Friday, October 31, 2008

movies summarized...

as what i've posted in my previous entry, yesterday was my movie marathon day and that was exactly what i did..watched 3 movies in a row hahaha (talk about living the life hehe). anyhow, instead of going for the late night movie, i started earlier so that my quota of 3 movies were fulfilled..and besides, i was darn sleepy by the time the 3rd movie ended :).

the movie marathon started at 5pm with 'Bangkok Dangerous' as the appetizer haha, but honestly, i was the least interested to watch this movie because i kinda knew how it would be like. unfortunately, there are limited shows at 5pm and the only movies available at that hour was 'High School Musical: 3' and that somewhat dissapointing movie which i went for hahaha.

if 'Bangkok Dangerous' was the appetizer, the main course would be 'The House Bunny' and good thing it was satiating hehehe. i'm not really sure why i liked the movie, maybe there's something about Anna Faris haha.

i didn't go for any side dish after that since i was beginning to get a bit stuffed so i skipped straight to dessert with 'Disaster Movie'..and was a disaster alright! i mean, the humors were lame, the actors looked like idiots and Kim Kardashian (i think it was her) was just a pretty face to compensate for the ugliness of the rest of the crew (good thing she died early haha)

Bangkok Dangerous
my personal opinion on the movie? well, i expected a 'more action and less talk' kinda movie..but with Nicholas Cage in it (don't get me wrong, i love the dude), there's no way a supposed action movie can be a truly action movie..know what i mean hehehe.

the action stunts were, how may i put it...mediocre and nothing thrilling about it. everything about the movie is a drab. to summarize the movie: it's about an assasswin hired by a businessman to get rid of his rivalries, the downside was...he fell in love with a deaf lady and got attached with his messenger boy which led him to his death trying to save him (yeah, that's a spoiler..the hero died haha). i could've had a better time watching the High School musical hahaha.

my recommendation: a must watch movie if you feel like sleeping in the cinema...

my rating: 2* out 5*

The House Bunny
well, this movie got me smiling throughout its period haha. there's just something about Anna Faris playing a blonde dumb which always gets me going haha. humors were pretty good and everyone was a sport, at least the jokes are quite original and aren't repetitive as in the other similar genres :).

What is the movie about? well, it's about a playboy bunny who got tricked by a jealous housemate into leaving Hugh Hefner's playboy mansion, being homeless and out of job, she decided to become a 'housemother' to a sorority house and changes all the occupants from being losers to populars (yeah, it's a bit cliche but at least it has it's own twist :P) with her vast experience as a bunny..basically, it's about a movie of an innnocent girl finding herself in an unexpected way :).

my recommendation: a good chick flick of the month and not to be watched alone. bring your friends (or boyfriends, i bet they would be entertained by some of the flicks in it hehe) for a feel good full of laughter moments :).

my rating: 3 1/2* out of 5*

Disaster Movie
A TOTAL DISASTER!!! that's all i can say. no originality, humorless jokes, stiff actors..all and all, JUST PLAIN STUPID!! muy estupido haha...i think that sentiment says much about the movie :P.

my recommendation: great movie!!....for retards :)

my rating: 5* out of 5*....but only if you're a retard hahaha

hmm..that's enough for this morning's ramblings,...stay tuned, for more actions and adventures hahaha.

Ciao peeps :)...

ps: what to do? what to do?...hehe

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cLaiRe Bennet said...

hhahahhaa..funny jg kau ni..hihi msh lg sy senyum2 cni...

kalau me n frens go watch movie kan.. biasa harga dia rm8 gitu la..then kalau abis sda kami bertanya2 ni...brapa ringgit la muvie kau? kunun gitu la..hehe then mcm..ala..3ringgit sja harga muvie sy tadi oo..gitu la kami kasi rating..ahahhaha kalau best mau mati 8ringgit la tu muvie dia tu...haha