Tuesday, December 16, 2008

the pre-x'mas ramblings :P

Christmas is just around the corner (9 more days to be exact) and i can't help but to wonder what exactly am i going to do hahaha. but come to think of it, it has been a very long time since i've felt or experienced the Christmas spirit.

Unlike other kids, i never believed in Santa Clause and his reindeers. The thought of a big bellied guy in a red suit coming down through the chimney to bring Christmas cheers to the children just doesn't seem right and very much illogical hahaha. yeah, his 'special' abilities could be associated with a simple act of magic but come on people, magic or no magic...why in the world does he wanna go through a chimney? why can't he just go through the front door like everyone else? what about those houses without any chimney?!! hahahaha.

anyhow, instead of thinking about the perverted big fat guy (no offense hehe) i occupied my thoughts about the possibility of extraterrestial life forms who are way more advanced than the fickle minded overpopulated human civilization and just thinking about their technology or what they're capable of is much more exhilirating than expecting a gift to suddenly appear in the middle of the night (which i've always known they were of my parents doing).

i have nothing against this festive season, in fact, looking at everyone's anticipation as the special day draws close reminds me of the good in everyone...of how everyone has that capability to make a change in someone else's lives :).

So....what am i doing for Christmas? hmmm.....probably just drive around aimlessly or call up other pathetic bastards who are in the same shoes as i am and grab a drink or two, who knows, but what i'm certain of...something will come up when i least expect it to hehehe.

i love Christmas, but i don't really have a fond sentiment for it. i love it as much as i love the other festivities :).

ps: haven't been to Church for quite sometime now...the thought of being in one accentuates the hypocrisy in me. but times are changing, maybe this time around would be different..cheers :)


Gallivanter said...

What's a church? :-P


JerryInc said...

hahaha, a church is a place where most hypocrites congregrate to ask for forgiveness from the Almighty invisible being and where the guilty ones visit to lay off their burdens of sin to pave way for new ones hahahaha

ps: i can suddenly hear the drumming sound of thunder in the horizon...hahaha

cLaiRe Bennet said...

iya...jaga la kau jerry..kana kilat la ni..hahaha

Wel^Beiolman said...

haha..church? good answer la jerry....hehe...ada la kana kilat ni..

QuaChee said...

just sit back and relax... if got party, that will be nice. otherwise just take a good rest :)

JerryInc said...

haha claire, wel, sa risau juga kana kilat tu..tp tu tingorud limpas jak haha

you know what Qc, i take up on that good rest :)