Saturday, February 7, 2009

Who is my spirit guide....

took a Facebook on 'who is your spirit guide?' application thingy and guess who did i get...of all spirit guides out there, i got him! couldn't i get anyone cooler?!! hahaha

You're spirit guide is John Lennon.
You are a sensitive and creative person trying to use your gifts to overcome a difficult loss. You enter into collaborations with other talented artists and are able to get the most out of them even if sometimes you have to make hard choices. You try and use your work to inspire others to improve the world and themselves and yet you are able to make enemies. Your sensitivity however makes you vulnerable to manipulation which threatens even your earliest friendships. Be careful!

and the worst part is....THIS IS NOT EVEN ME (i think)!! hahaha.

ps: just passing the time before heading out to Pusakag for the talent search thingy haha


QuaChee said...

sometimes may not be right answers. but maybe if look deeper, it might just be :) (or retake the test) hehe

JerryInc said...

i might probably take option 2..retake the test hahaha. John Lennon only reminds me of two songs: Imagine and Jealous Guy...put it together, 'Imagine a Jealous Guy..' hahaha