Saturday, January 3, 2009

more ramblings to start off the new year hahahaha

i was doing my usual blog hopping when i read Mel's latest rambling and i couldn't help but to be inspired hahahaha.

but what struck me the most about the new year is how a lot of people share the same sentiment of trying to make this new year better than the previous years, especially for those people like me who had a shitty 2008 hahaha.

last year was a no brainer on how shitty it was, but when i looked back at why things happened the way it did, i realized that i have no one else to blame but myself. i could have just let go, moved on and pretended like nothing happened but since i wasn't ready to let go (probably lack of motivation to do so) all those bad karma came chasing after me like nightmares ready to pounce when i least expect it hahaha. or probably the fear of forgetting once i let go drove my complicated self crazy because i'm one of those people who could easily forget stuff if given enough ignorance period hehehe.

anyhow, there's something liberating about the new year. just the thought of filling up the days with great things overwhelms the irrelevant previous experiences which indirectly gives off a sense of unexplainable peace :). and frankly speaking, this was how i used to be and gradually becoming once again, a person of reason..a sanguine person surrounded by great people and great friends and an independent guy without being indebted to anyone emotionally or materialistically (is there such a word? hehe). i'm just a guy who is happy living life as what is presented to him, the term 'ignorance is bliss' still rings true in my case hahaha.

well, what do i have in store for 2009? i don't quite know myself cos i'm not gonna plan hehe, but what i do know is that i'm gonna grab any good chances which passess by.

so okay, i know i said i wasn't gonna plan, but like what was mentioned before on how Mel's entry inspired me, i've taken the liberty to plagiarize some of her ideas and incorporate it to my own hehehe..that'll be a good way to start the year. so here goes :P.

1. Losing weight will be my main priority this year, so gym is definitely in the picture hehehe
2. Gonna live life optimistically :)
3. Travelling (depending on my budget :p)
4. Crossing fingers that i do get a new job (blown my good chance to be working in KK..damn it..)
5. Make time to read more books and get my hands on more DVD's!!
6. Need to start saving more money and stop spending on unnecessary stuff hahaha
7. Gonna try to sharpen my foreign languages (Spanish and Japanese!!) hahahaha
8. And quoting Mel in my own way 'i'm good looking, talented, smart, sarcastic, witty..all the ingredients of an a**hole and a stud hahaha
9. As for relationship...i'm better off being the way i am now, single and happy yeah!!!!hehehe

ps: I LOVE MY LIFE!!! hehehe


Joan said...

happy new year my look ah..oit bila kunun kita punya plan mo amik scuba diving ni mo jadi ah?

JerryInc said...

hepi nu yr :). pun x tau owh hehehe. nantilah kita calling2 jak :P