Sunday, August 10, 2008

Touching strips...

Big Sis emailed me these strips...thanks Gems...

Hello. This is Coco Wang.

As you know the breaking news of 5.12 Earthquake in China, almost all the TV channels in China are broadcasting 24 hours non-stop of every development and stories of all the rescue operations in all damaged locations.

I don't know how much information the BBC or any UK media received from us, I imagine the UK audiences were presented with the major developments of the incident, but you are probably unaware of many important and inside details which are only known to people inside China.

The amount of incredibly moving stories of victims, rescuers, and volunteers is simply shocking at the moment. I have been collecting newspapers of all the stories, and telling them in the form of comic strips. I hope these stories could show the UKreaders the love, warmth and courage of the Chinese people, also the sad and cruel reality of the horrible 5.12 Earthquake.

I am back home in Beijing now. Thousands of heart-breaking stories are happening 24 hours non-stop everyday, some are so sad that you can hardly bear, some are incredibly moving that you just can't stop crying... I wanted to go to the front to help with all those people, some of my friends have already gone there, but I heard that the traffic needed to be kept totally clear for rescue transportation at the moment, people like me without knowledge of first-aid and experience of rescue operations going there now would cause choas and trouble... but I can't just sit at home and do nothing, I have been crying my eyes out in the past three days, I have never felt more proud of my country and people... their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I have decided to tell these touching stories by drawing comics. I am going to send you comic strips almost everyday from now on, I hope you could know something about the earthquake in China, although you don't have to do anything, but I hope you could feel our love and hope.

Thank you all so much.

Coco Wang

reflect on it peeps..hope you enjoyed the strips...

ciao..goodnite & signing off :)

ps: Humans can be total jackassess most of the time, but it's undeniable that in the face of dire consequences, their God given hidden capabilities emerges as testament to our strengths and courage proving that we humans can go beyond the limit of human endurance.


cLaiRe said...

ya la..i always wanted to be into some kind of volunteer & charity thing mcm blm lg terpigi2 ni..hehe nda ngam jg kali nti nangis sja 24 7 kn..haha

JerryInc said...

sa pun oo claire...i dont mind doing voluntary work myself, tp sa punya work schedule nda menentu bah..tsk tsk... :)