Sunday, September 7, 2008

my flaws and imperfections...the hell with it :P

People are generally quite predictable...most of the time. we can actually know what they're thinking, or going to think probably way before they realize what they're doing and a glimpse into their eyes confirms what has been expected...

yeah well, people can be nice only if they wanted to..but some are just born with that nature to back stab or bad mouth any individuals with a flaw irregardless of how minor it is and they have that special ability of exaggerating a seemingly harmless and minute flaw into cosmic proportion hahaha. hey, what can i say..behind those smiles lies another dark and confused being set to put in little ideas into the head of the shallow or attention deficit people around them haha.

i think i've mentioned this before (either in this blog or in my other one) that people are not perfect, well no humans are. but this imperfections are what makes them special and unique, the very thing which differs them from everyone else. that is why i never make fun or comment other peoples' flaws and imperfections (okay..maybe i have.. only to those who crossed me!).

it's kinda strange when i think about how someone can ever bad mouth anyone they dont really know. it's one thing to know a person from the outside and it's another thing to know what they really are inside? heck, even if you seem to be the perfect specimen from the outside but deformed in the inside, you might as well wish you were never born haha.

so here are my flaws, maybe it's familiar to some..only because it is an issue to them..but guess what, i don't really care. it's my life i'm living and i don't owe them anything:

1. i like to read, i practically read everything which has words (or pictures) on it. and i read regardless of where i am, be it at the park, while taking a dump or at a pub. so if that bothers you, just leave me's not like i'm hitting you with a club on the head right? :).

2. i've had people labeled me with few names, but the recent one i got to know is 'blog obsessed'. peeps, what the hell was that? hahaha. just because i share with the rest of the world what i'm going through or experiencing doesn't mean that i'm obsessed with my blog (or blogs haha)! besides, do you even know what obsessed means? hahaha. heck, at least i'm making money from my blog hehehe...

3. this one is a bit strange, but i don't see why it would bother anyone. i write my thoughts on a napkin in the absence of paper, and i normally do this when i'm out drinking and when the fleeting and insightful thoughts suddenly pop up haha. i dont't even see why this should be an issue for discussion haha.

4. apparently, some people take offense on my need to be grammatically correct in my entries...and that's an urban myth hahaha. if anyone with good command of the English language were to go through my grammar, i believe they would notice more than 10 grammatical errors in it hahahaha. hey, i may be a perfectionist in some instances but that's only because i have to be due to my nature of work. i was trained to have an eye for details and sometimes it slips out during my social activities hahaha.

5. when i'm drinking, i would occasionally wipe the table or rearrange the items lying around in front of me hahaha. well, what can i say..i'm a hotelier and somewhat a perfectionist, so shut your pie hole.

6. the worst part anyone would say is that, i would only hang out with intelligent and classy group of people. now this is a total bullcrap! haha. i have no problem hanging out with anyone regardless of their status, class or sexuality. if say... i stopped hanging out with anyone, it's because there are things i'd like to avoid from happening or i've seen what they're capable of doing. but i dare say that i do like hanging out with intelligent people, it's the way they think which attracts me and they don't bitch about anyone in particular cos they're smart enough to know that bad mouthing or bitching other people is only for those who has nothing better to do with their life or they just need to be seen as better than the rest hahaha. besides, this is the kind of people who has helped me get over my darker days :P. owh, and i do appreciate exchange of ideas and constructive debates or discussion :).

then again, another reason i don't quite like hanging out is because, i get tired and bored easily hahaha, talk about being weak :P.

7. the hilarious part would be, i would go out or have a drink alone only because i need the attention hahaha. hey, if i were to gain attention, i would be doing a great job being in a group than doing it alone duh..hahaha. like i've said in my prveious entry, i grew up practically alone and after doing it for more than 2 decades..i kinda gotten used to it. it's not that i dont have any friends, i's just not my nature to be surrounded by people 24-7. i would rather have few meaningful friends than being surrounded by a whole bunch of people who thinks they know what kind of person i am (well, theory proven...). then again, i'm one of those people who would still feel lonely even if i was surrounded by millions of great people haha, yeah pathetic..i know :).

so how's this for my vanity month entry :). fyi, i know i'm not perfect and i'm not that nice all the time. this realization has taught me to accept a person for who they really are. i think i can be mean if i wanted to, but i know better not to bad mouth other people :). then again, they're free to say whatever they want cos it's their mouth after all. just remember, i'm not afraid to fight my battles when the time comes cos nothing is limitless :).

ps: so lessons to be learned here:

a) if you wanna bad mouth or condemn other people for their flaws, make sure you're perfect or a saint.

b) just ignore the things which doesn't really bother you, don't talk about it like it's gonna be the end of the world..

now, if anyone of you would like to know any more about my flaws, please do not hesitate to ask me instead of bitching behind my back muahahaha. ignorance is a total bliss :). you peeps be the judge if what was written above should be an issue :).

ciao peeps and Happy Sunday...


Yo. said...

wow. so dumb the gossip.

geez. gidiots.

unless you have wronged another, there is no need to apologize.

yai. ko rajin baca pun kena gossip. doi.

JerryInc said...

well, am not apologizing and honestly..i dont really care. i have better things to think or do than to indulge or entertain their remarks hahaha.

and if anyone are pissed at me, i just want them to know that i never initiated anything...then again, time will tell though :).

people just can't be satisfied...muahahaha.

cLaiRe said...

aik...mcmtu pny flaws pun ada masalah ka? hihi mcm bukan flaws sja tu..gaya sja pun sy tgk..haha jadi kalau sy yg suka tgk+komen ninin basar ni apa la???? haha..bukan salah sy aa..teda kwn ppuan gia cni dr dlu kwn sm budak laki2 sja jd terpengaruh tgk nenen la jg...haha

neway...tiada apa2 ba yg durang gossip tu kalau psl tu sja...peduli la durang (sepa kah?)...hehe


JerryInc said...

tingu ninin basar claire? x ganjil tu, dkt semua perempuan suka compare other girls punya nenen hehehe.

let it be jak lah...besides, not even offended :)

cLaiRe said...

semua org suka la ba tu kesimpulan dia..hehe

buli tahan panjang jg ulasan kau tu kalau nda offended..hehe nda ba jerryster~ mmuuaahhh~ :p

Fridaycat said...

It goes to show one thing la, Jerry: You're hanging out with the wrong people! complete gidiots. Buang masa punya orang if macam tu pun mau comment. Palui. Otak di lutut.

*ok now I'm just annoyed*

Now I need a drink.

aleaf said...

aiks.. sia ingat sia saturang jak rasa mcm yg ko rasa. ekekek.. apa urg ckp tuh has to start somewhere.. kadang2 they mis-interprete that situation. tau la kan mulut urg...

JerryInc said...

claire: ulasan penerangan sj baitu, damage control lah katakan haha.

fridaycat: yeah i know, well...lesson learned here, now i know whom to be nice to hehehe.

aleaf: like i said, they can't exactly be blamed. besides, they have the rights to say whatever they want, it is their mouth after all :).

hushMONKEY said...

and i still say 'G is for gero'... hahaha!

JerryInc said...

you sure 'G' is for 'Gero' kah? didn't you know it has been changed to 'Gidiot' hahaha