Saturday, February 14, 2009

of food and prices...

as i was waiting for my supplier to meet me, i had a light breakfast somewhere nearby my workplace. the choices were limited, every restaurant served more or less the same type of food and since i've tried out couple of them in the past, i decided to patron a simple looking restaurant.

This modest place has a self service buffet style prefered style compared to ala carte orders since i'm the type who prefers to know what the food looks like before gobbling them down :). the servings looked decent, and i opted to have a small portion of fried noodle (good thing i'm controlling my food intake hehe), a slice of srambled egg, and a small scoop of chicken rendang (i think haha) and chilled Horlicks for beverage (fyi, i prefer cold chinese tea in all my meals :))..i figured that all these shouldn't cost more than RM5 and boy...was i wrong, it cost me about RM6 for this meager breakfast!!

i wasn't pissed off, one reason i patroned the restaurant was because i wanted to check out how the prices would be (well, aside from knowing how the food tastes like) since the other restaurants nearby charged their food unaccordingly. suffice to say, i was right and was spared the shock :).

one thing i realized about the food business in KK is that, the prices are dramatically increasing over the past few years. what used to be a RM3.50 meal has now become RM6.00, but on what grounds? tax? rent? the price increase in everything else?

frankly, i don't mind the high priced charges if the establishment is well known and quite established or if they served great foods..but a new restaurant charging exorbitant prices?!! wouldn't that be a way of deterring potential future cutomers?.

i know a bit about the food business having been in it during my younger days assisting my mom in her fish grilling business on the sidewalk, a foodstall on the roadside and lastly, a short try out in the restaurant business. and at times, without anybody knowing i would take a short stroll at the marketplace just to look at the price range of meat and vegetables.

well, aparently..the prices for these items in Sabah are still quite reasonable and cheap and no wonder they're taking advantage of the price diffrence, justifying their increase by blaming it on the tax or rent. then again...that's business, but a business is not a business if they don't cater to their guests' expectations or demands. if they want to hike up their price, then give their customers something worth in return say like...a good proffesional quality service, something which every customer may say 'i don't care about the price, it's worth every cent' :).

Ciao peeps :)

ps: damn it...should've taken a picture of the food :)

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