Saturday, September 25, 2010

monkey on the wall...

what did i do today?....

well...i had fun today because i tried out wall climbing.

it was fun, the only downside was arms are now hurting and all my 10 fingers feel all wiggly. i couldn't even hold up a pen to sign my dining bill, it kept falling (i meant the pen haha) and when i did manage to get a grip on it, my handwriting was all different and awkward, it's like i'm just learning how to write. just imagine writing on your non-dominant hand (unless you're ambidextrous than that doesn't apply) hahaha.

why did i enjoy it?

climbing is quite a second nature to me. i could practically climb up on anything with a sturdy foothold (except for coconut trees, it's impossible for me to climb up on one of those..and yes, i've tried it haha).

but one thing about climbing compared to then and now is that...back then when i was a looooot younger, i had no problem lifting myself up, stretching my legs to reach the corners or any crevices or protruding foothold was a synch but feels like my body was made of lead and stretching my legs far out feels like pulling a ligament...hmmppphhh, the beauty of aging haha.

not to be a superstitious lad, but i think being born in the year of the monkey has its pros..and climbing is one of it...and jumping and being mischievous, sly, cunning, smart, playful, etc etc hahaha (yeah okay, i sidetracked a bit and i know, self praise is no praise...i get it hahaha).

will i be doing it again anytime soon?

hell yeah! haha (once the sensation starts coming back to my arms and hands haha)

so that's what i did today on the afternoon. and right now, i'm holed up in my room (as usual) doing nothing (as usual) and might probably put on my reading glasses and pick up a book (duh, to read..what else?) hahaha :D.

i'll tell you what i did last saturday in my next entry hahahaha. ciao peeps :)


Fridaycat said...

Say it with me:

Moo. Nyit.

JerryInc said...

Owh wow, u know how to speak simian! Haha

Fridaycat said...

How else would we converse? :P

JerryInc said...

touche hahaha

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Hmmm...not really into climbing. I prefer photography.

JerryInc said...

hahaha, obviously you do :)