Sunday, July 20, 2008

Friday Hangout wit the guys :)

didn't exactly have a good weekend... hung out with the guys on friday night, overslept for work the next day and had to call in sick..which i took the opportunity to sleep the whole day and was supposed to join another group for a drinking session on Saturday night but had to turn it down as i was still too hungover from the previous session and went to the office awhile ago just to pass the time. sounds boring doesnt it? well...that's my life, not much excitement but i get through it.

even when i was happily laughing during friday's drinking session, i cant help but feel like there's something missing amidst the laughters..good thing there were booze to drown it all down making all the unbearable senseless thoughts more tolerable..

anyhow, here is a vid of the night's session...:)

Disclaimer: There may be some profanities or obscenities involved in the making of this video. if you're by any chance Sabahan or a person with trained comprehension of the used loghat and dialect and easily offended, please refrain from watching the video...:)

it was good someone took a video of this session cos i dont remember much of it except for the noise and laughters, good times. But it wont be the same if the two noisiest people weren't there, Sam and Dan :). well, pardon the language...we were just a bunch of good ol' drunk guys playing a silly game (more like games haha)

ps: come to think of it, only these people call me by my other :)

goodnite peeps...
pics source: photobucket


Wel^Beiolman said...

main game belalang pepatung ba kamu ni kan..tapi lain sikit la nama dia dalam game kamu ni..haha...aha..sepa yg paling kuat ketawa tu..haha..

Fridaycat said...

Okaaaay sounds like quite a weekend. Again. haha.

you've been tagged by the way...if u got nothing else better to do la like me :)

JerryInc said...

ndalah wel..kami main bobot, nenen and loloi hahaha (kana modify skit jak baitu :))

suara urang paling kuat ketawa...itulah si Dan hehe

JerryInc said...

hey mel...waddya mean 'again'? hehehe.

did the tag...even though i HAD other things better to do hehehe

Wel^Beiolman said... dan, daniel ka? napa mcm galap saja ni..jimat letrik ka..naik suda harga letrik..

aha..sia dingar nenen sama bobot sja..haha.loloi inda berapa..haha..loloi yg mcm belalai la tu kan..haha..

JerryInc said...

ko kanal kaitu? bukan si daniel kawan si bwendon tau ni :). well...tu camerawoman jauh dari kami baitu and tu tempat mimang galap :).

haha...yup, loloi yg belalai laitu hehe..:p

Wel^Beiolman said...

oh..sia ingat si dan kawan si daniel..inda la kenal penah p jugs sama durang jg..durang si dury, darren..gavin..etc la..inda ingat suda..kawan si brandon la semua tu..haha..

lelew ba tu bukan loloi..haha..

JerryInc said...

sa kanal juga semua yg disebut tu hehe..

lelew..loloi...toli..eleh, sama jak bah tu wel :P...