying to be smiled back at in return :). why? honestly i dont know, it wasn't flirting that's for sure...probably because i see kindness in every smile :)...yeah i know, it's a bit naive for me to see it that way hehehe.

i'm trying to make a difference, in my own life and everyone around me. i know i couldn't change other people or make others do what i want, but if there's a slight chance that my existence could have an impact on their life, hopefully for the better, then i don't mind being where i am now or do what i do.

here's another naive revelation....i'm starting to believe that everyone is somehow rather connected with the people around them including the strangers. it's like there's a fine unseen thread which ties all of us together and when someone falls, we could feel the repercussion from the tug of the thread and the thread would only be visible when everyone are innocently at ease with each other, we can tell this through the shared laughter, smiles, respect..ets etc hahaha. be reminded, when this tie is severed, the end of the thread would connect to the next best person and it'll continue until it has found its former host :)...

i love living, i love my life and honestly...despite all the negative sides i possess, my positive attributes outweighs the stuff which may make me look bad and for that....i don't think i wanna trade the me now with someone else :).

ps: all i can think of right now much stuff to do but so little annual leaves left hahaha...damn it...need to start planning for the right timing again hehehe


cLaiRe Bennet said...

:)i realize that a long time ago... that even if we may not know the little things that can change to other people's life when we decide on what we shud not stop us from doing something nice or good...we are all connected kan...:)

btw, dapat menyenangkan hati ba kalau ada stranger senyum sama kita...hehehe

JerryInc said... it or not..we are all connected, one reason for everyone to respect and be good with each other :)

ya's just so gratifying lah :)