Friday, October 3, 2008

in appreciation...

September has ended and October is in for a new slate and cleaner chapter after months of beating myself up for reasons easily dealt with. before i go on any further, let me remind you that this is NOT supposed to be a sappy entry hehe.

when i made my decision couple of months back on how to deal with the trying situations, it wasn't entirely based on what i was feeling then, but more to assessing the present and compare it to what may come in the future or in other words, applying what i know then and weigh it against with what i may have to face :). yeah, in layman's all about practicality and rationality.

it's relatively easy when it comes to making decisions based on rationality, but rationale can sometimes be blurred by other underlying factor such as emotions, making what may be a simple and solvable task into something the opposite :).

one thing i'm grateful of is having the people i can really call my friends. fyi, i don't normally acknowledge people i just got to know as friends, cos for me, friendship takes time to bond and most of all trust..and trusting people is an issue for me :).

but eventually some of these people i do finally accept as a friend, and it's not because of 'what' they are, but mainly 'who' they are, and when i say generally relates to what kind of persons they are :). then again, i've conditioned myself to notice the type of people who would get along well with me cos my only motto when it comes to making friends is that 'if you can't accept me for who i am, even when i'm such an ass...then there's no point for us to even be acquainted. in some cases, the time factor doesn't apply to some people cos there would be a time when we meet someone, a spontaneous link is formed.

anyhow, what i was trying to say is that, i'm not someone whom you might say 'a person who has a lot of friends' hahaha, that would be far from the truth cos although i am mostly surrounded by great people, but among these great people, only a handful of them are worthy of my respect and these people are the ones i really don't mind hanging out with. but even so, i don't need to meet up with them all the time (or everyday) cos come's not like i'm married to them hahaha.

so to the people that i hang out with, the people that i look for when ever in need of company, the people who would be there whenever i invite them over for any occasions and vice versa... you are the people i call friends and the entry this time is my appreciation to every one of you cos with or without you realising it, you have given me the insights on how to deal with my own demons. i would extend my appreciations personally but unfortunately, my inflated ego prohibits me from doing so or else i would feel indebted to you peeps hahaha.

ps: friends is more than hanging out together and having a great time, it's about understanding and respecting each other's need, cheering them up when they're down and most of all, accepting them for who they really are (even when they're being an ass hahaha). who needs more friends when there're these great people who will always be there for you :). mis mas efusivas gracias amigos, you peeps know who you are :).


hushMONKEY said...

"sometimes you put walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to break them down"

JerryInc said...

thats so right dude...:)

Fridaycat said...

Right back at cha!

*except for that 'being an ass' part. You play that role so well sometimes, I pale in comparison, haha!

JerryInc said...

well, what can i say..i am charming ass most of the time if not all hahaha