Thursday, October 30, 2008

movie marathon hehehe...

last night was good, been quite awhile since i had a good laugh with a bunch of matured people (noo...i'm not saying you people are old, though basically i was the youngest one in the group hahaha). there's just something about hanging out (although it was work related hehe) with these kinda people who knows how to let loose yet still sensible enough on keeping their maturity and sanity intact people rawk :P.

anyhow, after last night's much laughter and little mayhem, i've decided to do something on my own tonight. been missing out on good movies lately and i intend on doing some catching up, so tonight will be my movie marathon night :P.

so, what do i normally do when i'm in a mood for a movie marathon? well, in my case, i look at which cinema to go to before deciding on what movie to watch. Kota Kinabalu has several cinema to choose from, and choosing the right cinema can be quite a hassle. On normal movie days, i would decide on what movie to watch and only then decide on which cinema to go to, but on a marathon day, i would consider a cinema which has more interesting movies to watch and plan the time frames for each movies :).

now, a brief explanation on the cinemas available in Kota Kinabalu (based on my own opinion):

GSC (Golden Screen Cinema) KK: One of the oldest surviving cinema around, the cinema halls are quite spacious but the seatings are a bit too crowded...not to mention the myriad of lingering smells which makes the movie watching experience a bit disheartening :).

GSC 1Borneo: Recently opened in one of Asia's biggest hypermall, the 1Borneo, this cinema is so far the best compared to the others, but only because it is relatively new. but in terms of seating arrangements, i have to say it is by far the most comfortable as it offers spacious leg spread (well, spacious than the rest hehe), no funky smells (cos it's new) and no crowded seatings. but since it is somewhat way off the town area, less people tend to avoid this place..which is great for me but bad for their business hahaha. i prefer being in a cinema with less people because...less people means less distraction hehe.

Cathay KK: Even though i like GSC 1Borneo, my all time favourite cinema is still Cathay KK. i dunno why, it's not like i have a history at this cinema or anything like it. but its quaint interior somewhat feels cosy..or homey if i may say so hehe. but there's only one thing i kinda detest...i hate crowded seats, or seats which are too close to each other and there isn't sufficient space for a satisfactory leg spread hahaha.

Growball Cinemax: Located in (i think) KK's most happening mall, the Centrepoint (which i'm still trying to figure out why..), this cinema are packed most of the time. aside from it's tight and crowded seats, i don't really fancy the crowds. basically, my observations has shown that the majority of its patrons are teenagers which has no where else to go to be seen. and their wannabe dress ups can be quite an eye sore...but i think my major problem with the place is that it's always packed!! haha.

okie, so i've assessed the movies for each cinema from and i've decided to do my marathon at..jeng jeng jeng...(yeah lame haha)...GSC 1BORNEO!!! and here are the time frames for each movie :):

1) The House Bunny (approx. 1hr 38mins) - 7.00pm
2) Disaster Movie (approx 1hr 27mins) - 8.45pm
3) My Best Friend's Girl (approx. 1hr 42mins) - 11.50pm

now, as you can see, the intervals between the first and second movie are continuous, but the third is a bit of a problem because the second movie would approximately end at 10.05pm and the next show would only start at 11.50pm, so basically there's that nearly two hours gap to fill in...damn it, now the third movie is tentative...geez hehehe.

anyhow, i do intend to have fun at the cinema ciao peeps :)

ps: anyone feels like going to the movies tonight? hehehe


cLaiRe Bennet said...

so how was the movies? hehe...
susah jg telampau panjang kaki ni..apa pun nda muat..hahha nsb kaki sja panjang..hahahahha

JerryInc said...

ni mlm lah tu. but most probably am gonna play hookie and leave the office at 3pm supaya buli juga sa tingu wayang awal sikit hehe

JerryInc said...

ni mlm lah tu. but most probably am gonna play hookie and leave the office at 3pm supaya buli juga sa tingu wayang awal sikit hehe

cLaiRe Bennet said...

eh..iya mlm pla...enjoy ur movie la k jerryster~ ;)