Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wake up ignorant bumiputeras...

Paper: New Sabah Times
Date: Saturday, August 16 2008.
Page: 4
Title: 2,000 UiTM Sabah students stage peaceful march.

yeah, the headline says it all. how shallow and ignorant can our own bumiputera be? apparently, the students are in protest with the recent Selangor Menteri Besar proposal to allocate a 10% quota for non-bumiputera students into the reknowned Uni.

well, this is the fourth procession after Shah Alam, Kelantan and Perak, and what pissess me off is that our own Sabahans students are doing it!! hey come on, just because their Student's Representative Council President were coaxed by his peers from the other branch to do the rally doesn't mean the rest of the students has to follow. in a way, this is quite a shameful act from a distinguished local Uni..and in first glance, it would look like racism.

According to the president, "this gathering of the students signifies our spirit to safeguard the rights of the Bumiputera nationwide in regard to pursuing studies in UiTM", he added, "UiTM is the only public University left that gives special attention and care to the Bumiputeras. It is unbecoming for one to change the comfortable position that we are enjoying now as bumiputera students". ---->> geez, total bullcrap dude. just shut your pie hole if you're doing this at the request of your peers or superiors, do you really think that your so called special attention and care will be taken away for a bunch of minorities? and for those cows who got herded by the president...WAKE UP!! besides, because of the so called special attention and care, most of the students take granted for what they have.

to all the Sabahan students who participated in the march and to the head of council, this is what i have to say:

'open up your eyes kids. do you really believe that by agreeing to the 10% quota would change the integrity and foundation of your so called distinguished Uni? do you really think that the non-bumiputeras around are rich bastards who could afford to go wherever they want to? or are you afraid of losing to them in your own home ground?

if the government can be lenient in their quota for non-bumiputera to work with them, please do tell me why can't an arrogant institution do the same thing?'

i just can't believe that our own Sabahan students are willing to herded around and take part in this seemingly racist act...i believe all of us were raised to give everyone regardless of their background an equal chance at everything. did you participate in the march because you really believed that non-bumiputeras shouldn't be allowed in your institution or it was the chance to be in the papers eluded your conscience?... typical cows who would let a blind farmer lead them everywhere.

pardon my sudden morning outburst. it's just so annoying reading stuff like this. dont they know some change might be good for them? there's no doubt the institution is one of the best (or may well be the best..only among the local Uni. had a chance at inter varsity debate tournament and i've seen what they're capable of. guess what, i've seen better), but they're still far from advanced in their mindset if they can't even accept changes. there are certain things that should be limited to bumiputeras only, but when it comes to areas such as education and healthcare, everyone should be granted the equal opportunity.

ps: hmm....i couldn't find any article which states "UiTM is ONLY reserved for bumiputeras" although i did find out that in history, it was previously opened for the POOR and MARGINALIZED Malay race to keep up with their tertiery education. hmm...gets me thinking then, probably those well off so called bumiputeras shouldn't even be considered into the Uni.

then again, if they wanna live in their own arrogant and ignorant little world..then so be it, these times are changing. we need a mindset on par with international standard, not a mindset of a 40yrs old status quo. a change is needed if we are to improve ourselves...idiots...

now..this is the rambling of an ex-vice president of a student body council (who won the most votes but didn't become president because of religion..) donkey years ago. wasn't really favored by the president, management and student affairs cos i was constantly in disagreement with them (hey, there are things that needs to be considered before making a decision and i wasn't afraid to say my mind...heck, i got more respect from my peers than the president himself. probably that's why stupid leaders piss me off hahaha) and sided more to my fellow students (another reason for participating in the election, aside from the glory and how good it would look in my resume, to make a change for the better with due considerations).

morning peeps!!


AuDrey said...

I strongly agree with u..Given the special attention by the govt, most Bumiputeras are taking it for granted. Maybe they are afraid of competing with the non-bumi who knows they have to work hard because they don't have that 'special attention' like the bumi does. That's why they are against the decision of placing non-bumis in that institution.

JerryInc said...

nah kan...no wonder si Mq sayang ko brabis nie...bijak pandai bah ni urg hehehehe...totally agree with you Aud :)