Thursday, February 5, 2009

what can i say.....hmmm....

for some reason, i've been perfectly happy with everything around me..hmm, happy might be a bit too overrated, contented perhaps :). even when i am swamped with tons and tons of endless tasks, and even when i'm damned stressed out by it, it never occurred to me that there may be a life for me out there instead of being stuck at the workplace.

i realized that, living a life doesn't mean having to constantly live in the fast lane or having fun all the time. but rather, it's all about coming to terms with ourselves taking into account our shortcomings and specialties and applying it to our daily other words making the best out of whatever we have :).

i found out one of my niece got hurt while playing with her friends...and i never did realize, until now the gravity of how an innocent game could end up to be painful...and the weird thing is, i panicked a little when i saw her picture (maybe the paternal instinct is kicking in hahaha).

it got me thinking and reflect to my own childhood,...i wasn't any different than any of my nephews and nieces when i was waaaaay younger and i can see now why my parents are somewhat overprotective over their children :).

i wasn't exactly the quite little kid who could stay put..i was this careless kid who was always running around oblivious of the dangers around me. and the fact that i always managed to get hurt all the time didn't alleviate my parents insecurities towards me (and the rest of my siblings) :). now, here are some of the injuries i managed to afflict on myself:

when i was...a toddler...
a) stuck a seed into my nose and had to be rushed to the hospital just to get it out (typical curiousity with no specific achievement in mind hahaha)
b) twisted my arm when i fell down from a see-saw (damn the kid who caused it to happen, hehe)
c) had me head sewn after playing around with big sis (no worries, i knew it was an accident sis hahaha)
d) had my face sewn after being attacked by a protective bitch (literally haha)
e) fell head on from a tree
f) the typical run and fall routine

when i was...a kid...
a) sliced my thigh on a rusted zinc
b) kept stepping on rusted nails
c) fell down from trees (yeah..what can i say, i am a monkey after all haha)

when i my teen...
a) got in a car accident with my cousin
b) got in a car accident with a friend in Kuching muahahahaha

hmm...i've been free from any accidents or injuries (thank God) hehehe

all these years growing up, i've always been angry at my parents for being overly protective towards me. my inability to look at the situations from their perspective combined with my own stubborness hasn't made the relationship any easier...but things seems to be changing now, and it's time for me to adapt :).

maybe it's true what they say...we tend to be wiser when we get older from all the accumulated knowledge and experiences. My personal understanding of being wise is learning from the past but not holding to it, and anticipating what the future holds...

i love my life, i love where it's heading and i definitely love how it's evolving hahaha. i know what i need and can always get what i want some other time :).

Despite everything, i am still a kid at heart and an old guy trapped in a not so young dude's body hahaha. Ciao peeps..:P


cLaiRe Bennet said...

Tell me about yg beza starring dia kita ni..hajat sy mo p minta jahit di hospital nda pernah terkabul la...tradisional sja slalu biar mcmna teruk pun...tsk tsk...hehe

funny la ni entry kau...hahah nice one...jajal kau ni tau..

if you care about someone atau budak, mmg ada tu perasaan overly protective+care+worried+apa2 lg yg sepatutnya...;)

One things good for you is that u're contented with your life now la..thats all that matter..;)

word verifi: neuddler? hahaha

JerryInc said...

see..i should come up with entry of 'The Dangers Of Being A Kid' hahaha.

yeah, everything seems to be so going so well for me now :)