Saturday, November 1, 2008

halloween at Jade...coolio :D

The Halloween costume party at Jade last night was the BOMB!!! i didn't exactly dress up like the rest, mainly because my current self is a costume by itself hahaha, besides...i don't really fancy dressing up (especially the make up part) :).

the party was great and the crowd was way better than i had expected. most of the bloggers and frisbee players were there, everyone seems to know short, i loved seeing everyone with a smile on their faces hahaha.

anyhow, i was a bit dissapointed..obviously not because of the crowd but because i couldn't become my alter monster ego hahaha. i looked high and low for that one thing which could personify my ego haha..yeah, i wanted a fang, a vampire fang hahaha. one thing great about fangs is dont have to dress up for the part, all you have to do is just smile, show off your teeth and voila..everyone knows you're a vampire hahahaha. maybe i should be Lestat from Anne Rice's vampire novels hehehe. at last, i settled for a crooked teeth (go figure hehehe).

then again, i just wanna say that it was great and everyone had fun from the moment i came in until the end hahaha. Party was awesome :)

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