Sunday, August 17, 2008

i'm all good hehehe

my five nights of continuous booze binging has finally taken it's toll physically...i've mentioned in my previous post that i've been fighting the onsets of getting the fever and i thought if i get drunk and ignore it, my body would heal naturally. yeah, i know it doesn't make sense, just wanna see for myself the effectiveness of the so called placebo effect hehehe. the conclusion: since i haven't gotten the fever, i must say it is quite effective..but it all depends on how strong your mind is in tricking your own body hahaha.

for the past five nights, i dare say i've been enjoying myself. the drinking sessions has helped alot in dealing with the demons within (yeah, i drink, get tipsy or drunk, go home and head straight to bed hehehe). before you peeps start jumping to conclusion, lemme assure you that i have yet to be an alcoholic..i drink to divert all those unwanted thoughts away, i know it doesn't solve the problem..but it sure is a temporary relief to the tired mind :), but last night was definitely the cherry on the topping...i went bar hopping and i had a blast!!

i started out at @Bar alone (yeah...what's new? hehehe), and after having a chat with a prominent stranger (that's one thing great about @Bar, the patrons are civilized people and not rowdy as in most bars, having a chat over the bar with anyone including strangers doesn't feel awkward at all), i decided to join my cousins and friends over in Blue Note at Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort. the last time i was in this place was more than 6 months ago, and although i've heard they made some changes to the place..i never expected it would be way better than before!! hehe. We didn't stay long though and adjourned to Rumba in Le Meridien.

I didn't plan on going there, okay maybe i did hehe, i was supposed to meet up a fellow PR worker there but decided to cancel at the last minute..well, if i knew i was going there anyway i wouldn't have made that call. Good thing i had the decency to call and inform her of my sudden change of plan hahaha.

i had a blast there, not because of the crowd but because i was happily snapping pictures with my friend's new Canon was a lot better than mingling around hahaha. we stayed there much longer than we did at Blue Note, and since it was nearly closing time...the group decided to head to Razz Ma Taz as their final destination which i only joined for less than 30 mins cos i was quite drunk by then and the place reeks of smoke hahaha.

why the hell am i telling you peeps of my booze escapades?!! geez hahaha. anyhow, what i really wanna share with you is what i did today :). i'm not sure if i've mentioned this in my previous blog..but i've gained weight! i've been trying to look for a sport which i can play and doesn't bore me, i refuse to do jogging cos it's boring..i dont have a badminton or tennis buddy (not that i'm any good at it hehe) and golf is too expensive! when a couple of friend suggested i should join them for a game of ultimate frisbee, i thought to myself "what the heck, might as well go for it", besides, i needed to get rid of the hangover.

okay, i thought this game was your typical throw and fetch kinda game and boy...i couldn't be more wrong! it takes stamina and agility to play it!! haha. the last time i had this much workout was few months back during my weight losing stint (which i did manage to lose 9 kgs in three weeks hehe).

i think i was a natural in the game (what can i say, i have this natural ability with any sports related with the using of the hands hehe, but i wish i had the same sportsman stamina 3 years ago before i got lazy and fat huhuhuhu). lemme put it in layman term, the game requires ALOT of running around hehehe.

i would love to explain more on this game, but i think you peeps should try it out yourself. For more details on the game schedule, please go to, this group is looking for more people to join in and make it a challenging game :). Don't be shy to join, they're really fun and friendly people to be with! Hey, i had fun and made new friends..this may be the game i might be very good at (aside from basketball and martial arts hehehe).

ps: gonna start doing my endurance training for improved stamina and to get rid of this beer belly. it's time for me to regain my slim lean physique 3 years ago hahaha, and i'm getting a new phone soon, which means no more spending money on booze until end of this month huhuhu. then again, if i am serious in losing weight and getting rid of the belly, i need to quit drinking for the next few months...damn it..but i think i can manage :p.

Just got back from watching 'Mirror' with Mel and Yo, good stuff might wanna check that out :).

goodnite peeps :)


cLaiRe said...

kita buli lawan basketball la ni kan..ko ready2 la k...haha

JerryInc said...

buli bah kalu ko hehehe